July 17, 2019
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One Giant Leap: Reflecting on the Moon Landing 50 Years Later

One Giant Leap: Reflecting on the Moon Landing 50 Years Later

This week, celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing are in full swing and we here at StartUp Health are joining in the hoopla. Although, you could say we've been celebrating Apollo 11’s journey to the Moon since we launched in 2011. Each week, we take our cue from President John F. Kennedy’s original challenge – ‘we choose to go to the Moon’ – and celebrate the progress toward seemingly impossible goals. We do this by amplifying the stories of our global army of Health Transformers: entrepreneurs, inventors, and disruptors tackling the world's most difficult health challenges (what we call Health Moonshots) through the power of moonshot thinking.

In honor of the Moon landing’s 50th anniversary, we invite you to get acquainted with the moonshots defining the future of health and meet the Health Transformers working to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone on the planet.

Modernizing Medicare: 11 Health Transformers Gear Up for Medicare's Telehealth Expansion

Modernizing Medicare: 11 Health Transformers Gear Up for Medicare's Telehealth Expansion

Come 2020, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries will have more access to virtual care visits, thanks to a new CMS ruling. Meet 11 founders poised to help patients navigate Medicare and make the most of the newly covered telehealth services.

StartUp Health TV Health Transformer Close-Up: Abrar Syed, AzaadHealth

Abrar Syed, CEO & founder of AzaadHealth, is using blockchain to ensure disadvantaged patients, like refugees, have access to their health info when they need it most.

Creating Next-Gen Healthcare Systems

StartUp Health TV Creating NextGen Health Systems

Liz Rockett, director at Kaiser Permanente Ventures, talks with StartUp Health about how large health systems are taking their cue from the digital health ecosystem.

StartUp Health Insights

Women’s Health Moonshot: Biggest Bump in YoY Funding

From Q2 2018 to Q2 2019, the Women’s Health Moonshot saw the highest increase in health innovation funding across the 11 Health Moonshots we track. Get our recent StartUp Health Insights Report for the rest of this good news story.


 Using AI + Genomics to Extend Healthy Life

David Karow, MD, PhD, interim CEO, Human Longevity, Inc., talks with StartUp Health’s Howard Krein, MD, PhD, about HLI’s efforts to make Health Nucleus – a high-tech health/body scan – available to the masses.

Need to Knows


Summer Digital Health Mixer

StartUp Health is proud to co-host the Summer Digital Health Mixer with the UCSF Entrepreneurship Center. Come join us in San Francisco on August 7 at this free annual networking event that brings out the ecosystem – entrepreneurs, hackers, physicians, MBAs, investors, and the curious.

BioPharm America — 12th Annual International Partnering Conference

BioPharm America is a unique partnering event this September in Boston that forms the nexus of discovery and realization. Startups, established biotech companies, and entrepreneurs from academia attend in search of finance, pharma, and development partners. The event format highlights innovation and promotes new business relationships by bringing dealmakers from the life science ecosystem together to engage and de-risk the enormous task of drug development.

HLTH: Create Health’s Future

5,000 attendees, 2,500 companies, 850 CEOs & founders, and 300 speakers. Be a part of the action this October in Las Vegas and join us at HLTH 2019, where StartUp Health co-founder Unity Stoakes will be speaking. Save on registration using code startup150.

Want more? See the full events calendar on StartUp Health HQ.

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This Week’s Funding

We saw over $98M in health innovation funding this week, led by China-based Synyi, which raised ¥250M ($36.3M). Other big raises included $30M for Miami-based Neocis and $12M for New York-based Capital Rx. Click here to see details on all of this week's funding.
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Patients in NE England to Benefit From New NHS Digital Health Tech

StartUp Health Companies in the News

Babyscripts App Helps Moms Deliver Healthy Babies

Atrium Health Taps Prenatal App Babyscripts for Remote Pregnancy Care
HIT Consultant

Prognos Joins Forces With Datavant to Augment Data Analytics and Enhance Accessibility
MedTech Outlook

What Africa’s Digital Revolution Can Teach Us About Innovation, Featuring access.mobile

Pakistani Startup AzaadHealth Won GIST 2019 Award
Technology Times

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists: Juan Pablo Segura of Babyscripts 
Washington Exec

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