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Reducing Stress

There's an App for That

We are proud to present the "Breathing Butterfly" app, which allows kids to have fun while lessening harmful levels of stress. Created in collaboration with the team from Tip-Tok, the app is free, and available online.

The Breathing Butterfly is designed with children in mind to help in relaxation and relief for anxious bodies. Soothing music combined with gentle animation and (optional) supportive dialog promote calm, regular breathing and cultivate coping skills for greater well-being. A tranquil game follows the animation. Players can use their butterfly to calmly fly through the beautiful skies and explore at their very own pace, collecting points along the way. Once all the points are collected, a beautiful surprise awaits.

This simple game is meant to teach children to relax, breathe, and enjoy the moment. The meditation dialog is available in 22 different languages and players can choose from four styles of wings for their butterfly. Elfenworks also offers teacher tips at

In this issue: 

Creating Change through Film

We are in the midst of this year’s social justice film contest, held in partnership with Campus MovieFest. The initiative is generating exceptional content about social justice issues and inspiring young adults to create change in the world.
Students, there’s still time to submit your social justice movie shorts to Campus MovieFest Elfenworks Social Justice Prize. Visit for details. The deadline is May 1.

Compassion in Action in Jordan

Amman is a city built on seven hills, and there are pillars everywhere the eye can see. So the idea of discussing Intelligence & Compassion in Action: The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs at the World Affairs Council and the University of Jordan just made perfect sense to us. We jumped at the invitation. Arriving in the evening, we were greeted by a full moon over the Dead Sea.

A delightful article about the book and Dr. Speeth’s visit appeared in the Jordan Times on Monday, April 6th ( in advance of Speeth’s address at the World Affairs Council.  

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting the wonderful students at the University of Jordan the following day. We are thankful to the Blessed Ones Society and Professor Rula Quawas for the invitation to speak with these inquisitive and engaged students.
If you’ve never been to the Middle East, we can now say that it’s a rewarding experience…unforgettable, in fact.
Upon our arrival home, which was the weekend of the Master’s golf tournament, the headlines were all about Jordan Spieth and golf– not quite “Speeth visits Jordan in the Gulf,” but close enough to amuse us.   

Double Jeopardy

“Just in the last ten years it has become apparent that being poor is in itself a crime in many cities and counties, and that it is a crime punished by further impoverishment.”
— Barbara Ehrenreich, Foreword
A survey research report titled "The Poor Get Prison: The Alarming Spread of the Criminalization of Poverty" with a Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich was released on March 19th by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). The Elfenworks Foundation sponsored the timely report. Author Karen Dolan of IPS told us, “I believe this is the first time many of the various elements that contribute to the growing phenomenon of criminalizing poor people come together in one cohesive whole. It examines the issues we also see highlighted in the Department of Justice Ferguson report, plus more, and gives it a national lens.” Elfenworks and IPS hope the paper’s findings create ripples in important ways. The full report is here (PDF).
If you’re moved by what you read in the report and are interested in using your social media network to spread the word, IPS offers the following sample tweets:

  • Poor people are criminalized for non-criminal activity. New @IPS_DC report: The Poor Get Prison #BlackLivesMatter
  • Poverty is becoming a crime in America. Read how and why in NEW @IPS_DC report: "The Poor Get Prison" #talkpoverty
  • #Ferguson IS America. New report details the increasing criminalization of the poor: The Poor Get Prison" #BlackLivesMatter
  • NEW Report: "The Poor Get Prison," foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich. It's now a crime to be poor in America #P2

Save the Date

Our elves are busily cooking up our 2015 In Harmony with Hope® Awards program. Mark your calendars for October 1, 2015. More to follow! If you missed last year’s event, you can still view it online.

In Harmony with Hope: Elfenworks works to foster intelligent compassion in action and to cultivate hope through creative and technological solutions that advance change. Use the butterfly app – and other tools – to help make a positive difference. And, never underestimate your ripple!  For further information, see
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