From virtual rehab experiences to digital checkup platforms...
September 9, 2015

StartUp Health Companies Transforming Telehealth

From virtual rehab experiences to digital checkup platforms, StartUp Health companies are reimagining the way we use telehealth every day. Check out how five innovators are changing the future of remote care in Forbes.


Making Your Mark in Digital Health  

Serial entrepreneur Samer Hamadeh, Co-founder & CEO of StartUp Health company Zeel, shares wisdom on unique positioning and his successful transition into the health & wellness sector on this episode of StartUp Health NOW.

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StartUp Health Companies in the News

5 StartUp Health Companies Greening Healthcare

Medicast Lets You Summon a Doctor
Kansas City Star

StartUp Health Academy

For entrepreneurs who are transforming healthcare, StartUp Health Academy is a global, long-term coaching program and trusted peer network focused on increasing the equity value of its startups.

Buzzworthy Headlines

What Are a Hospital's Costs?
New York Times

Why Google Is Going All in on Diabetes

Some Doctors Do Want Your Fitbit Data

Bluetooth Alternative Communicates Through Your Body
MIT Technology Review

Humanizing Technology: A History of Human-Computer Interaction
New York Times


So far, digital health companies have raised $5B in 2015, according to StartUp Health Insights. Here are a few of the most recent deals:

Startup Amount  Investors
Ivenix  $42.0M Cardinal Partners, Fidelity Biosciences, SCP Vitalife Partners, WuXi Venture Fund, CICAEasterly Capital
Voalte  $17.0M Cerner CapitalAscension Ventures, Bedford Funding
Medfusion $3.0M Hatteras Venture Partners, Bull City Venture Partners
8fit $2.5M Arthur Kosten, Mark Evans
DecisionSim $1.5M Rittenhouse Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners

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