Teacher Council Shares Ideas and Innovation at Workshop

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March 2, 2015
Rodel Teacher Council Shares Ideas and Innovation at Personalized Learning Workshop
  Rodel Teacher Council members Patricia Dallas and Michele Johnson led a workshop session on personalized learning concepts for elementary and pre-K grade levels.

WILMINGTON, Del. – Personalized learning took center stage at a Rodel Teacher Council workshop on Saturday morning at St. Georges Technical High School in Middletown.
Teachers representing a cross-section of grade levels and schools held focused sessions throughout the morning, sharing best practices, lesson plans, strategies, and tools that tie into the tenets of personalized learning. More than 100 Delaware educators attended the interactive event.
“The best part of today wasn’t so much what we as presenters shared; it was that 100 educators from across our state from every grade configuration gave up their Saturday morning and came together to have a professional conversation,” said Robyn Howton, a Teacher Council member, and an English teacher from Mount Pleasant High School. “That’s our goal. We want to take ownership of our profession. This opportunity to hear from teachers, and to ask questions to each other, has let all of us grow.”
The workshop served as an extension of the “Blueprint for Personalized Learning in Delaware,” a collection of recommendations assembled by the Rodel Teacher Council. Published in October as a resource for those interested in adopting personalized learning strategies statewide, the teacher-created blueprint is one of the first of its kind in the nation.

Workshop attendees received instruction on ways to implement technology in the classroom.
Saturday's workshop furnished attendees with a rare opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow teachers from outside their school's walls. All workshop sessions--which included focused groups for elementary, middle, and high school levels--were developed and led by teachers.

“[This was useful because] it’s real life. It’s not from the top down," said Arleysha Morris, a teacher from Richardson Park Learning Center. "We know our students, we know where they struggle. At the upper levels, they see numbers—they don’t see our students and what they go through. This was teachers sharing ideas. A lot of the time you get told what to do. But if you give me an idea, I can figure out what to do and run with it. That’s the same thing we want for our kids.”
Personalized learning offers an improved vision for education—one that attempts to buck the “one-size-fits-all” model of instruction in favor of individualized attention based on student need. With personalized learning, students become the center of the learning environment, and are encouraged to work at their own pace, and often utilize technology to support learning.
Workshop sessions also explored technology in the classroom, including the PerformancePLUS program, a software platform that assists with classroom assessments and tracking students’ academic growth.
Keynote speaker Paul ramirez kicked things off with a refresher on personalized learning.

The Council will provide another opportunity to highlight personalized learning on March 13, Digital Learning Day, when policymakers and media will be invited to visit Teacher Council members’ classrooms to witness how digital tools can impact individualized instruction. More details on this event are forthcoming.
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About the Rodel Teacher Council
The Rodel Teacher Council was convened in 2013 by the Rodel Foundation of Delaware to elevate the voices of teachers throughout Delaware. They represent the diversity of Delaware teachers and were identified through a selective process that assessed their accomplishments, leadership, and solution-oriented mindset. The goal of the Rodel Teacher Council is to provide a venue for teachers to weigh in on important issues that affect the work of educators and help set the course for future education improvements.
  The mission of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware is to help Delaware build one of the finest systems of public education in the world by 2020.

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