Congrats Sarah!
Many of you have already met our intern Sarah. Her hard work has paid off and she well be graduating this week! We have been impressed by her dedication to learning all about curl care and are excited to announce she will be joining our full time Ambushed Team! Online booking is not yet available for Sarah so please call in to find out her new hours!

Welcome Mary!

We are happy to introduce our newest intern Mary and welcome her into our Ambushed Family! Mary has been in the business for about 4 years now and has decided to focus on curls. Last year Mary fell in love with her curls and wants to help her clients to feel the same way. Mary will be in Mondays and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm. She will be giving free cuts, and color starting at $10. Please note online booking will not be available for Mary. Call for booking!

New Goodies!

After much hard work (thank you Kris!) we finally have our brochure ready for distribution! Know any curly heads who'd be interested? Pick up some brochures and magnetic bumper stickers and let them know! These were a great success at Comfest and we look forward spreading the love!

This Week's Promo

Feeling a little thin and looking for a bit more strength or your hair? Our two new strengthening lines, Eufora Thickening Collection and Kevin.Murphy Plumping Line, will do just that. Eufora's new Thickening Line is made from a ProAmino Cell Complex designed to stimulate the scalp, while soothing irriatation and repair damage. Kevin.Murphy's Plumping Lines' use a nourishing mix of Nettle extract, ginger root, and aloe leaf to thicken, densify, and strengthen hair. We are currently offering 15% off these sets when you purchase either of these lines.

Get Ready!

Our Curl Specialists will be headed to Westlake to attend Euforas Foundation I class. Gerard Annunziato, the educator, will be going over precision English hair cutting. They will be back with even more knowledge on keeping your styles trendy and curl happy!

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