Grand Lodge Newsletter - June 2016 Edition

Chairman of Membership's

Dear <<First Name>>
I was delighted to be asked recently how I see Membership Growth and Retention and what it is, that I believe draws men to Freemasonry.
As you can appreciate a significant part of the Membership Committee's, and my role, is meeting prospective members who approach Grand Lodge interested in joining.
Typically these men express a desire to become part of an organization that promotes positive moral and social attitudes, one that will help develop their character and allow them to contribute in a meaningful way to the community. Interestingly this is often accompanied by ... " my father was not a freemason but my grand- father was".
From this initial approach prospective members are invited to our Information Night (on the second Tuesday of each month) and introduced to some of the various aspects of Freemasonry. These include history, personal and spiritual development, philosophy, social, and charitable activities and the different types of Lodges they may consider joining.
More recently we have had Lodge representatives attending with their own prospective members, as part of their approach to growing membership.
Those (unaccompanied) who express further interest are connected with a Membership Co-ordinator or Grand Lodge District Superintendent to assist them in visiting a potential joining Lodge(s)' festive board.
In terms of Growth and Retention (now that we have these steps in place) it is time to increase our focus on promoting why Freemasonry is relevant to today's society and once a new member joins, having a structure and environment in place to ensure he is supported and encouraged in his Masonic career.
In terms of relevance which underpins growth, I believe Freemasonry is as relevant to today as in the 1700's. Indeed, more so.


 GM's Diary

Official Visits
and Functions:


  • 15th – Meeting with College of PGM's.
  • 15th – Grand Mark Annual Communication.
  • 22nd – Surrender of Warrant (Lodge Marlborough).


  • 1st – Vice Regal Reception and Cocktail Reception (Grand Installation - UGLQ).
  • 2nd – Grand Installation (UGLQ) and Grand Installation Banquet.
  • 3rd – Thanksgiving Service and Farewell Luncheon.
  • 6th – Sir Samuel Way Lodge OV.
  • 11th – Edwardstown Lewis Lodge OV..
  • 14th –Lodge St Alban OV.
Grand Lodge Calendar- June.

Social researcher, Hugh Mackay in his book 'Beyond Belief' discusses why young people are embracing the Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) movement. He reports they ask "How can I unlock my spiritual potential? How can I be a better person without signing up or wearing the badge of religion?" Hugh says however they still want the values that are taught with religion of "loving thy neighbour". Freemasonry can answer these questions.
Freemasonry already promotes 'making good men better' and whether today or in  1717, realising personal potential is timeless. There are very few 'rights of passage' rituals left to men in this society.  Freemasonry is one of a few. 
It is in the area of society that perhaps lies the greatest relevance. Characterised by ego, materialism, social disharmony, 24/7 information connectivity, a disconnect with the natural world, instant gratification and a lack of positive male role models etc, Freemasonry offers a way forward. It presents a body of knowledge relevant to the human condition and how each of us can contribute to a better society. Freemasonry, promotes and achieves true, brotherly love.
With regard to retaining new members I believe an appointed mentor goes a long way to ensuring we provide the best opportunity for newer brethren to engage with and develop their Masonic career. A mentor program can provide the right balance between developing self reliance and supporting and encouraging grow, at each step.
Of course a mentor program alone is insufficient for long term retention of members.
Successful Lodges work toward excellence in all areas such as lodge culture,  workings, education, charity, festive board, social and finance, administration and planning.
In some instances though, influencing retention may be as simple as a supportive comment or gesture. I encourage all of us to recall the impact on how we felt, particularly when new to Freemasonry, when another brother reached out in friendship and support.
Along these lines, in closing each Information Night we explain :
"If you aspire to be the best son, brother, husband, father, grandfather or friend ... the best man you can be ... and you are looking to meet with men with the same aspirations ... Freemasonry may be right for you"
In returning to the question above, there are no simple answers to increasing Membership Growth and Retention. While there is much good work being done in these areas, there is more to do and each of us has a role to play in this regard.
Most importantly, I sincerely believe Freemasonry is relevant to today's man, as is the yearning for what Freemasonry offers.
The challenge now is to bring these two points together.
Kind Fraternal Regards
Brenton Leitch

List of New Members for April
The following is a list of new members who were initiated into the Craft in the month of April: 
Timothy MUEHLBERG - 11/04/2016 - EARL OF ZETLAND LODGE NO. 231
Benjamin CHARD - 29/04/2016 - EDWARDSTOWN LODGE, NO. 168

Note: Reminder to Lodge Secretaries, please submit your new members details to Grand Lodge ASAP. 

Condolences to Jenny Michalak
The Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory extend our sincere condolences to Jenny Michalak, wife of our Grand Master, on the recent passing on her beloved father Frank Vanehouse.  We also extend our sympathies to the Grand Master and their immediate family.

Information Night
The Membership Committee will be holding an information night at Grand Lodge, 254 North Terrace on:
Tuesday 12th July 2016 at 6.00pm - 7.15pm
Member's family, friends and those interested in joining or hearing more about Freemasonry are invited to attend this informative session.

To register your interest and for more details, please email ;

Combined Mark Lodge Meeting at Jamestown
On Monday 18th July, 2016 at 7:30 pm the Victoria Mark Lodge No. 10 at Jamestown will be hosting a combined meeting of country Mark Lodges:
  • Combined meeting with Quorn Mark Lodge No. 13 and Whyalla Mark Lodge No. 37.
  • All Mark Master Masons welcome.
  • RWBro. Bill Penley will also present a lecture - (Grand Mark Lodge approval)

Adelaide Combined Lodges (ACL) - film nights at Mitcham Cinemas
On Sunday 19th June, 2016 - 6:00 pm the Adelaide Combined Lodges (ACL) will hold their film nights at Mitcham Cinemas, 119 Belair Road, Torrens Park. There will be free undercover parking. wheelchair access to all auditoriums.
  • (1)  Money Monster    Crime Drama/Thriller   starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney
  • (2)  Alice Through the looking Glass     Adventure Fantasy starring Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway

 Have a night of entertainment while supporting the work of the Adelaide Combined Lodges. 
Purchase tickets from our table at the Mitcham Cinema on the night and support your favoured charity. One price $19 - no concessions.  Your patronage sees Freemasonry active in supporting the community.
ACL and member Lodges support many charitable causes including major initiatives of the ACL - Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation, Cancer Care Centre, Modbury Hospital Foundation, Foundation Shine Inc, Uniting Communities - Lifeline and Foodbank – SA Schools Breakfast Program. Commission on ticket sales is applied to these charities and other worthy causes.
Should your Lodge be interested in becoming a member of the Adelaide Combined Lodges please email the Secretary at    

Interstate Grand Installations - Invitation from the GM and his wife

Dear Brethren,  
My wife Jenny and I are planning to attend the Grand Installation of RWBro. Mark R. Winger as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand.. This will take place on the weekend of 18th to 20th November 2016 and I extend an invitation to you all to consider attending as part of our SA/NT Delegation.  

My invitation extends to every brother of every Craft degree.   

This means that if you are an Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft, you (and your partner) will feel very much included.  
Please see attached:

Jenny and I hope that you will consider joining us.  
Your friend and brother,

Stephen Michalak
Grand Master

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Queensland Grand Installation
The Grand Installation of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Queensland will be held on Friday 12th August, 2016. 
MWBro. John Henry William Carter, Grand Master will be attending this Grand Installation and would like to form a Delegation to attend with him.
Please see attached registration form for full details:

Gala Charity Concert - Off the Cuff and the Tutti Choir
Please join us for an evening of uplifting music to be provided by the renowned musicians of the South Australian Police's Off the Cuff band, and the Tutti Choir.  The repertoire will include a mix of traditional and contemporary classical music, gospel, jazz, rock and pop; so something for everyone.
All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting important men's health research across the state coordinated by the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health.

  • Saturday, 20 August 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Ticket price:  $25.00 (click on the Attend Event link above for on-line sales)  
  • Freemasons Hall - 254 North Terrace, Adelaide

For further information or to purchase tickets manually please ring P: 8223 1633  or contact the Lodges hosting the event directly: Brighton United M:0414 604 138; Brighton Lewis P:8296 2285; Edwardstown Lewis M: 0408 809 849; Seacliff M:0425 559 202.
- Refreshments will be provided at the interval.
- The Freemasons Hall is a wheelchair access venue.
- Parking will be available $5.00 per car in the Wilson's car park immediately west of the Freemasons Hall.
To purchase tickets electronically click here...

Personal Invitation to the October Mixed Dinner
Greetings, As we are approaching October and the upcoming October Communication I would like to personally invite you and your partner to join Stephen and I at the Mixed Dinner which will follow the Conference and subsequent Communication on October 15th at 7.00pm.
We hope you will join us for a relaxing evening. The night will include dinner and dancing, to be catered for by Lyn Harris’s Homestead Catering and music by "Music to my Ears" vocalists.
Bookings and payment to Grand Lodge Office by Friday 30th September 2016 at $60 per head  (same as 2015 prices).
With kind regards
Jenny Michalak

Lodge Installation Program for June - July 2016
Lodge St Alban - 115 Years Service to Freemasonry - 50 Year Jewel Presentation
On the 12th May 2016 MWBro. Lindsay Bowes, AM, PGM and recipient of the 3rd Bar to his 50 year Jewel, had pleasure in presenting a 50 Year veteran’s Jewel to VWBro. Ian Greig, P.G.Supt.Wks., Past  Chairman of the Freemasons Hall Management Committee and Retired Consulting Engineer. Their combined service to Freemasonry spans a remarkable 115 years.
MWBro. Bowes AM, PGM gave an extensive account of VWBro. Greig’s private business accomplishments and achievements in Freemasonry. Read more...

Show and Shine Presentation to the Freemasons Foundation
On the 9th of May 2016, the Committee members of this year's 11th Annual Show and Shine Motorcycle Ride for Men's Health presented a cheque to the Freemasons Foundation at the regular meeting of Witton Lodge.
With an Official Visit scheduled from Grand Lodge, the Assistant Grand Master, RWBro. Neil Jensen and a retinue of Grand Lodge Officers were in attendance to witness an excellent demonstration of a second degree working. Read more...

The Making of History - Renmark Lodge No.55
Alexander Douglas Pinyon was initiated into Renmark Lodge No. 55 on 14th February 2016.  This initiation was momentous, because he was the fourth generation of the Pinyon family to join Renmark Lodge, thus making this initiation a history-making one.
Alexander’s great grand-father, the late WBro. Edward Harry Pinyon was initiated into Renmark Lodge No. 55 on 28th August 1957, Passed on 26th March 1958 and Raised on 17th December 1958 and become Master in 1969. Read more...

1st Grand Principal Address - 14th May 2016
Ladies, gentlemen, Brethren and Companions,
I would like to acknowledge the Kaurna people the traditional landholders of this area.
I know that you would want to join with me and congratulate all of the Grand Officers whom I have invested or installed here today and those that have recently been given honours by the immediate past First Grand Principal.
To those Companions I would remind you that with your new ranks come new obligations. Appointments and promotions are therefore not just a reward, but an encouragement for further participation in the success of our Order whether providing support for the installing team or members of your chapters or giving encouragement to those in the important role of Royal Arch Representatives in your Craft lodges. If, indeed, you are not that representative yourself. Read more...
Ceremony of Remembrance at Lodge Thorngate
A Ceremony of Remembrance to honour the memory of Bro. William Edwin (Ted) Roughton was held at Thorngate Lodge No. 118 on Monday 4th April 2016. The Eulogy was delivered by VWBro. Robert J. Hughes, Worshipful Master.
He was initiated on 22nd May 1969 in King Edward V11 Lodge No. 61,  Passed on 23rd October 1969 and Raised on 30th April 1970.  King Edward, Prince Edward and Temperance Lodges amalgamated to form Beverley Lodge No. 61.  Beverley Lodge joined Thorngate Lodge No. 118 on 6th July 1998 when Bro. Roughton became a member of this Lodge.He was a regular attendee thereafter and was content to sit on the sidelines and enjoy his Freemasonry. Read more...

Twinning of Moonta Mark Lodge No.2 and Salisbury Mark Lodge No.52

Salisbury Mark Lodge No. 52 Twinned with Wallaroo-Barunga Mark Lodge No. 28 on the 18th April 2000 at a Ceremony held at the Para Districts Masonic Centre. That relationship lasted until 2011 when sadly, Wallaroo-Barunga Mark surrendered their Warrant. Wallaroo-Barunga Mark No. 28 later incorporated with Moonta Mark Lodge No. 2 and there is a small plaque at the base of the Moonta Mark Lodge Warrant which in effect recognises both lodges with the same Warrant. Read more...

Corinthian Lodge N0.34 and Sailability
The Corinthian Lodge No. 34, which meets at Goolwa, celebrated the ''1 year milestone’’ in its Project to assist Sailability at the GRYC at Goolwa.  With assistance from The Freemasons Foundation in two Projects, the ‘''Flying Pelican’’ Logo of the Lodge has been flying high on the waters of the Goolwa Lakes.Anyone for a sail?  Please click here for more photos:
Following the launch of the ‘Star Tent’ in March last year, the raising of the set of sails for the training yacht ‘As Good as it Gets’ by His Excellency the Governor of South Australia; the arrival in December last year by the Freemasons' Father Christmas -  a Ceremony of Blessing the Project by the Lodge Chaplain  Bro. Rev. Matthew Stuart was conducted at the GRYC to mark the Anniversary Celebration.   Read more...
Builders of The Silent Cities - Presented by MW Bro John Stone
On the 11th April, MW Bro John Stone PGM gave the following most interesting lecture on Builder of The Silent Cities Lodge at the Edwardstown Lewis Lodge.
A member of our constitution who lives in England, RW Bro Cyril Wright, PGW, occasionally sends me from the UK material of a Masonic interest, recently he received from one of his Masonic associates in England an interesting paper with the heading “Builders of The Silent Cities Lodge No 4948.”  Cyril posted to me a copy of that paper which is the foundation for this presentation.
This Lodge, Builders of the Silent Cities was consecrated in London on 5th December 1927; however its history strictly speaking began some 10 years earlier around 1917. Read more...

Talk on Railways with RWBro Cliff Olds PJGW at The Lodge of Fortitude
At the March 2016 meeting of Lodge of Fortitude No. 94, twenty eight persons enjoyed RWBro. Cliff Olds give a talk about his time in the Railways from his early days as a Fireman, progressing onto a Station Master, and then on to Train Control.
RWBro. Olds explained the different forms of train control from the  Permissive Block System, Train Control Order System, the Electric Staff System, and finally on to today's computer controlled system. He outlined the essence of Train Control is to ensure that only one train is on one section of track at any one time. Read more...

Grand Master Series of talks at Sir Douglas Mawson Lodge
Presented by MWBro Geoff Tucker on 24th June 2015
My term as Grand Master was the highlight of my fifty-seven years as a Freemason. The original address given to Sir Douglas Mawson Lodge was entitled "I Did It My Way" but I had the assistance of an excellent group of Grand Lodge Officers supported by a strong administration team. My term was also supported by the grounding I had working with my predecessor M.Wpl. Bro. John Stone – who involved me in planning, decision making, problem solving and all matters contributing to the future of Freemasonry in SA & NT.

Those who were present at my Installation will remember the pomp and pageantry of the ceremony and the Installation dinner where we were entertained by the police band and artists from the South Australian Light Opera Society – it was a great night. I had always thought that the entry of the Grand Director preceding Grand Lodge needed some preamble – I therefore wrote the introduction that has since been read at every Grand Installation to give those present an idea of what was about to happen. Read more...

Sprig of Acacia
The following is a list of Brethren who have passed away to the Grand Lodge above in the month of April.
Harry ROBB - 5/04/2016 - HENLEY LODGE, NO. 79
Peter DAVIDSON - 7/04/2016 - CORINTHIAN LODGE, NO. 34
Neil BLOWES - 14/04/2016 - PORT LINCOLN LODGE, NO. 45
Rodney BOULTON - 24/04/2016 - PRINCE OF WALES LODGE, NO. 14
                                                     -  SIR SAMUEL WAY LODGE, NO. 48

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