July 18, 2019



Let’s See Em

One and a half million people have signed up to join a raid on Area 51 to “see them aliens.” Historically a weird place, stated to be housing aliens and a crashed UFO, a new internet sensation has begun sweeping social media - the raiding of Area 51 on September 20th, 2019. Completely made as a joke, the United States air force has not taken kindly to posts and infinitely re-retweeted memes. Will we see them aliens on September 20th? Probably not. Will people actually fly out and drive out to the middle of a desert? Possibly. 




What’s a Few Trillion Here and There?

America’s debt load is nearing a record high. Cheap money and soaring debt have helped fuel the decade-long economic expansion and bull market Americans have grown to know and love, but as our fiscal report card continues to worsen and economic tensions rise, what will happen? Concerns about rising debt levels aren't confined to the United States either, as the global balance of borrowings is over two-hundred and forty-six trillion dollars, which is over three hundred percent of the worldwide GDP, and is also just shy of reaching record highs. 




Under Overdosed

In 2018, the US drug overdose death rate actually declined by 5.1%. This is the first time that the overdose death rate has fallen in decades, following the CDC’s implementation of opioid prescription guidelines, which lowered the number of opioids prescribed, as well as the amount that insurers covered opioids. Is this the beginning of the US solving its drug problem, or just a lucky year?



Nueralinked to the Future

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s secretive startup, is pushing toward the future of brain surgery and “mind-reading” technologies! Scientists and doctors have worked for decades on device that directly interact with the brain. From cochlear implants to deep brain stimulation treatments for Parkinson’s disease, yet none have ventured further than what Elon Musk’s company and vision are pushing toward. Stating that Neuralink plans to seek FDA approval for human clinical trials in 2020, could these new innovations and inventions from one of the great technological minds of this century push wild sci-fi dreams into reality?




Here We Don’t Go Again

UFC president Dana White strongly refused to put up a fight between UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor. Not wishing for the 155-er to once again raise his weight to the 170 pound bracket, Dana White said that there are plenty of people in his own weight class to battle against, though Masvidal has stated he will only face off against McGregor or welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Despite having announced his retirement (for the second time) in March, McGregor is supposedly expected to return to the Octagon later this year or early in 2020 according to Dana White.




Box Office Buyer’s Remorse?

Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox earlier this year was a historic deal. Supposed to further Disney’s box-office dominance, returns on the deal are not turning out well at the moment: X-Men spinoff “Dark Phoenix” was panned by critics and netted a measly $250 million to its $200 million cost, while action-comedy “Stuber” debuted at only $8 million. While these two flops do look bad for the merger, the future remains bright for Disney: they will have more control over future films, and also now have access to 20th Century Fox’s prestigious FX network, which includes Emmy winners like “Atlanta” and “The Americans.”




You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

A GIANT (and I mean giant) barrel jellyfish was discovered by divers off the coast of Cornwall, England. The size of a human, the giant barrel is the largest jellyfish found in United Kingdom waters, with a bell up to three feet wide and weighing around eighty pounds. Despite its large size, it has a very mild sting and poses no threat to humans. Videos and pictures of the dive have emerged online, so if you want to see for yourself how big the beast really is, then don’t hesitate - everything’s on the internet these days!


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