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Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year

Gōng Xǐ means good wishes or congratulations and Fā Cái means to become rich, acquire wealth. So I would like to wish you a year filled with the riches of friends and family and a wealth of good health for this coming year and beyond.  

Due to a change in my teaching schedule I will be changing my clinic days, starting in February, to Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
If you would like to get through this year with plenty of energy and minimal stress then you need to look after yourself. Remember that when you think you are too busy to get a treatment is usually when you are most in need of one. Call today, make an appointment and invest at least 1 hour in yourself each month.


How will the year of the Rooster affect your health? 

Jan 28, 2017 ushers in the year of the Fire Rooster. What does that mean for you and your health this year? 

The Fire energy of the Rooster is all about your Heart and the physical health of your heart will reflect the Joy you cultivate in your life. In Chinese medicine when your Heart energy is out of balance you might struggle with insomnia or anxiety, chest pains or palpitations, excessive sweating or poor circulation. 

Do you sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed every day? Do you wish you could? ... read more 

If you want to know more about looking after the health of your heart here is another article of interest. 

Home Visits
Would you love to have a treatment but are temporarily house bound? Have you just had surgery or perhaps have an injury that won't allow you to drive? Do you have little ones at home and no one to look after them? If you have a valid reason for a home visit and live in the Eastern Suburbs then I am available, on occasion, on Fridays to come and see you. Call me and we can discuss your situation.

The physical health of your heart reflects the Joy you cultivate in your life. Watch Think Well, Feel Well and cultivate more joy in your life. Normally only $14.99, use code OWCNY and get 25% off until Feb 28 2017.
It’s a well supported notion that your mind and body are synchronised. It’s important that while you may have a healthy body, your mind, your very core that makes all the magic happen, needs to follow suit.

Your emotions are important, and they can affect your body in numerous ways. If, for example, you worry a lot about what’s happening around you, you can affect yourself deep down, causing problems for your digestion.

This one-of-a-kind webinar can help you feel at one with your emotions; to embrace them, listen to them, and balance your thoughts. A good understanding of your core will give you less ways to manifest your energy in the form of illness and diseases. Clarity of mind empowers you to take your wellness further than it ever could be, and through a completely natural way. The power of Chinese medicine and Esoteric Acupuncture will allow you to perfectly balance your mind and body, your soul and your emotions.

You will also be exploring the seven chakras and see how they correspond with the five elements. Get a hold of it today!

Low Level Laser Acupuncture is now available in clinic - great news for children's 'acupuncture' treatments.
The weather is so hot at the moment that it is more important than ever to stay well hydrated. For the best filtered water purchase a Zazen Alkaline water system and use the code OWWATER to receive a 15% discount.
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Wishing you all great health and happiness for the festive season.

I look forward to seeing you soon at WNM.

Tania Grasseschi
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Wellness Webinars

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and inspiring you to achieve great health and well being so I have created these webinars for you to access anywhere at any time

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