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 greetings from the studio of sophie munns 

                                 u p d a t e : f e b r u a r y  2 0 1 3 



         Encounters in Bio-cultural Diversity

                          IN PADDINGTON, BRISBANE

You are warmly invited to come along on opening night Thursday, February 14 from 6 pm onwards... or to visit during the show's two week run, from Feb 13 - 24.

We are excited to announce a lively new program - the 'Biodiversity Dialogue Series' which will feature a number of guest presenters - to be held on the evenings of Tuesday, Feb 19 + Thursday, 21 commencing at 7 pm sharp - 8.30 pm, with Exhibition viewings from 6 pm and an informal artist's talk both evenings at 6.15 pm.

Drinks will be available from 6.30 pm and do be advised that seats will only be organised for those who rsvp in advance as the Gallery is generally a standing-room only venue! A quick email of 
phone call will deliver a comfortable event. 
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Percolator Gallery - 134 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane
More  Info:  website


or make an appointment by ph: 0430 599 344

Biodiversity Dialogue program: 

Tuesday, Feb 19th : Seeds and Biodiversity in the Habitat 
Guest speaker :  Corinne Unger, Sustainability + Mining Sector 
on “Abandoned mines and biodiversity in Australia.” See link.
Presentations from Jutta Godwin on Biodiversity Protection
challenges for a suburban catchment group - see Cubberla-Witton 
Denise Rivers on ‘Seeds and the habitat, a volunteer’s perspective’.
Caz O’Neill on ‘The relationship of Seeds and Wildlife in bringing plants to life’.

Thursday Feb, 21st : Seeds,  Agrobiodiversity and food systems
Guest speaker :  Dr Carol Richards, UQ Sociology + the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance on 
Seeds, Supermarkets and Sovereignty: The Often Wicked Story of Food’
Presentations from Nancy Kent of Urban Ag project ‘The Inspiration Garden’
and, by special request, Rozy Eslami, offering exquisite tastes + stories from her home country of Iran... a tribute to the Bio-Cultural Diversity of our planet.


This is a free event organised to coincide with the February Art show. On the Biodiversity DIalogue evenings on Tues, 19th Feb and Thurs, 21st Feb note that the Gallery will open for evening viewings at 6 pm.  Come if you wish at 6.15 pm when Sophie will give a brief talk about the artwork, her 2012 Residency experiences  and the range of ideas around bio-cultural-diversity and seeds which inform the art work and project as a whole. Drinks from 6.30 pm . . . formal program commences at 7 pm (till 8.30 pm). Don't forget . . .  to avoid standing rsvp!

rsvp to book a seat: 
email: Sophie Munns
m: 0430 599 344 
p: 3262 4296

Note: ALL ARTWORK IS FOR SALE!  You are welcome to share these events with friends!
Readable copy of this flyer below can be found at the artist's website :  further details re speakers and presentations will be added to the website.

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click here to visit story about the latest journal

Click on image above to visit the post on the creating of the latest Journal!

click to read post on the painted "tapa' cloth!

Click on this image to go to the post written about this large cloth, lino-printed and painted for the upcoming exhibition!

Excerpt from the post:
' ... an area of the cloth that feels like a painting within a painting. Seed-capsule circular cross sections are shown on the right. My objective is not to emulate in any way (TAPA)cloths that one might see... but to focus instead on making something that holds stories for me and that may communicate something of the continuous thread of nature... the eternal cycles and rhythms.'

Inspired by the history of the Tapa Cloths of the Pacific:

Bark cloth has not just been worn, however, but has also been used as a wrapping for the deceased, a dowry, a room partition, and a mosquito screen. The cloth has played an important role in the societies of the South Pacific, being incorporated into folklore, religion, culture, and ritual. It has been popular in ritual gift exchange, in everyday trading and in healing ceremonies, and it has been used to symbolise status and wealth, with the level of decoration, the style of wearing, and the amount of cloth worn signifying rank.  KEW.ORG

You will see this large cloth in this Exhibition. If you are likely to be near Paddington, Brisbane at some point do visit... its always great to meet new people ... and see familiar faces!


           E-News bulletins have not been frequent lately. There are many new subscribers to welcome though ...a warm hello to you all! News has been reported online at the blogs and the Facebook Page in the meantime. Each time an E-newsletter goes out there is a wonderful response, so to anyone who has wondered where this has got to, sincere apologies and may you enjoy reading this latest bulletin! There were Two Residencies in 2012 to write up... May spent at UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience and Sept/Oct at Cairns Botanic Gardens with an Art Show at the wonderful Tanks Art Centre at the Gardens... see story and images here

An important undertaking in 2012 was a Book Publishing Program, commenced in July with the inspiring Bev Ryan, gearing up for the next 'Homage to the Seed' book. However, the wonderful Residency in the Far North waylaid book plans somewhat. On return to Brisbane in late October, following several weeks recovering from the "killler" midges in Cairns, an unexpected new development came to light... the decision to sell the family home (25 years in Clayfield, Brisbane) and relocate to somewhere yet to be determined! Since moving here 4 years ago its been a much loved home-base. Despite pending domestic rearrangements, the book will come back into focus at the conclusion of this show! The State Library is the always an ideal back-up venue for lengthy days  spent working on the computer!

In 2011 an E-newsletter went out each quarter! In 2012 the paint brushes demanded far more attention and as 2013 opens it is easy to see that longer studio hours were indeed a timely gift. All the more so for having the wonderful offer last June of studio space below Percolator Gallery where the February show is being held. Huge thanks to Helena and Trevor Lloyd for this excellent opportunity and absolutely generous arrangement offering work-space.

Enormous learning across disciplines occurred in 2010 and 11... not to say that last year was not as intense. With the best part of a month at UQ's IMB last May with lively plant scientist Dr Joshua Mylne and his friendly team, it was, without doubt, a mind-expanding experience! Questions took me there and questions remain. If you know much about seeds in our contemporary world you will be aware of the vulnerability of the seed inheritance of this planet. At the end of the third year researching some of those issues it seems clear most of the public focus goes to a few highly publicised issues, if that, leaving critically important and complex stories unheard. Highly polarising debates frequently block greater understanding and channels of education.

Not being a scientist ... yet hoping to absorb as much as possible from broad-ranging and reliable sources is an absolute challenge. Working out what information is useful and what is spin, no matter the topic, the view being promulgated or the origin of the story, keeps one very engaged and asking a great list of questions. You wil find for this reason I present stories online that are current but don't automatically side with content. The clearly important thing as I see it is to keep growing the conversation and public discourse in this area. Therefore I aim to promote the need for dialogue first and foremost! That said it is all too easy to get caught in misinformed the effort to unpick stories requires rigorous attention and keen involvement ...and a great deal of reading and online conversation. So far it's been a major task to uncover the layers of organisation that exist around seeds from all directions and interest groups worldwide.

Quinoa is a perfect example right now of this need for open discourse. The UN made 2013 the international Year of Quinoa this year. Stories have heated up regarding what is occurring in Bolivia and Peru where most of the world supply originates. Homage to the seed Facebook page has seen much discussion around Quinoa of late! Canberra botanist Jim Croft linked to this article :ITS OK TO EAT QUINOA after noticing articles decrying the loss of an important food source for people in countries where it's produced, following dramatically increased world demand. Seed and food sovereignty is an acute issue everywhere and of course biodiversity loss. Yet, at times, the very measures and action's aimed at preserving these things can see other impacts happening in problematic ways. Nothing can be left unexamined at this point. Nevertheless ... that is not an argument for inaction and hopelessness!

Where the pursuit of stories on seeds becomes ever more complex and challenging the quiet of Studio time and painting offers balance, reflection and processing time. Its necessary. The artwork itself is not political in it subject matter for the most part. It invites reverence for the realm of seeds and the symbolism intrinsic in seeds. The visual language in the artwork carries within a feeling for the continuity of life held in the capacity of seeds to reproduce over and over throughout millennia. It asks that we might meditate on seeds across the ages.

What is really evident now, three years on since Homage to the Seed was launched, is the passion only grows and deepens. Connections broaden constantly, at varying layers of activity around seeds. The proposed book hopes to tap into these richly dense layers, and via an intense 'cooking' period it is hoped there will inevitably be something of true value and joy to share!

The Biodiversity Dialogue series represents an exciting move to bring some of the stories to light now that need sharing in real time, away from online channels... putting people together in a space to peer into things... a mini Q & A  session on the stuff that really matters. Info on presenters can be found through their links and in more detail when added to the website asap. We are planning to run this Dialogue series at other venues and in collaboration with some wonderful people in 2013. More on that soon. 

Thinking about the year 2013 may I wish  you all many opportunities for wonder, growth, and well-being... to be able to bring forth good things. It can seem a bit much at times when we are hard-pushed... being forced to re-think, re-invent ... find ways and means to get through or at least calm the mind as best we can. Especially important then is the quality of exchange when we join with something outside of self! Intention and action aligned is hard work. I stumble... don't know about you! Life has always brought humans challenge in abundance... just that it keeps changing what is at stake!

'Homage to the seed' was born only because everything else tried fell over, died away, got lost, didn't feel right or just didn't work. I had a perfectly good job when I was a young school teacher many moons ago! Did I see myself staying there? No! It's very exciting to remember once in a while that what I do now is the job of my life, despite it's unwieldy aspects like funding prospects that can vere onto some rough tracks at times. Its not travelling down a straight road or to other's expectations but it follows its own truth and essential purpose. Maybe others find that perfect straight line in their endeavours... but, seems many of us get places because of small distractions becoming big journeys... or years of plugging away, with moments of great luck!

This exhibition 'From One Small Seed" refers to the story of how one small seed did actually captivate an imagination, leading over time to the birth of something utterly engaging and potent! A human story... just one little story in the millions and millions out there...human potential multiplied, all throughout history, to the nth degree! 

Here's to a great many good ideas being born, over and over, for the longest time!

Sophie Munns

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