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Dear Friends of the Uni,

Sam here, delivering your quarterly update from the Uni Project. I'm a little behind the regular cadence, so let's get to it!

First, are you having trouble recalling exactly what the Uni Project does, much less who I am? Let's recap: the Uni Project creates programs for public space across New York City—pop-up reading rooms, open-air drawing studios, and more. If you walk though a park or plaza—or even just leave your apartment—you're likely to see us. We operate city-wide, and 80% of our work serves low-income communities. We also build kits for other cities around the world. I'm a co-founder with Leslie.

OK, now to the news.

We launched a new program called BUILD NYC. New Yorkers build things together on the street as they learn about design, engineering, and construction. Here's a lesson I learned: pack twice as much LEGO as you think people will use!

This summer, we deployed BUILD at such a furious clip that our 2018 funding is nearly dry. If you (or the fabulous company you work for) will become a sponsor of BUILD right now, you can take credit for extending our run into the fall and beyond. Do it, and you can help me dump the enormous bags of LEGO onto our street table. People hear the sound and come running.

Our DRAW NYC program is hitting community street festivals!
Thanks to generous support from Blick Art Materials, Lisa Brown and Daniel Handler, and NYC DOT, we've sent our open-air art studio, called DRAW NYC, to street festivals across New York City. The idea is to give people a chance to make art in public, right where they gather.

You'll find outstanding art materials, staff who help you use them, and an artist-in-residence who works alongside you on the street. Do not attempt this at home! Here's a blog post about DRAW in the Bronx last weekend.

Lest you think I've forgotten the horse we rode in on, our original portable reading room (which has grown into a small fleet that we call READ NYC) is creating places to read all across the city. And our pop-up installations about the natural sciences (EXPLORE NYC) are out there too.

I've pasted lots more photos and links below, and I'll wrap up here, so you can get out of your inbox. Of course, if you can't wait until our next quarterly email, we're on social media nearly every day, and there's also a weekly blog. Pick a porridge bowl that's just right for you.

Thanks for reading—see you on the street.

Sam (for Leslie)

Read more:

This summer, we created opportunities for community and learning next to basketball courts at play streets in the Bronx, with support from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. Read more.

We brought BUILD NYC to Sheltering Arms Pool in Harlem. Read more.

A new version of our EXPLORE cart lets New Yorkers meet an ecologist and learn about urban birds.

As always, READ is deploying across the city in 2018, and we were selected as a winner of a 2018 book grant from the Coretta Scott King Book Awards.

We created special installations for Madison Square Park and Union Square Park.

We cranked out programming kits for other cities too. Recent deliveries include Providence RI and a reading room in a cargo container headed to Qatar this month. Get a uni.

Best wishes to Leah Kaplan, our program and operations manager who is leaving us to continue her graduate studies. One of her loves was putting our reading rooms in the most unexpected places. She leaves New York City a better place than she found it. Thank you Leah!

Still reading my email? You are my hero. Consider becoming a volunteer or even working with us!

Your donation can support our work in underserved communities, and it sends a message that all NYC public spaces and all New Yorkers have great potential. Thank you to all our wonderful donors!

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