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Past Grand Masters Message              

Dear <<First Name>>
Have you ever reflected on your admission into Freemasonry when you stood on the floor of the lodge without a cent in your pocket? How did you feel when you were asked to make a donation there and then to help Freemasons less fortunate than yourself? I know how I felt – rather anxious before I was prompted to reply by the Senior Deacon. I had nothing to give at the time - so I thought - but in fact I had!
Despite being divested of all my worldly possessions I still retained one of the greatest possession of all – the ability to give of myself to support others.  If I had thought at the time, I could have offered to donate some of my spare time to support those in need. However to do that never occurred to me and my guess is that it never occurred to anyone else either!
In every degree in Freemasonry charity is expressed as one of the main virtues that distinguishes Freemasons from the rest of the world. It is a virtue to which we should all aspire and to practise in our daily lives.
When speaking about charity, most of us immediately think of donating money to some worthy cause.
In Freemasonry for example, much of our charitable activity is conducted via the Freemasons Foundation and is predominately through monetary donations to support the Freemasons Foundation for Men’s Health which is its major project.


 GM's Diary

Official Visits
and Functions:


  • 15th - Hyde Park Bankers Installation.
  • 23rd - Masonic Charities Info Session.
  • 29th - First Communication Rehearsal.


  • 10th - Second Communication Rehearsal.
  • 19th –  Craft Communication.
  Grand Lodge Calendar- March.

However most of us, through our lodges, also support a number of community projects  involving  schools, hospitals and other local organisations, again mainly through monetary donations.
The word charity  however can have  much wider interpretations  including doing good works, being socially concerned, compassionate, understanding, and tolerant ,  to name but a few.
Many of us give our time freely to assist in projects or activities that benefit the community in which we live, be it support for Meals on Wheels, food kitchens for the homeless, selling Bingo tickets at supermarkets etc – these may all be described as doing good works and being socially concerned. Freemasons are well known for their involvement in these areas and gives us the opportunity of contributing to the betterment of society without necessarily putting our hands in our pockets.
Compassion, understanding and tolerance are aspects of charity that all society, not only Freemasons, should embrace.
From time to time in life we are confronted with situations with which we do not necessarily agree. Rather than condemn them we should endeavour to understand the reasons leading to such situations and respond with tolerance and compassion so that outcomes will be of benefit to us all.
Charity is all encompassing and as our ritual informs us - “The Freemason who is possessed of this virtue may justly be deemed to have attained the summit of his profession”.
Kind Fraternal Regards
Geoff Tucker
Past Grand Master

List of New Members for December-January
The following is a list of new members who were initiated into the Craft in the months of December-January: 
Nathan RICHARDSON - 2/12/2016 - PORT DARWIN LODGE, NO. 41
Ryan DICKSON - 2/12/2016 - PORT DARWIN LODGE, NO. 41
Darren HADDRILL - 10/01/2017 - LEWIS LODGE OF BRIGHTON, NO. 187
Justin MELDRUM - 10/01/2017 - LEWIS LODGE OF BRIGHTON, NO. 187
Andrew DUNKLEY - 23/01/2017 - TEA TREE GULLY LODGE, NO. 218
Oliver NICHOLAS - 25/01/2017 - LODGE OF ST. JOHN, NO. 15

Note: Reminder to Lodge Secretaries, please submit your new members details to Grand Lodge ASAP. 

Masonic Charities – Update for Brethren
We are pleased to provide an update on the process of re-purposing the benevolent assets of Masonic Homes Ltd (MHL) and the creation of Masonic Charities – the organisation through which Freemasons SA/NT will manage these assets for more contemporary benevolent purposes into the future.
A meeting of Brethren will be held in the Sam Jacobs Room at Grand Lodge on Thursday 23rd March 2017 at 1pm.
As well as providing additional information and context for the repurposing of Freemasonry’s benevolent assets, we trust the session will also provide the opportunity to re-focus and re-energise our core purpose of supporting the community in which we live and serve.
We look forward to your participation and contribution.

Adelaide Combined Lodges Association Film Night 
Image result for beauty and the beastThe next Adelaide Combined Lodges Inc film night will be held on the 9th April 2017 at 6.00pm.
The movies are Life  Thriller   Starring:  Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Reynolds.
Beauty & the Beast  Fantasy / Musical / Romance   Starring: Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Emma Watson
Life - Six astronauts aboard the space station study a sample collected from Mars that could provide evidence for extra terrestrial life on the Red Planet.
Beauty and the Beast  - A live-action remake of the iconic 1991 animated Disney musical. It's the story of Belle, a beautiful, book-loving inventor from a small town who dreams of greater things. She ends up…
 Have a night of entertainment while supporting the work of the Adelaide Combined Lodges. Purchase tickets from our table at the Piccadilly Cinema, 181 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide on the night and support your favoured charity. One price $19 - no concessions.  Your patronage sees Freemasonry active in supporting the community.
ACL and member Lodges support many charitable causes including major initiatives of the ACL - Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation, Cancer Care Centre, Modbury Hospital Foundation, Foundation Shine Inc, Uniting Communities - Lifeline and Foodbank . Commission on ticket sales is applied to these charities and other worthy causes.
Should your Lodge be interested in becoming a member of the Adelaide Combined Lodges Inc please email the Secretary at            

Information Night

The Membership Committee will be holding an information night at Grand Lodge, 254 North Terrace on:
Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 6.00pm - 7.15pm
Primarily for those interested in joining or hearing more about Freemasonry, members' family and friends are also invited to attend this informative session.

To register your interest and for more details, please email;  

Craft Annual Communication
The Annual Communication of Grand Lodge will be held at the Freemasons Hall, Adelaide on;
  • Wednesday, 19th April, 2017, at 7.15 p.m.
  • Dress code: Evening Dress or Dinner suit.
  • All Freemasons are encouraged to attend including Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts. Read more...

SGC of Royal Arch Masons of Victoria - Grand Installation
On Friday 21st April, 2017 MEComp. Lindsay G. Burns, First Grand Principal will be attending the Grand Installation of REm. Comp. Gregory Malcolm Harmer, DGZ, GZ-Elect as First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Victoria and wishes to form a Delegation to attend with him.

SGRAC of Tasmania - Grand Installation
On Thursday 27th April, 2017 MEComp. Lindsay G. Burns, First Grand Principal would like to advise that he will be attending the Grand Installation of Rt. Em. Comp. Geoffrey Frank Cadogan-Cowper, Deputy First Grand Principal as First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Tasmania to be held in Launceston.

Order of the Eastern Star - Sunny South Chapter No. 91 Installation. 
On Monday 15th May, 2017 - 7:00 pm MWBro. Stephen Michalak will be attending  the Installation of Order of the Eastern Star - Sunny South Chapter No. 91 .
MWBro. Michalak will be accompanied by his wife, Jenny Michalak.
  • To be held on the Third Floor, Freemasons Hall
  • All Freemasons and their wives welcome.

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of SA and NT-  Grand Installation - 2017
MWBro. John Henry William Carter extends a cordial and sincere invitation to all Freemasons, their families and friends to attend the Grand Installation of RWBro. David Kitching, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia.
We trust you will take this opportunity between Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th June 2017 to join with us in Adelaide to celebrate this Grand Occasion that we may ‘catch up’ with our well-known Brethren and ladies from interstate and overseas once again.
A registration form MUST be filled out for ANY function you wish to attend INCLUDING the Grand Installation for seat allocation purposes. If you attend the Grand Installation only there will be no Registration fee payable. For all functions, bus transport will be provided from and returning to the Mecure Grosvenor Hotel Only. See below for attached registration form and further information.

2017 Mark Grand Installation Brochure.pdf
2017 Registration Form.pdf

United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) Tercentenary Celebrations October 2017
The United  Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) will be holding its Tercentenary Celebrations in October 2017.
Our Grand Master, MWBro. Stephen Michalak, his wife Jenny, Deputy Grand Master, RWBro. W.R.D. Merrill and his wife Heather will be attending this auspicious occasion and are desirous of forming a Delegation to attend with them. Read more...

Lodge Installation Program for March to April 2017

MWBro. Stephen Michalak makes Presentation to VWBro. Gordon Andrews PDGS
On the 10th February 2017, VWBro. Gordon Maxwell Andrews PDGS was presented with his 50 Year Jewel by the MW Grand Master, Stephen Michalak at the Ridgehaven Daytime Lodge in the Ridgehaven Complex. (Pictured Left).
It was an extremely hot day for the Presentation by the MW Grand Master, and his esteemed helper,  the VWBro. Keith Perrott DGS. 
Both of these poor Brethren had to endure wearing jackets on a day where the mercury reached 42 Degrees; the airconditioning unit had broken down and this important event became a long and tiring  meeting for all in attendance. Read more...

EMM Degree and Presentation at Hawthorn
Royal Arch Chapter No. 35

On Monday 28th November 2016 Hawthorn Royal Arch Chapter held their last regular meeting for 2016.
The meeting was graced by the presence of MEComp. Lindsay Burns 1st GP of Royal Arch Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory accompanied by a retinue of Grand Chapter Officers.
It was well attended with many of their own Hawthorn RAC members and six visitors which totalled 25 Companions in attendance, which was an EMM Ceremony and a presentation of a Red Cross of Babylon Certificate.
The main working for the evening was an exemplification of the EMM Degree (or sometimes known as "passing of the veils" Ceremony). Read more...

St. Andrew's Day Celebrated by Lodge Foelsche No. 211
On 30th November 2016, Lodge Foelsche No. 211 – under the careful guidance of WBro. Alasdair McGregor - celebrated St. Andrew’s Day in full accord with ancient custom.
Haggis, Atholl Brose, bagpipes and a highland fling were the order of the night -  and it was all washed down with brother Highland Malt!
After the piping in of the haggis, WBro. McGregor,  in full dramatic brogue recited the Address to the Haggis and then gleefully slashed it open with the skill of a surgeon. Read more...

Mid North Lodge No.12 Presentation to RWBro. D. G. Clarke PSGW
At the meeting of Mid North Lodge No. 12 held on Thursday 8th December 2016, RWBro. D. G. Clarke PSGW was presented with his bar to his fify year jewel.
RWBro. Clarke joined Port Broughton Lodge No. 82 on 15th November 1961.  He was a Lewis.
He joined Clare Lodge No. 12 on 11th September 1980 and Mid North Lodge No. 12 when it amalgamated with Blyth Lodge No. 157 in 2000. Read more...

Chapter and Craft go Chinese in Katherine NT
Both Larrakeyah Royal Arch Chapter No. 40 and Katherine Lodge of Fidelity No. 217 held meetings in Katherine on Saturday 3rd December 2016.
Larrakeyah Royal Arch Chapter No. 40 has held its December meeting in Katherine for the last three years, and in each year has held the Excellent Chief and Red Cross of Babylon Degrees. Read more...

Bon Accord Sovereign Chapter Conducts Ceremony of Perfection
On the 23rd November 2016, the Bon Accord Sovereign Chapter of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia conducted a Ceremony of Perfection.
On this occasion the Candidates for the evening were two experienced Freemasons, both being Mark Master Masons and Royal Arch Masons. Bro. Tom Munro of Edwardstown Lodge No. 168 and Bro. Alan McWhinney, Duke of Leinster Lodge No. 363 I.C. made a further advancement in their Masonic journey, applying to the Rose Croix to achieve these  goals. Both Brethren were elevated to the 18th Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite “Rose Croix” in a moving Double Perfection Ceremony,  which was well attended by members of the Bon Accord Sovereign Chapter. Read more...
Grand Mark Lodge visit to the Duke of Leinster Mark Lodge
On Wednesday 18th January 2017, MWBro. John Carter, Grand Master of Mark Master Masons of South Australia and Northern Territory of Australia Incorporated;  two Past Grand Masters; Grand Master-Elect and a very large retinue of high ranking Grand Lodge Officers made an Official Visit to the Duke of Leinster Mark Lodge No. 363 Irish Constitution, for the Installation of VWBro. Richard Num as VW Master of the Duke of Leinster  Mark Lodge and his officers for the ensuing year. read more...
Adelaide Lodge's 173rd Installation and 65 Year Presentation
The 173rd Installation of a Worshipful Master of Adelaide Lodge was conducted on Tuesday 20th September 2016. 
It was a very successful Installation, under the guidance of RWBro. Andrew Charlton (Deputy  Grand Installing Master), and VWBro.Wayne Hancock (Grand Director of Ceremonies).
Worshipful Master Vaughan Fred Levi was Installed for a fifth time. (This equals the record held by the Foundation Worshipful Master James Bennett.) Read more...

Grand Lodge Newsletter Availability
The Grand Lodge office staff would like to advise our Brethren and their friends of the availability of the Grand Lodge Newsletter.
If you know someone who has mentioned they do not receive the Newsletter and would like to receive a copy in the future.
Please advise those concerned that it is available by email or hard copy.To receive a monthly emailed newsletter, they will have to subscribe using the following link to the subscription page.

Alternatively they can request a hard copy from the Grand Lodge office by collecting one in person or asking our friendly staff to mail a copy out to them. 

Freemasons Foundation Newsletter February 2017

Sprig of Acacia
The following is a list of Brethren who have passed away to the Grand Lodge above in the months of December-January.

Keith IRVINE - 9/12/2016 - NARACOORTE LODGE NO. 42.
Alfred SCHWARZ-DOCEN - 18/12/2016- LODGE CONCORDIA, NO. 226
Harry EVANS - 19/12/2016 - THE REGENCY LODGE NO 233
Leonard BAKER - 20/12/2016 - ENFIELD LODGE, NO. 145
                                                  - ARDROSSAN LODGE, NO. 150
Shahid NAQVI - 18/01/2017 - LODGE ST. ALBAN, NO. 38
Allan TOSOLINI - 21/01/2017- EDWARDSTOWN LODGE, NO. 168
Michael EGERTON - 27/01/2017 - WITTON LODGE, NO. 124

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