August 13, 2014

Case Studies from Mega Brands Offer Entrepreneurial Lessons

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is a summertime staple, but its co-founders didn't always plan to disrupt dessert. Their first idea? Going into the bagel business. In an interview this week with Boston Public Radio, Harvard Business School Professor Nancy Koehn talks about the entrepreneurial lessons in the case studies of three mega brands. Her big themes: the value of experimentation, understanding your market and growing at the right pace. Concocting the next iconic flavor is a little different from building the next patient engagement app or health-tracking device, but Koehn offers up some great nuggets for entrepreneurs and innovators in any industry. Take a look!

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We’re on a mission to bring digital health to the forefront at SXSW next year, but we need your help! StartUp Health has two panels in the running for the March 2015 festival -- one on the power of big data in healthcare and the other on bringing health innovation to underserved communities -- and your support is crucial in getting them on stage. Learn more and be sure to vote by September 6!

Vote Here: The Hidden Ways Big Data Will Change
Vote Here: Raise the Bar: Remaking Health for the

Making Patient Care Personal Again

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Top Digital Health Funding This Week
Startup Amount Investors
Doctor on Demand $21.0M VenrockShasta Ventures
Emulate $12.0M NanoDimensionCedar's Sinai Medical Center
Seventh Sense Biosystems $10.5M Undisclosed
Polyremedy $5.1M Undisclosed
Beam Technologies $5.0M Drive Capital
InformedDNA $5.0M Undisclosed
Cambridge Temperature Concepts $4.4M Longwall Venture Partners
Figure 1 $4.0M Union Square VenturesVersion One VenturesRho Canada Ventures
Investment Accelerator FundRyerson FuturesAccelerated Medical Ventures
Kitman Labs $4.0M BlueRun Ventures
CareDox $2.5M Undisclosed
HelpingDoc  $1.6M Senior Marketing Systems
Med-Tek $1.5M Undisclosed
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