March 20, 2019
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Could AI-Driven Medical Billing Save Struggling Hospitals?

Could AI-Driven Medical Billing Save Struggling Hospitals?

When hospitals close their doors, it’s often rural communities that pay the price. Enter Sift Healthcare, a company helping health facilities work smarter when managing revenue. How? By using predictive analytics to crack the code on unpaid medical bills.

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LifeDojo: The “Ski School” for the Digital Health Ecosystem

LifeDojo: The “Ski School” for the Digital Health Ecosystem

Social worker-turned-CEO Chris Cutter knows that before you can ski black diamonds you have to learn how to strap on your ski boots. With LifeDojo, Cutter is using simple healthy habits – like drinking more water – as the building blocks to bigger lifestyle changes and an onramp to an ecosystem of digital health services.

Read the Story | Meet CEO Chris Cutter | Learn about LifeDojo

The Park Brothers Reimagine the Medicare Experience

The Park Brothers Reimagine the Medicare Experience

At Devoted Health they are building a Medicare Advantage company that provides the kind of streamlined care they’d want for their own parents.

SXSW Round-Up

SXSW Round-Up

Last week we collaborated with Novartis Biome and Energizing Health to create a home base for health innovation at SXSW. Here are the highlights.

SOLIUS Shines a Light on Curing Disease

SOLIUS Shines a Light on Curing Disease

Rick Hennessey, the CEO of SOLIUS, breaks down why his company built a better way to bring light therapy to the masses. “I’m here because of someone I love.”

Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge Panel

Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge Panel

How can innovation thrive within the world’s biggest health brands? Accenture presents lessons learned, featuring leaders from GSK, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more.

At SXSW, Health Equity and Health Tech Meet

At SXSW, Health Equity and Health Tech Meet

Dr. Luella Toni Lewis talks with the founders of Energizing Health about the importance of health equity in the digital health conversation.

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Nominations Open for the 4th Annual Heritage Healthcare Innovation Awards

Do you know someone solving today’s big healthcare challenges? Heritage Provider Network and Crain’s Custom are recognizing innovators who are making a measurable and impactful difference for patients in all areas of healthcare. The fourth annual Heritage Healthcare Innovation Awards are open to individuals and organizations of all sizes. The deadline to nominate is Mar 22.

World Medical Innovation Forum

The World Medical Innovation Forum is coming to Boston, Apr 8-10. Don’t miss this fifth annual event covering all things artificial intelligence, including the innovations driving future investment, research, and clinical care. Use this link to register at a discounted rate.

StartUp Health Partnership Workshop

Are you a health startup founder passionate about changing the world? Sign up for our next Partnering With StartUp Health Workshop on Apr 11 to chat with Unity Stoakes and the rest of the StartUp Health Team about what it means to join our global army of Health Transformers. Start by completing a 10-Minute Mindset Audit now.

Trend Watch: Stories Shaping Digital Health

We saw over $169M in innovative health funding this week, led by TriNetX and Quip, which raised $40M each.

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