New Website!

As some of you have probably noticed, we've launched a BRAND NEW website! We are continuing to update our site with lots of great information on our philosophy, products and all things curly! We've got some fun things in the works too such as a Curly Hair Quiz! If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out:  
Shout-out to Kris at Orbit Design for creating this beautiful new site for us! Thanks Kris!!

NEW Kevin.Murphy Plumping.Line!

Kevin Murphy introduces the Plumping.Line! There are three new products: Plumping.Wash, Plumping.Rinse and Body.Mass. These products will help thicken hair and prevent breakage. They will also help to strengthen hair and prevent thinning and hair loss.


Curly Focus

As most of you know, our focus at Ambushed is naturally curly hair. We do not use flat irons in the salon at all. If you are someone who thinks they may want to wear it straight, please make sure to emphasize this to your stylist upon arrival. Since we do cutting for curly hair, we cannot guarantee a perfect cut for straight hair. If needed, we welcome you to come back in with your hair straightened for necessary tweaks at no extra cost, as we do want you to love your hair!  


Eufora Curl'n Collection

Eufora just recently launched a new line all for curls! While we already love Eufora for curly hair, we are excited for this this new collection made specifically for curls! One of our best selling products, the Curl'n Spray Revitalizer, has been revamped for the new line and the Curl'n Defining Solution is also a part of the line. We've got everything in stock now so check it out next time you're in!

Price Increases

Starting May 5th we will be increasing Mandi and Hilary's prices. Mandi's cuts will now be $45 and Hilary's will be $40. Color prices will also increase by $5. If you have any questions with our pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Better Than Good Hair

We have recently been doing some reading! Nikki Walton, the founder of, has written a book called Better Than Good Hair. This book has great tips and advice for curly-heads! It especially has lots of good info for those transiting to natural hair. Nikki goes through styling techniques for all stages of transiting, lists great products and explains some of the psychology behind going natural. This book is a fantastic resource for those of you who are in the midst of transiting or just thinking about it!


New Intern! 

We have a new intern, Sarah! Sarah will be here on Wednesday's from 1-7pm. She will be shadowing Amy and soaking up all the great curl advice our specialists have to offer. This is an extensive program designed to teach the ins and outs of curly hair. Sarah will be offering free cuts and styles and color will start at $10. She is a great alternative option if your normal stylist is booked! Please note online booking with Sarah will not be available, so you will have to call in to make an appointment.

Curl'n Class!

Amy, Mandi, Hilary and our new intern, Sarah, just attended a curly cutting class in Cleveland where they also learned about Eufora's new Curl'n Line. At the class hosted by Eufora, the girls learned new cutting and styling techniques for curly hair. Ambushed is passionate about learning and staying fresh with new ideas and concepts! 

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