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Greetings from the studio this winter. I hope you're keeping rugged up on these chilly evenings and staying well! 
The first newsletter last month brought a welcome response! Thanks to all who sent messages, caught up afterwards and graciously sent the newsletter on to friends. Life certainly seemed to speed up after that... coincidentally or not! The May 28th workshop in Caloundra went off very well ... I wish to acknowledge the Qld Colour Society and superb hosts Julie Blackmore, along with Dennis, her husband. Familiar faces and new... it was most enjoyable meeting with all who attended! Lots of inspiration came from this wonderful group of 15 or so!



                  Images from the class at Shelley Beach,  Caloundra. Particpants brought a stunning collection
                  of natural found objects as asked. Also a host of great art supplies ...time was simply too short!
                  The Pandanus drawing is by Mirko Guaralda, lecturer at QUT in enjoying a
                  chance to work informally away from routine demands. I'd like to have shared more photos!

That weekend I also managed to get along to the Floating Land Festival in the Noosa surrounds. Images below were taken whilst at Boreen Point for the Floating Land Festival. I wrote a post on this here at Floating Land in the Noosa Biosphere. The Ghost-nets story and exhibition I've included images and text on was spectacular and so poignant! Well worth a read!


                 Images: Boreen Point

The first weekend in June Hillbrook Sustainability Day, written up in the last e-news, was held ... an outstanding success for all concerned. Brilliant organisation from Marilena Stanton... and  I must thank friends Annie, Gaia and Sophie for coming on board to help... and of course family! Below is one of the bright young students who attends classes at my studio pointing to her drawing of a seedpod which was part of this homage to the seed 'wallpaper'  juxtaposing images and text high- lighting biodiversity and issues around the future of seeds. This was the backdrop for the Homage to the Seed stand. Read more here.


June has been flying past. I wrote of a weekend away (see lower right-hand sidebar) on a trip to the Darling Downs for a friend's Art Exhibition. Several projects are currently in the planning ... starting with this series of workshops being held at Percolator Gallery in Paddington, (Brisbane that is!) Actually you can book for a one-off session or a series. There's a couple of places available still for the first session on this Saturday, June 25th from 10 am till 3pm. To read this flyer more easily click website page for an enlarged version. July 9 and 23 seats are available with other dates to be be decided soon. Ive designed these workshops for both beginners and seasoned artists ... colour being the central focus of how we experience and observe nature. With art there is a never a right or wrong way as such...  its all open to interpretation and the sensitivity of perception we bring to the experience.

Scroll down past this Workshop PDF or click website page just above to enlarge for reading!

Once again I must give huge thanks to Helena Lloyd of Percolator Gallery for the offer of space at her Paddington Gallery to conduct the workshops.The gallery is a for-hire gallery, a fixture on the Brisbane Gallery rounds... and in a particularly wonderful location. This will be a special opportunity indeed! Gracias Helena!

This week I updated my website with some recent work... go to this page to view the slideshow! You'll find paintings and a whole series of small colour exercises....variations on a theme.

                                 "seeds floating"  Acrylic and ink on linen, 80 x 80 cm

                             "nature patterning"  Acrylic and ink on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

There are plenty of other things on the go as well... plans bubbling away... but that will have to wait for another time. When I posted on the proposed October trip to the Millennium Seed Bank in the  UK back in May it brought forward excellent ideas,  emails full of timely information - really ... the most generous support all up. I was indeed grateful for this as its a new departure ... requiring a completely different focus for the time being. Thank you to all who have been in touch for one reason or another.... It's been such a pleasure! 
             May your winter be warm and productive ... 
                          with best wishes,

The 'Homage to the Seed' book
The book is currently being reprinted . . . due to be available at the start of July from QUT Printers. An e-book is also in the planning stages - stay tuned on that. 

Postcards available:  example above.
Mail orders start at $20 (small postage fee extra) if you're interested to have a collection of postcards sent to you. Ask to view designs!

above and below:
Bracychiton bidwillii or Little Kurrajong

    Quote above:   Michael Pollan    
Lately I've been reading up on Biocultural Heritage... and the need to "protect interlinked systems"... highlighting links between land and knowledge... eg the cultural information embedded in seeds.
Read the blog post here
Here's a thought from indigenous people of the Andes:  "The seeds are our mothers because they nurture us. Sometimes they become our babies, and they need our protection, care and warmth. In other moments they are our sisters, with whom we enjoy, sing and dance. That's how we are all family in our Andean world." material added....
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       Classes for children         

The focus is on nature and the world around us... slowing down to learn the art of observation whilst giving space for the imagination to be ignited...
The garden and nature is a primary source of inspiration in all of Sophie's classes for children!
Arrangements are made on request, depending on Sophie's availability!

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On the June long weekend I attended an exhibition of the Textile Art  by Nicki Laws - see below. Its on till July 18 in case you're travelling across this way. Nicki's artwork brought to life the story of the community of Acland, located 20+ minutes north-west of her farm, a town which has had a huge reversal of fortune for its inhabitants with New Hope Coal moving in about  5 years ago. One person remains living there now - you read that features story in the Weekend Australian June 18.
Bravo Nicki... what a great achievement to bring people from everywhere to see this show at Coombungee - to celebrate the life of a community and generate discussion about the past, present and future of this region earmarked for further major development of profound consequence for this land and its people.
Thanks to generous hospitality the weekend was rich in story and conversation. We city-dwellers often fail to  know what's happening further afield - even in the regions that provide valuable goods for our daily living. I returned home considerably better informed ... with fruit and veg from Nicki's land and samples of indigenous plant species from the farm as well as the town of Acland that I'd toured around to see, though my own eyes, this largely 'disappeared town' ! 

                      above: Nicki Laws
Read more here:

                      below: Exhibition flyer

Read a favourite blog post from my longest-running visual arts blog on Textile Art!

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds you plant.


- Robert Louis Stevenson


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