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Dates and Deadlines

October 27, 2011
Registration for the Forum-NACUA Clery Act webinar closes (noon EST)

October 28, 2011
Forum-NACUA Clery Act webinar, 2pm EST

November 15, 2011
Fireside Dialogue applications due

December 1, 2011
Conference Travel Grant application deadline

December 9, 2011
Peter. A Wollitzer Advocacy Award deadline

December 9, 2011
Ron Koehn Conference Grant Award nomination deadline

January 20, 2012
Early-bird Annual Conference and Standards Institute registration ends

Announcing Annual Conference Opening Plenary: "The Fate of Civilization and the Future of Study Abroad: From Doorstep to Planet"

The Forum is pleased to announce that Richard Slimbach will give the Opening Plenary Address at the 8th Annual Conference, Denver, March 21, 2012. Slimbach writes that “Modern urban civilization faces its own dire version of the age-old ‘to be or not to be’ question. Although its economic performance has been nothing short of stunning, the negative social and ecological effects of 150 years of industrialization have become impossible to ignore. This presents global educators today with a rare opportunity and responsibility: to mediate the question of whether we can—or even should—save industrial civilization. Taking this charge seriously will require that we re-consider the ultimate purposes of a global education as the necessary first step for re-imagining global learning in an era of  ‘peak everything.’ ” Using Kentucky farmer and essayist Wendell Berry as dialogue partner, Slimbach proposes an integrated, “doorstep-to-planet” pedagogy that transcends the false choice to either “stay at home” or “study abroad.” According to Slimbach, a local-to-global model of global learning can enable students to embrace one of the great tasks of our time: discerning what to cherish and what to challenge within the “modern way of life” as a precondition to making worthy homes in the world.”

Richard is Professor of Global Studies and Director of the Global Studies Program at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. He founded Azusa’s Los Angeles Term and Global Learning Term programs. More recently, he co-created the Master of Arts in Transformational Urban Leadership (MATUL), perhaps the only academic program in the world focused exclusively on the one billion slum and shantytown dwellers.

Forum President and CEO Brian Whalen notes, “Richard Slimbach is one of our most important thinkers about the meaning and purpose of education abroad.  We look forward to a challenging and provocative plenary to set a tone of lively dialogue and debate for the conference.”

To learn more: http://www.forumea.org/plenary12.cfm
For full conference information and to register: http://www.forumea.org/Denver2012.cfm

Peter A. Wollitzer Advocacy Award

The Forum’s Peter A. Wollitzer Advocacy Award honors a Forum member who has been remarkably effective in influencing institutions of higher learning to understand and support education abroad through the dissemination of the Forum's goals: standards of good practice, data collection and research, curricular development and academic design, and assessment. The award will be presented at the Annual Conference in Denver, CO on March 23, 2012.  Previous winners include Susan Pugh (2011) James Langridge (2010), David Larsen (2008), R. Michael Paige (2007), and Peter Wollitzer himself.

Deadline for nominations is December 9, 2011. To learn more about the award, and Peter’s work with the Forum, see: http://www.forumea.org/wollitzeraward.cfm

Ron Koehn Conference Grant Award

Established in recognition of the contributions of Ron Koehn during his 45-year career in education abroad, the Ron Koehn Conference Grant Award provides financial support to an individual who has been especially effective in contributing to innovations in education abroad program design.  This award has been funded through the generosity of Ron’s colleagues and friends.  Deadline for nominations is December 9, 2011. For full information, see: http://www.forumea.org/TravelAward.cfm

Forum Annual Conference Travel Grants

The Forum is pleased to offer again a number of travel grants to assist education abroad professionals to attend the Annual Conference.  Selection is based on need and demonstrated benefit from attending the conference.  Grants range from US$200 to US$500.  Applications must be received by Thursday, December 1, 2011. For full information and an application, see: http://www.forumea.org/travelgrant12.cfm


In Memoriam: Kathleen McDermott

The Forum received the very sad news that Kathleen McDermott, former Director of the Office of Global Programs at Columbia University, passed away on October 16 after her long struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Kathleen played an important role in developing the Forum’s Code of Ethics.  She attended the Forum’s Ethics Summit in September, 2007, and contributed to the development of a number of sections of the Code.  She remained a member of the Ethics Working Group and, until recently, continued to make contributions to the Group’s work.  The Forum extends condolences to Kathleen’s family, friends and colleagues.  For more about Kathleen’s life and career, visit http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2011/10/21/longtime-columbia-admin-dies-67

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