Google’s big news on Monday signaled a renewed focus on healthcare.
August 12, 2015

Will Google’s Alphabet Create New Opportunities for Health Innovation?

Google’s big news on Monday signaled a renewed focus on healthcare. Speculation abounds on how the new parent company will affect the digital health industry, but with its initiatives like Calico and Life Sciences focused on moonshot transformations, we’re excited for what’s to come.


Functional Medicine Takes Off

Can a holistic approach to medicine finally appeal to the masses? On this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW, Dr. Robin Berzin, Founder of Parsley Health, discusses how her company has become the first affordable functional medicine practice and wellness center. For more, check out why tech savvy doctors are adopting functional medicine in patient care.

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StartUp Health Companies in the News

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Sense Health Aims to Reach Medicaid Patients
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So far, digital health companies have raised $3.5B in 2015, according to StartUp Health Insights. Here are a few of the most recent deals:

Startup Amount  Investors
Practo Technologies $90.0M Tencent Holdings, Google Capital, Yuri Milner
Virtual Incision $11.2M Bluestem Capital, PrairieGold Venture Partners
InfoBionic $8.0M Safeguard Scientifics, Excel Venture Management, Zaffre Investments
Lemonade Lab $5.8M Foxconn Technology Group
BoardVitals $1.1M Rock Creek Capital
Care at Hand  $.5M PCG Public Partnerships

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