July 31, 2019



Missing in Missouri

Two brothers have gone missing in Missouri. Justin and Nicholas Diemel, who work with cattle, were visiting a farm in Braymer, Missouri, when their car was found abandoned in a parking lot. The owner of the farm they were visiting, Garland Nelson, admitted to driving the car away from the farm after the brothers disappeared, and is currently being held without bond. Nelson, who at 21 committed a $300,000 fraud scheme, is now being held without bond. The brothers are still missing, and the search continues, hindered by heavy rains.



Not Quite a Holiday Anymore

Holiday Inn is ditching the tiny soaps and shampoos previously provided to customers of their hotel chain. Guests will instead be greeted by bulk-sized toiletries beginning in 2021 across 5,600 hotels (over 843,000 rooms)! At the moment, estimates have reported that nearly two hundred million miniature-sized toiletries are placed in hotel rooms annually, leading to large amounts of excess landfill fodder.



Keep Cool, Keep Moving

Wanting to keep active while beating the summer heat? Here are a few tips to staying cool on your runs: Try running near a (clean) creek where you can dip in a hat or headband to wear during your jogs. You can also run on a local track when it gets too hot, giving you access to water without having to carry a bottle around. Bringing a towel on your runs lets you wipe off sweat as you go. However you do it, keeping cool while working out is a must!



Capital One’s Capital Crime?

Capital One has recently gone through a huge data breach affecting over a hundred million Americans and six million Canadians. The Federal Bureau of Investigation already has a suspect in custody. Partially to blame for this data breach is Capital One’s lack of action following a recent Equifax data breach settlement - a case which went on for two years following a major data breach and ensuing attempt at hiding said breach from the public by Equifax executives. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us for not rallying toward better data protection.



Can’t Buy Championships

Christiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s greatest football (soccer) players of all time, has come out publicly to state that money can’t buy championship titles and victories. Pointing out former rival, Barcelona, as an example of massive spending with no championship returns, Ronaldo says he hopes to win yet another championship with his new team, Juventus. Stating that many factors including the draw, the groups, the moments, the injuries, and the luck played major parts in any team’s run toward the championship, Ronaldo felt confident that he would be another player to win the Champions League with three different clubs - which would make him only the second player in history to do so.




Lights, Camera, Jackie Chan Action!

Action star Jackie Chan hosted the fifth annual “Action Film Week” in China and it was quite the spectacle. Filled with musical performances, grand entrances, and plenty of awards, the show opened with a troop of astronauts arriving from the skies, and Chan himself making an aerial entry in a fire-spitting space car! A far cry from the directionless start in 2015, some 150 films unspooled in Datong multiplexes, with a selection playing in a competition section with audiences voting for their favorites in various categories.




Name That Bank Robber

Ever wonder about criminal nicknames? The FBI has more insight in that area: they actually give criminals catchy nicknames, like “The Bad Breath Bandit” or “Dollar Store Grandpa”. Authorities give out these nicknames to, in a way, publicize perpetrators: giving criminals catchy, easy to remember names makes them stick out more to the public, and can help encourage people to come forward with evidence, and just brings more attention to a case. While this can seem like a lighthearted practice, agencies are also careful to not trivialize crimes or aid in the popularity of criminals. “Clearasil Bandit” is probably not the most flattering nickname...


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