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announcing the launch of 

hello all,

It was February when the last studio news bulletin was issued so if you've been wondering if I'd fallen off the map then I can assure you I'm back and all's fine. I'd like to offer a warm welcome to all new subscribers too! Please note the unsubscribe link below. Alternatively, you'll find ongoing studio news in frequent updates when you 'LIKE" the Facebook PAGE: Homage to the Seed .

If you wish to simply read the invitation to the Studio launch this month just scroll down to the flyer below and get in touch if I can help with your enquiries! If however I've caught you at a good time and you want to grab your reading glasses, a cup of tea (or glass of wine), then do come with me as I fill you in on what's been happening of late!

To make for easier reading I've posted my FULL news bulletin at my website ... click on the date below to read in another window or scroll down here for key points ... a taste of what's in this bulletin!

10TH NOVEMBER, 2013 

+  The story of my 6 month disappearing act!

+  Breaking studio routine paid off ... more time for research and thinking.

+ The least expected outcome of this project has been the scrutiny ... apparently working in Seed-labs, shoulder to shoulder with "evil plant scientists" was tainting my project. 
+  What is critical now is not so much what we individually know in isolation, but surely the quality of material being shared, the ways it is shared and the purpose it is put to! 
+  Why is the quality of our interactions and conversations so important now?

+  willingness to encounter what's currently outside our understanding 

+  Almost at the end of my 4th decade pursuing Art 
+  extensive level of collaboration and sharing I saw whilst in Science Institutions.

+ I've explored seeds very much through the lens of bio-cultural diversity,

+  some of the biggest break-throughs needed now could have a lot more to do with our attitudes as human beings than the 'stuff' we come up with...

+ my aim has been to comprehensively understand what Biodiversity is and how seeds are placed given the degradation of eco-systems and species loss

+ Dna sequencing is a powerful tool in much the same way the computer is. Both have the potential to be used for the greater good or to be applied in ways that can prove problematic.

+  surprisingly difficult to do balanced research on this,

+ Perhaps the Science community had not realised how out of favour they were until the new Govt recently showed us that 
Australia simply doesn't need Science

+ too early to elaborate on the next exciting endeavour into Plant Science on my agenda. What I can say is that it involves working with an interstate Herbarium 

+ engaging on projects with some wonderful Art | Design teachers at Kelvin Grove Secondary College in Brisbane recently.    

+ far more complex than individuals can hope to respond to creatively when working in isolation

+ For years a strong feature of my Art Practice has been in creating spaces to generate quality open dialogue and interaction.  

+ Clear and accurate communications from Science need to be amplified far and wide at the same time other sectors step forward to contribute invaluable knowledge and energy for implementing more sustainable systems. 

+ thrilled to work with 
The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance who drafted the Australian Peoples Food Plan 

+ dire lack of public awareness of the scaling up of response to global threats to food, water, land and such 

+ For a while I'd been toying with the name for the new studio - coming up with variations on Seed.Art.Lab. 

+ The desire to make space for Science to co-exist with the work I do as an artist is now central. 

Well... I never said it was a brief newsletter... these are the key points! The full version is available to read here

I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to drop a line! It will be a great pleasure to have you visit the new Studio if you are around in Brisbane on Nov 23 + 24. Don't forget ... you can always contact me if another time would be ideal for you to come by!

Best regards to each and every one of you!


                    Read blog post on new studio
                                         September: assembling the studio

launch Nov 23 + 34

48 Meemar St, Chermside

Preparations are now well underway for a special launch of the new Studio... to be officially known as the Seed.Art.Lab. The event will take place on the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, 23 + 24 November from 1pm to 6pm. INVITATION BELOW!
You are cordially invited to attend for drinks and formalities at 5pm on the Saturday afternoon, Nov 23rd if you a free at that time.  
WHEN: November, 23 + 24 from 1pm till 6pm
WHERE: Seed.Art.Lab, 48 Meemar St, Chermside 
call 3359 6949 | 0430 599 344

nb: If you can't make the advertised times and wish to have a peak in the studio do call and make a time to visit that suits!

Since settling into the new studio I've been drawn to work on artworks in series, an example of which is shown above. Working on 300 gm cotton paper, the '50 watercolour paintings' series consists of 50 small works, 210 x 100 mm, available for sale individually or as a group of works. Read more about this work in a post at my Visual Eclectica blog. 

Another recent series of artworks are these one-of-a-kind "Biodiversity Conversation Plates" which I elaborated on here. Hand-painted, these porcelain plates are unique works based on journal drawings of seed species, some very abstracted, others less so.

In several sizes they range from $50 to $130 and make an affordable artwork for wall or table decor. Each plate comes with a tiny booklet that speaks to the extraordinary value of seeds and biodiversity.

It's an important series for the artist, designed to communicate something of her long-held passion for the "biodiversity at the table" story in a familiar, intimate way, to hopefully further understanding whilst importantly tapping a potential funding stream for the ongoing Homage to the seed project. 

Email now : your inquiries are most welcome!
The first class at SEED.ART.LAB offered a 4.5 hr session focused on seeds and biodiversity to two young students... Botanists in the making!
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A recent Artist-in-Residence project at Kelvin Grove Secondary College introduced students to thinking about Seeds and Biodiversity. More >
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