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We now have the official support 
of the Tacoma Housing Authority.
This is good news!

In October, we signed an agreement with the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) that demonstrates mutual interest and intent to work together to fulfill the mission and vision of Many Lights. With this show of support, and an agreement to introduce us to the community, we are in a positive position to reach out and grow our base of supporters, particularly in the Tacoma area. By extending an option for acquisition and development of land, THA is also showing strong belief that our project, when complete, will be an innovative and impactful addition to Tacoma. Our commitment to THA is continued and enhanced community outreach plus delivery on a set of clearly defined milestones over the next two years.
What's next? 

Now, more than ever, we must build capacity support for operations. The work we'll be focusing on in the coming months includes feasibility and design studies, fundraising, and community outreach. To meet our milestones, we need to secure funds for staff and consultants and we need to keep growing our family of supporters. We'll need people like you, who share our vision, to spread the word about our mission.

How can you help? 

The reality is, we can't build Hope Lights without you and your support. Over the coming weeks we will be asking for your help to accomplish our first, and most immediate, goal which is to raise the working capital needed for 2014. Our goal is to raise $60,000 by December 31. This is THE season for giving. If you have not yet made a donation to Many Lights, seriously consider making your first donation now. If you have made a donation in the past, please consider matching, or even increasing, the total of your past gifts. And, if you are interested in budgeting your gift over time, make a pledge and become a Hope Lights Founder.

Your gifts will enable our nonprofit to build Washington's first multigenerational community that will benefit children in foster and kinship care, their families, and elders. 

November is National Adoption Month

"This month, we celebrate adopted children, teenagers, and their diverse families. We work to give more young people permanent families and promising futures. And we encourage our friends and neighbors to open their hearts and their homes to children in need."

~ President Barack Obama 

Be a host. Spread the Love. Help kids in foster and kinship care. Learn more ...
Community Corner
This is our official warm welcome to the Tacoma Housing Authority. We are excited to have you as a part of the Many Lights family. We're also excited to be working together towards building a multigenerational community that will be home to children in foster and kinship care plus provide support for their families and affordable housing for elders. 
We are proud to announce Comprehensive Life Resources (CLR) as a Many Lights partner. CLR will join us as we help traumatized children by providing evidenced based mental health and trauma informed services to children and residents living in Hope Lights. They will also perform the assessments required to certify foster and adoptive parents of our children.
Forward to Friend

Together we will build Hope Lights Community.


Thank you to our 2013 Sponsors


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