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May 2012

This newsletter was created and maintained by SPEC in an attempt to keep educators in communication and up-to-date from coast to coast.  We will be looking for updates from all regions across the country in the newsletters to come.  If you have anything that you would like to add to our newsletter, please feel free to contact me. (
The SPEC Annual AGM and Educators Symposium is set for June this year.  There will be time set aside for discussion groups to talk about the NOCP changes and implications to education programs as well as a national prehospital educator certification program.  Great things ahead!

The new SPEC website is up and ready! 
This website will focus on keeping you up to date on educator related acivities across Cananda and eventually it will house a repository of resources (scenario templates, educational material, etc.) for members to access.  Check it out!

Sim Fest 2012

Edmonton, Alberta  - NAIT - May 31 and June 1, 2012
A two day symposium focusing on the use of simulation in the educational environment.
The topics covered will be:
- Faculty Training on Sim
- Audio-Visual Use
- Simulation Research
- Developing and Debreifing Sim

Just to mention a few................
Check out the SPEC website for for info!

National Exam Update

The National Exam is proceeding.
The first exam is scheduled for June 27th, 2012.
The exam will consist of a written portion only at present.  Discussions for a performance (practical) component are still happening.
Check out the website for more information: SPEC website

2012 SPEC Educators Conference

June 17-19, 2012
Comox, BC (Parksville, BC)


Following the EMS Chiefs Conference in Vancouver.  

Key Topics
  • NOCPs - Effects on Education
  • Assessing Paramedic Competence
  • Role Conflict in EMS
  • Neurobiology of Learning
  • Teaching Professionalism
  • Simulation in EMS

Watch the SPEC website for further details!

NOCP Update

The Paramedic Association of Canada has released the newest version of the NOCPs.  You can access a pdf version at their website.   CMA has officially accepted this version for use in accrediation. 
The SPEC group is looking to discuss some of the challenges that face prehospital educational programs regarding the changes to the NOCP document and provide a unified voice to suggest changes.
The complete NOCP document (appendices, definitions, preamble, etc.) is reported to be released on June 4, 2012!


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Our mission is to establish and promote excellence in prehospital education through research, leadership, and fellowship. We foster enhanced patient care by serving as a unified voice for Canadian prehospital educators.
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