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Past Grand Masters Message              

Dear <<First Name>>
I feel privileged and honoured to be the Author of this lead article for the December 2016 issue of Grand Lodge eNewsletter.
What do we associate December with, may I ask? I believe it would be reasonable to expect that the majority of the responses would be Christmas. For some Christmas is a focal period in the history of your Church where you are significantly reminded of what Christmas really is about.
Christmas is that time of the year when friends and family think about the Christmases of the past and plan for the coming holiday with their loved ones in mind. As we reflect on this wonderful period, we must keep in mind that Christmas is not just any holiday, it may be the most important one of the year for some people. It is a time to remember, a time to share the goodness of your heart with others less fortunate than ourselves. A time for expressing your words and gifts with family or friend. It is an opportunity to make wishes come true and to give something from your heart. It may be the opportunity to give a message that will express love and care to those who you care about the most. As you write your messages, be it by Christmas Card or email, take the time and effort for your message to be seen as coming from your heart.


 GM's Diary

Official Visits
and Functions:


  • 21th - Masonic Study Circle Awards Evening.


  • 27th - Lodge Kilwinning No.220 O/V.
  Grand Lodge Calendar- December.

As Freemasons, we are taught the importance of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Many Lodges as December approaches, practice those truly commendable virtues of Brotherly Love Relief and Truth by ensuing that the Widows of former Lodge members are suitably provided for, contact is made, if appropriate an invitation may be extended to an end of year function. A positive recognition of their past members, and significantly to show that as Lodge Widows they are not forgotten, particularly as the Festive Season approaches.
I am reminded of the legendary Christmas truce in December of 1914 Great War when the English and German soldiers stopped fighting one another, they met in “no man's land" between their armies, traded goods and sang Christmas carols. It is reported that they even enjoyed a game of Soccer. I find it very difficult to imagine this occurring today in the current areas of conflict in the World, but with a sincere Masonic wish of our great tenants, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth may it occur with Peace hopefully returning. To relieve the distressed, is a duty incumbent on all men, but particularly on Freemasons.
Whilst we receive many greetings during the year, in the forthcoming holiday season we trust your message be one of hope, joy, and love. May you and your family enjoy many pleasant memories with much fun and love.
As we approach Christmas 2016, let us “dwell together in unity," in the life and support of our great Masonic institution.

Warmest regards
MWBro John Stone PGM

List of New Members for October
The following is a list of new members who were initiated into the Craft in the month of October: 
Narendra VELLELA - 2/10/2016 - PORT DARWIN LODGE, NO. 41
John STOKES - 5/10/2016 - VICTORIA LODGE, NO. 26
Elias AWKAR - 11/10/2016 - THE REGENCY LODGE NO 233
David HEINRICH - 11/10/2016 - LODGE OF FIDELITY, NO. 5
Frank GRECO - 11/10/2016 - LEWIS LODGE OF BRIGHTON, NO. 187
Jasper SUGARS - 26/10/2016 - LODGE FOELSCHE, NO. 211
Gregory PRETTY - 28/10/2016 - LODGE OF SINCERITY, NO. 120

Note: Reminder to Lodge Secretaries, please submit your new members details to Grand Lodge ASAP. 

Christmas New Year Office Closure - Grand Lodge
Please note that the Administration Office of Grand Lodge will be closed for the Christmas and New Year period
  • From 12:30 p.m. on Thursday 22nd December 2016
  • Until 9:00 a.m. on Monday 9th January 2017
Staff return-to-work dates are as follows:
Peter  - Monday 9th January
Rosa – Monday 9th  January
Danielle – Monday 9th January
Neville – Monday 9th January
Gillian – Monday 16th January
Louise – Monday 23rd  January
Neil – Tuesday 31st  January
We wish you all a happy and meaningful Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year from Peter, Neil, Rosa, Gillian, Danielle, Neville and Louise.
CEO's Christmas Message 2016
Brethren and families
As the Festive Season is now upon us I take this opportunity to extend to you and your family my very best wishes for a joyous Christmas, one which allows us time with families and to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

As we approach New Year and 2017 I trust that you enjoy the celebrations and return refreshed working towards a successful and rewarding year ahead and in which we will all benefit.
Fraternal best wishes of the season.
Peter Symons
Chief Executive Officer
MWBro. John Carter, G.M. of M.M.M. of SANT - To make an O/V visit to Duke of Leinster Mark Lodge No. 363 I.C.
On Wednesday 18th January, 2017 - 7:15 pm MWBro. John Henry William Carter, Grand Master of Mark Master Masons of South Australia and Northern Territory will make an official visit to the Duke of Leinster Mark Lodge No.363 Irish Constitution.
All Mark Grand Officers, Stewards and Past Grand Masters and Deputy Grand Masters are encouraged  to attend.
Could you please advise your acceptance by contacting:
Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies - VWBro. D.A. Martin
No later than Monday 19th December 2016.

MEComp. L. G. Burns,1st Grand Principal - To make an O/V visit to the Duke of Leinster Chapter No. 363 I.C.
On Wednesday 15th February, 2017  at 7:15 pm MEComp. Lindsay Burns, 1st Grand Principal Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of South Australia and Northern Territory will make an official visit to the Duke of Leinster Royal Arch Chapter No. 363 Irish Constitution.
All Chapter Grand Officers, Stewards and Past 1st Grand Principals and Past Deputy 1st Grand Principals are encouraged  to attend.
Could you please advise your acceptance by contacting:
Grand Director of Ceremonies -  REComp. W.A. Greves - or 8346 2396, No later than Friday 27th January 2017. 
The Grand Lodge of Tasmania - Grand Installation 2017 - Invitation from the GM and his wife
Dear Brethren,  
The Installation of RWBro. John William Slore as the 38th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tasmania will take place from Thursday 23rd February 2017 through to Sunday 26th February 2017.
My wife Jenny and I are planning to attend this Grand Installation.
I extend an invitation to you all to consider attending as part of our SA/NT Delegation.  

  My invitation extends to every brother of every Craft Degree.     

This means that if you are an Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft, you (and your partner) will feel very much included.    
Attending these Grand Installations both within Australia and New Zealand are occasions for our Jurisdiction to be represented, extend a hand of brotherhood across borders and most importantly – get to know each other better and just – have fun.  
Jenny and I hope that you will consider joining us.  
Please contact the Grand Lodge office on 8223 1633 or email : as a matter of urgency and ask for a Brochure and Registration Form to be sent to you.  Registrations close on 31st December 2016.  You must therefore ensure that you have completed your registration form and made payment before this date. Read more...

Your friend and brother,
Stephen Michalak
Grand Master

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of SA and NT-  Grand Installation - 2017
I extend a cordial and sincere invitation to all Freemasons, their families and friends to attend the Grand Installation of RWBro. David Kitching, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia.
We trust you will take this opportunity to join with us in Adelaide to celebrate this Grand Occasion that we may ‘catch up’ with our wellknown Brethren and ladies from interstate and overseas once again.
A registration form MUST be filled out for ANY function you wish to attend INCLUDING the Grand Installation for seat allocation purposes. If you attend the Grand Installation only there will be no Registration fee payable. For all functions, bus transport will be provided from and returning to the Mecure Grosvenor Hotel Only. See below for attached registration form and further information.

Lodge Installation Program for January to April 2017

Chapter and Mark Combined Christmas Picnic
The Annual Mark and Royal Arch Chapter Picnic was held on Sunday, 27th November 2016 at Hazelwood Park.
In an ideal setting and in simply perfect weather - about forty Brethren, Companions, Wives and Partners congregated together to share in Fellowship and take a somewhat light-hearted retrospect of the year that was.
A very pleasant afternoon was had, chasing the shade under the trees! At this occasion it is also the custom to announce who the new senior Grand Officers in each Order will be for the ensuing Masonic year. Read more... 

Grand Lodge Open Night - 8th November 2016
On the 8th November 2016 the Grand Lodge Membership Committee held an Open Night in conjunction with St. Andrews Lodge No. 19 where members of the public toured the beautiful Grand Lodge Building and were provided with a general introduction and overview of Freemasonry.
The evening officially commenced at 7:00 p.m. with Membership Committee Chairman, VWBro. Brenton Leitch welcoming twenty four visitors in the Great Hall and introducing the Committee members who acted as Guides for the evening. After discussing a short overview of Freemasonry; the history of the Building; and the Agenda for the evening, the Tour began. Read more...
Kingston Lodge No. 161 Installation 2016
Kingston Lodge No. 161 held its Annual Installation Ceremony on Monday 3rd October 2016.  This was followed by a dinner.
WBro. Milan Hodak was elected Worshipful Master for the second time, and celebrated the occasion with Officers of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory.
Kingston Lodge No. 161, participates in Community Fundraising, as do all other Lodges, and WBro. Hodak publicised that the Lodge is holding a Monster Meat Raffle to raise money for Neighbourhood Watch. Read more...
Edwardstown Lodge Honours its Members - Past and Present
On the 28th October 2016 Edwardstown Lodge conducted an Open Lodge of Remembrance. The Lodge was opened at 7:15 p.m. and the usual business was transacted.
Before closing the Lodge the Worshipful Master called on the Grand Master MWBro Stephen Michalak to make a presentation.  The Grand Master, called RWBro. John Tailby, Grand Superintendent to the East and presented him with the Grand Master's Order of Service for his many years of service to Freemasonry. Read more...

Interest in the 30th Degree Soars in Adelaide and the Northern Territory
Assistant Grand Master of Craft, Neil Jensen, changed into his District Commander’s Regalia and Installed the Grand Commander-Elect of Adelaide Western Sovereign Council No. 37, of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia, on the night of Friday 30th September 2016.
Attendees travelled from Darwin, the Adelaide Hills and inner Adelaide areas, not only to share this evening with Neil McBrearty, Grand Secretary of Craft, but also to participate in the Elevation of a new member to the Council. Read more...

Craft Conference, Communication and Dinner - October 2016
The Grand Lodge Conference was held in the Great Hall, Freemasons Hall, 254 North Terrace in Adelaide on Saturday 15th October 2016 at 2:00pm. The Attendance Sheets indicated that 105 Brethren were present. The Conference was convened by VWBro. Fred Trueman who then invited the Grand Master to open Proceedings.
The Grand Master MWBro. Stephen Michalak gave the opening address, and welcomed all present.  He also expressed his pleasure regarding Ms. Haley Lokan’s attendance, (Director of Lokan Consulting), who was the Guest Speaker; noted her qualifications,and expressed his confidence in her ability to assist the Craft in managing change. Read more...

Night of Nostalgia - Duke of Edinburgh Lodge No.16
A Presentation of 50 Year Jewel was made to RWBro Ian Archibald on Tuesday 11th October 2016 by WBro. Philip Woodward to RWBro. Ian Archibald PJGW.
RWBro. Archibald  was initiated in Keswick Lewis Lodge No 182, on 12th October 1966, so the celebration was almost to the day! As a school teacher he travelled around the northern parts of the State and  joined Lodges in those towns. These included, Whyalla Lodge No. 158; The Commercial Lodge No. 39; Port Broughton Lodge No. 82; and his current Lodge, The Duke of Edinburgh Lodge No. 16 at Moonta where he has been a member since his retirement in 2004. Read more...

Second Bar to Fifty Year Jewel at Lodge of Friendship
A second Bar to his 50 year Jewel was presented to WBro. John Moore at the Lodge of Friendship No. 1’s meeting held on the 3rd November 2016.
WBro. Moore joined Lodge of Friendship No. 1 in 1956.  At a quick look around the Lodge Room after the presentation, there were actually only four Brethren in the Lodge Room, who would have been born prior to WBro. Moore joining Freemasonry.
Sixty years is quite a milestone.  In 1956 TV was not yet available in South Australian homes although it had just arrived in Melbourne and Sydney;  Aunty ABC was still in the delivery room; no one had heard of the Cuban Crisis; and the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne. Read more...

First-class honours to our FFCMH Honours Scholarship Students
Congratulations to oHonours2016ur four FFCMH Honours Scholarship students (photo from left) Phoebe Drioli-Phillips, Charlotte Gelder. Andriana Tran and Kristina Millar, who have all been awarded first class honours. Congratulations also to their supervisors for the impressive returns on their dedication to the training and development of these passionate and brilliant young researchers. Read more...

The Combined Present and Past Grand Officers Association Inc. - Announcement
After many years of providing a social contact for past and present Grand Lodge Officers the Association has reluctantly decide to cease its activities.
From the halcyon days of over 350 attending the annual lunch at Glenelg to recept times when the Association was lucky to get 25 at a function.
Several years ago in an attempt to remain active the three major Orders got together and the Combined Present and Past Grand Officers Association of S.A. and N.T. Inc. was created.
This was a short term solution.

Grand Lodge Newsletter Availability
The Grand Lodge office staff would like to advise our Brethren and their friends of the availability of the Grand Lodge Newsletter.
If you know someone who has mentioned they do not receive the Newsletter and would like to receive a copy in the future.
Please advise those concerned that it is available by email or hard copy.To receive a monthly emailed newsletter, they will have to subscribe using the following link to the subscription page.

Alternatively they can request a hard copy from the Grand Lodge office by collecting one in person or asking our friendly staff to mail a copy out to them. 

Sprig of Acacia
The following is a list of Brethren who have passed away to the Grand Lodge above in the month of October.

- 1/10/2016 - CORINTHIAN LODGE, NO. 34
Peter RUSSELL - 1/10/2016 - EDWARDSTOWN LODGE, NO. 168
Rodney TAYLOR - 23/10/2016 - MOSTYN, GOODWOOD & LOYALTY, NO. 18

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