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Newsletter | April 2015
Development Update

We have some major developments on the go that will significantly enhance the functionality of iBex Property Management System. While we cannot give you a firm completion date on individual items the following are all expected to be delivered within the next few months.

Front Booking Screens (mobile version)
internal testing
Our new desktop front booking screens have been released recently and we are pleased to see the rapid take up. A mobile optimised version is expected to be available in the next few weeks. This will be followed by a multi property version.

Cross account customer database (membership)
partial release
A membership system has been created for a couple of marketing groups that allow for renewable memberships of differing periods. The member gets a discount when they enter their membership details when making a booking. The first part has just been released with the final enhancements to be released shortly.

Group Bookings
in development
We are aware that those who make a group bookings will be frustrated at how slow this process can be. We are working on fixing this as a high priority and expect it to be released next month. Until then, the work around is to book one unit, save the booking and then go back in and add any additional units.

New Room Servicing or Housekeeping module
The existing housekeeping module has very limited functionality. We have setup a pilot group representing different property types to help us in the design of a new module. Key features that have been mentioned so far is colour coding for clean and dirty,comments on module only for room servicing, automatic scheduler for a full room clean, bedding configuration, range of filter types, split bookings notify clean type, management on who is cleaning what unit and much more. This will provide many properties to run a lot more efficiently on a daily basis

Virtual Rooms & Multi Property Units
An advanced feature of iBex is that you can sell the same unit multiple ways without affecting availability. Once a unit is booked, iBex instantly removes the availability of that unit from all the other options (room types) that the unit was assigned to. This is called virtual rooms. In the future you will also be able to expand your market and sell your room units under multiple properties. This will be of value to anyone that can sell the same unit as different property types eg a holiday park that can sell a unit as a cabin, dorm room or motel unit. Another example are apartments where the apartment can be sold as an individual property or as an apartment within an apartment block. That will help you expand the marketing of your units and improve both the number and value of your bookings.

Email Scheduler
in development
A new scheduler will enable you to create emails and actions based either on a timed event or booking status change. You will be able to use it to replace the current auto emails when a customer creates a booking. You will also be able to use it to automatically request final payment prior to arrival for bookings where the full payment is still required. If the payment has not been received by due date you will also be able to invoke an automatic cancellation with warnings sent by auto email.

Customisable Forms
in development
We are planning that all forms currently used by iBex will be able to be customised by the user so that both changes to layout and information displayed will be possible.

Rate Rounding & Rate Offset
in development
This rounding mode comes into effect when applying a rate modifier to any connected sales channels. This rounding defaults to 2 decimal places but can be made to round to the nearest $1, $10 etc. This will prevent cents being displayed when you use rate multipliers. A rate offset will also be possible so that you can define a rate as being your base rate +/- a fixed amount eg $5. Both rate rounding and rate offset is done as the last part of any rate processing.

Selected Sales Channel Exclusion by Date Range
iBex gives you total control to manage your availability by offering 3 sell modes for online booking capability: Instant Confirmation, On Request and Stop Sell. However, during peak season you may want to accept bookings through your own website only. This new enhancement will offer a 4th sell method which accepts Instant confirmed bookings through your website but removes availability on connected sales channels for a selected date range.

New Sales Channel Connections
in development
New connections to Entertainment Book and HRS are in development.

Performance / Enhancements
You should all be enjoying a faster response in iBex as we have improved the efficiency of some highly utilised screens plus have undertaken some tuning of our servers. Several more enhancements are in development. We trust you will find these developments a significant improvement:

  • Adding more information to the Bookings Calendar hover tip: e.g. Booked Room Type, Invoices (paid/unpaid), Booking has Extras
  • Adding more customer details to the Exported Booking List (e.g. lead guest address details, email, vehicle registration, booking balance and notes...)
  • Bulk Check-In / Check-Out and Bulk Print option
  • Event Line Upgrade
  • Enhanced interface with Phone Control

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Staff News

We welcome Blair who has joined our iBex Support Team and Cooper as chief security (?) officer - you can put a face to their names at our website team page or our facebook page.




We’ll be at the Bed & Breakfast Association NZ Conference on the 22nd and 23rd of May, 2015 which is being held at East Pier Conference Centre in Napier. We look forward to seeing you there.


Websites & Widgets

mobi update
Google are now taking mobi responsiveness into account when ranking websites. Read more about this at

They have provided a testing tool to determine if your website is mobi friendly which you can access at 

Did you know that Seekom provides website hosting? All of our single property and general business website designs are fully mobi and pass Google's test. Our multi property designs will be upgraded for full mobi on release of new multi property mobi booking screens. Contact us or visit for more information on our website hosting service.

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Sales Channels

Current Pre-Registered Sales Channels 

Click here to view.

New Sales Channels  

Connection to Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA)  is now available - click here for connection instructions and/or more information.

Channel Statistics  

At date our users have in excess of 5,000 active connections to sales channels for which we process in excess of 150,000 updates daily.

We have changed our ranking format to show the % of bookings a channel delivers according to total room nights booked and the active number of connections.

Top 20 performers for March 2015 were:

Hostelworld: 23.29% 21.21%
Operator's website: 11.18%
Hostelbookers: 9.90%
Expedia: 7.47%
reconline (GDS): 6.92%
SynXis (GDS): 3.20%
NZ Apartments: 2.75%
Late Rooms: 2.75%
Agoda: 2.11%
Wotif: 1.83%
RoamFree: 1.79%
Orbitz: 1.20%
AA Travel: 1.00%
Bookit: 0.85%
NZ Luxury Apartments: 0.82%
AADX: 0.56% 0.55%  0.36%
Quickbeds: 0.25%






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