Think Well, Feel Well: Seminar August16
Acupuncture: Pain or Pleasure? Free talk August 13
Deborah Beers - Live the life you are meant to
Teamor Cafe - amazing teas

Think Well, Feel Well Aug 16

Think Well, Feel Well
Sat August 16
You've heard of the mind body connection but do you know how it works?
You may feel you can control your emotions but your body reveals all.  Your emotions, which are simply energy in motion, are your body's way of chatting to you and letting you know what is really going on in your world and when you don't listen then your body speaks more loudly in the form of illness and disease.
Come and learn about the Chinese 5 Elements and 5 Emotions and discover how the energies of thought, feeling and belief flow through you body and impact upon your health and well being.  Find out what your anger or sadness, your worry or fear is really trying to tell you and how each of these emotions can transform into specific illnesses when you don't listen.
Learn a simple meditation technique to positively channel your emotional energy and learn how to listen to your body's wisdoms.
Come along, bring your friends, and gain insight into how every aspect of your life is interconnected.
Spaces are limited so please book online today to reserve your place.
Acupuncture: Pain or Pleasure?
Wed August 13

Infinte Health Chiropractic (24 Frenchmans Road, Randwick) will be hosting a lot of fun events through August including having me come to talk about Acupuncture. So if you have been trying to talk friends and family into trying acupuncture but they just don't understand what all the fuss is about then here is a great opportunity for them to find out. 

You might think acupuncture is just for pain relief however did you know that acupuncture can do so much more for you?  Whether you want to reduce anxiety, increase fertility or lose weight, acupuncture can help. Come along and find out just how acupuncture can help you and your family to better health and wellbeing.
Call Infinite Health on 8084-2420 to reserve your place.
Deborah Beers
Neuro-Trainer / Kinesilogisit
Life Purpose and Calm Consultant
Ph: 0408 600 410

I love Chinese Medicine however sometimes other modalities are needed to assist you on your journey of healing. I feel fortunate to have a community of wonderful practitioners to whom I can refer you when needed. 
Deborah Beers is one such amazing practitioner who offers both one on one work and a number of fantastic workshops that I highly recommend. Utilizing her extensive kinesiology training and breadth of experience Deborah will assist you to gently release your mental, emotional and physical patterns and habits that block you from getting to where you want to be.
As a result you will have the ENERGY, CLARITY and MOTIVATION to:

  • Make better choices
  • Create more successful strategies
  • Make positive changes
  • And begin Living the Life you are Meant to

Teamor café where you can find tea your doctor ordered!

Located at WNM

Tea your doctor ordered? At Teamor, your can choose from a range of Teas created by a Chinese medicine practitioner to complement your constitution. Teamor’s most popular Ju Hua Cha contains corn silk, chrysanthemum, and cassia seeds, an earthy blend designed to help headaches, blood shot eyes ,insomnia and bring down high blood pressure. South Korea’s ultimate Qi tonic, Ssang Hua Cha, comprises 9 ingredients including Ginseng  and is designed to restore your energy (Qi) when you have spent it all! It is good for strengthening your body after a long illness, or if you have been working too hard. It’s full of anti-oxidants which have been shown to have an anti-AGEINGE effect!  Date Licorice Cha is delicious and desiged to for those of you with a week digestion or if you are just feeling weak in general. Pear jie geng ginger cha is fantastic for coughs and colds and ticklish throats.
Need I say more? Next time you come in for a treatment or are passing through Kingsford, come and enjoy a tea that will nurture you and taste great!
Teamor cafe is open Mon-Sat 8.30am-3pm

Wishing you all a happy and healthy August

I look forward to seeing you soon at WNM.

Tania Grasseschi
Oriental Wisdom
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Wellness Workshops

Weekly Availability:
Tue-Wed   8.30am-1.30pm
Thr           2.00pm-8.00pm
Fri-Sat      7.30am-1.30pm

Wholisitc Natural Medicine
Suite 2, 372 Anzac Pde (near Barker St) Kingsford. Ph: 9662 4634 during business hours or 0412 152 928 Thr evenings or Sat mornings
Wellness Workshops 2014

* Think Well, Feel Well - August 16th 3pm-5pm - $50
Do you know how the mind body connection works? Discover how the energy of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs flows through your body and can impact your health and well being.

* Detox to Great Health- Sep 13th 3pm-5pm  - $50
Look and feel younger, slimmer and more energised with a gentle detox plan. Have glowing skin and great health by easily eliminating toxins from your body, mind and spirit.

* Flow Well, Stress Less - Oct 11th 3pm-5pm - $50
Stress is our internal resistance to the flow of life around us. Re sync your life to the natural flow of your body clock and watch your stress melt away

* Eat Well, Be Well - Nov 8th 3pm-6pm - $75
Lose weight, gain energy and nourish your family! Learn a new way to look at food and discover how to eat in harmony with your body's needs and feel fantastic.

* Book in today and make a commitment to great health and well being for 2014
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