2015 is around the corner, and we can’t wait for what the future has in store!
December 17, 2014

Founders' Note

2015 is around the corner, and we can’t wait for what the future has in store! Look ahead in this week’s Insider with predictions about next year’s trends and an industry forecast for the coming decade.

-- Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, co-founders of StartUp Health



What does the future of healthcare look like? The latest episode of StartUp Health NOW shares insight from Nick Augustinos, SVP of Health Information Services & Strategy at Cardinal Health.

5 Digital Health Trends to watch in 2015! A sneak peek at what’s to come.

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Ambulance drones could be saving lives soon! Earlier this year, the Netherlands developed a prototype that can deliver a defibrillator to a patient suffering a heart attack. Once it lands, the drone uses live stream video conferencing to connect emergency responders to people on the ground. Forbes

36% of Google Ventures’ investments in 2014 were in healthcare and life sciences. Upping its funding in the sector from just 9% in 2013, the tech giant plans to continue exploring the area with an emphasis on big data next year. Wall Street Journal

Cost-effectiveness remains an ethical issue in American healthcare. Using cost-effectiveness to determine what treatments insurers should cover has raised many eyebrows in the US (remember death panels?), but as we debate, some international health systems are routinely using this data to determine coverage. New York Times

Wearables have the possibility to disrupt workplace productivity according to new study. In a report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 77% surveyed think that increased employee efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of wearable tech with 46% reporting they think employers should invest in the devices. TechCrunch

Big data is helping scientists unlock the 3D map of the human genome. A team from Texas analyzed 10,000 folds in the genome to start understanding exactly why different cells operate as they do. MedCity News


EMS communication platform Beyond Lucid Technologies is the first company of its kind to deploy in multiple states. Currently in use in California, the startup is assisting the state of Texas with its rollout with plans to go live early next year. Journal of Emergency Medical Services

Sensors and smartphones are set to take over digital health in 2015! With more than $6B poured into the sector this year according to StartUp Health Insights, the future of the market is transforming rapidly with prescription-only apps and healthy lights predicted to shine next year. Mashable

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So far, digital health companies have raised $6.43B in 2014, according to StartUp Health Insights. Here are a few of the most recent deals:

Smartphone-connected thermometer Kinsa led funding this week with $9.6M for product expansion. The round —led by Kleiner Perkins — comes ahead of the launch of the startup’s group feature which will allow schools and other organizations to monitor the health of whole populations. TechCrunch

Health IT company Predilytics secured $8.9M of a $10M round from Google Ventures, Foundation Medical Partners and others. The Massachusetts-based company provides patient health analytics to payors and providers for improved decision making. MedCity News

Irish patient engagement platform Oneview Healthcare took in $7M to support its American launch. The software company, which is currently in use at UCSF Mission Bay, brought on two new executives to expand sales in North America. MedCity News

Health knowledge app Hi.Q raised a $5.5M seed fund led by Charles River Ventures. Hi.Q uses quizzes to test users’ wellness knowledge and encourage them to make better health choices. The recently-released app currently has over 10,000 questions on 300 topics. Wall Street Journal

Digital Health Funding Rankings Q3 2014

Per the StartUp Health Insights report, 2014 is shaping up to be another record year for digital health, with $5B invested in the first three quarters of the year. Funding in the sector is on track to nearly double year-over-year.

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