March 13, 2019
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Children's Health

Moonshot Progress: Children’s Health

There’s no question about it – we love our children. So how can we accept that every year more than 1.4 million children under five die of preventable environmental hazards like air pollution, hazardous chemicals, inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene? We need a bigger vision when it comes to imagining a world where every child has equal access to a healthy environment in order to grow and thrive. At StartUp Health our global army of Health Transformers won’t accept anything less. They’re working to ensure every child has access to quality healthcare under our global Children’s Health Moonshot.

This week, we spotlight Hesky Kutscher, CEO of CareDox, and other Health Transformers from our Children’s Health Moonshot:

Health Transformer Spotlight: Hesky Kutscher, CareDox

Are Schools a Part of the Healthcare System?

Hesky believes they are. By making public schools the center of care for millions of children, the father of three and CEO of CareDox has opened up healthcare access to low-income communities, administering just under one million vaccinations. At the StartUp Health Festival, the entrepreneur shared the stage with Robin Deterding from Children’s Hospital Colorado to talk about their new collaboration that will scale the hospital's in-school asthma management program.

More Children’s Health Moonshot updates:

Kelli Thomas-Drake, MyPurpleFolder

Lock, Meet Key: The Entrepreneur Who Is Unlocking Patient Portals to Create Patient-Centric Health Records

Last week, in the lead-up to International Women's Day, StartUp Health shared stories of female Health Transformers that are on the frontlines of the global healthcare revolution. There are many. We closed out the series with Kelli Thomas-Drake's story, the woman who went from caregiver to founder of MyPurpleFolder to build a patient-centric health record.

Sex in the Digital Age

Sex in the Digital Age

Meet five Health Transformers building innovative ways to destigmatize (and upgrade) sexual health.

Genetic Sequencing, CRISPR Produce, Designer Babies…

Genetic Sequencing, CRISPR Produce, Designer Babies…

Jane Metcalfe, Founder of NEO.LIFE, Co-founder of WIRED, explains the Neobiological Revolution

Terry Stone, StartUp Health NOW

If Not Us, Then Who?

Terry Stone, Managing Partner at Oliver Wyman, shares how the organization’s report on the healthcare leadership gender gap is more than a list of static findings; it’s an action plan to start a movement.

Health Transformer Spotlight: Jamey Edwards, Cloudbreak Health

What If People Flaunted Their Healthcare?

Jamey Edwards, Founder & CEO of Cloudbreak Health, asks the ‘What If?’ questions about the future of medicine, inviting us to reimagine the jaded problems of our healthcare system.

StartUp Health Magazine

StartUp Health Magazine

ICYMI: We dropped issue 3 of StartUp Health Magazine. Get your free copy and let us know what you think about the 130+ pages of trends, wisdom, and deep dives into Health Moonshots.

StartUp Health @ SXSW

StartUp Health @ SXSW

We're back from SXSW and boy are we tired pumped! Stay tuned for our wrap-up of the health innovation highlights. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics and stories from our team’s visit to Silicon Hills.

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Meet the Health Transformers that are...

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Nominations Open for the 4th Annual Heritage Healthcare Innovation Awards

Do you know someone solving today’s big healthcare challenges? Heritage Provider Network and Crain’s Custom are recognizing innovators who are making a measurable and impactful difference for patients in all areas of healthcare. The fourth annual Heritage Healthcare Innovation Awards are open to individuals and organizations of all sizes. The deadline to nominate is Mar 22.

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Trend Watch: Stories Shaping Digital Health

We saw over $225M in innovative health funding this week, led by Beam Therapeutics ($135M), Dental Monitoring (€45M), and Truepill ($13.4M).

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