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This month we introduce you to those who, with the wisdom of years and a desire to remain engaged, act as honorary grandparents in our community. They will provide support for parents and help nurture and ground the children in Hope Lights.

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Honorary Grandma and ChildWhat does multigenerational living mean for seniors? We know children of foster and kinship care will thrive in a multigenerational community such as Hope Lights. Yet, they are not the only ones — seniors also benefit greatly in an environment that fills their lives with purpose and meaning. 
In our modern society, life as an older person comes with challenges of loneliness and lack of connection. The good news is that we have an alternative solution with proven benefits! Read more on our blog. >>

Have you heard of the Silver Tsunami?
Experts are saying that a tsunami is coming — but not like you might think. The “Silver Tsunami,” as it is being called, is the wave of people in America who will be reaching retirement age in the coming years. In 2011 the first of the baby boomer generation turned 65, starting a wave that will become increasingly larger over the next few years. More facts. >> 

Create a Community of HopeCreate a Community of Hope
You, and your friends and colleagues, are invited to join us on Saturday, October 27 for our Fall Benefit. Since we have a potential building site in Tacoma, we’ll be throwing our annual fundraiser at the Museum of Glass. Get all the details, including how you can host a table or become a sponsor, and register here.

One more thank you to our 2011 Sponsors and donors
With your help, we have made great accomplishments this year. To name just a few, we now have a potential site and letters of support from Washington State Attorney General, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, and Amara Parenting. If you would like to become a Many Lights Sponsor, view our sponsorship package or contact Laurie Perkins.

Many Lights Receives $15,000 Matching Grant
In August, Many Lights was awarded a $15,000 matching grant for marketing services. We were selected from over 100 applicants for the Causality Spring/Summer Brand Grant for non-profits.

News in Elder Living: Stories Worth Sharing
Communities for all Ages (website)
Learn about one senior volunteer from Treehouse Community in Massachusetts. (web article)


Together we will build Hope Lights multigenerational community. 

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