The digital health market continues to mature as seen by several defining deals in the first half of 2015.
July 1, 2015

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StartUp Health’s 2015 Midyear Funding Insights Report

While funding is consistent with 2014 levels for first half of the year, the digital health market continues to mature as seen by several defining deals in the first half of 2015, including Zenefits’ $500M round and Fitbit’s pivotal IPO. The market is rallying around consumer health, wellness and the rise of personalized health. Download the FREE report to see the top 10 largest deals and investors and lots more.


Being an Entrepreneur in Government

On this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW, Bryan Sivak, Former CTO, US Department of Health & Human Services, discusses the importance of connecting and syncing healthcare data, how digital health startups can work with the government and advice for solving big challenges one bite at a time.

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A Big Win for Health Innovators

After the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold The Affordable Care Act, the media have focused on tallying consumer metrics and stoking the fire of the ongoing political debate. However, health reform is making a much bigger impact on the future of our health and wellness than most realize. Today there is a treasure trove of opportunity for an ecosystem of innovators working on new solutions.

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So far, digital health companies have raised $2.84B in 2015, according to StartUp Health Insights. Here are a few of the most recent deals:

Startup Amount  Investors Market
MDLive $50.0M Bedford Funding Telemedicine
Cureatr  $13.0M Deerfield Investments, Milestone Venture Partners, Cardinal Partners, Cerner Capital, Windham Venture Partners, JMI Services Workflow
Heal $5.0M Slow Ventures, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, March Capital Partners Patient Experience
Wildflower Health $5.0M Cambia Health Solutions, HealthTech Capital, Easton Capital, Hatteras Venture Partners Patient Experience
Lyra Health $3.1M Castlight Health Behavioral Health
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