July 24, 2019



Can’t Handle the Heat

As temperatures continue to rise across the globe, military forces are beginning to feel the heat - literally. An increasing number of American troops are dying of heat exposure during training exercises in military bases, with the body count up to seventeen since 2008, according to the Pentagon. In 2008, 1,766 cases of heatstroke or heat exhaustion were diagnosed among active-duty service members, according to military data, and by 2018, that figure climbed to 2,792, an increase of almost 60 percent over the decade.



Stayin’ Awake, Stayin’ Awake

Meetings can be a bore… they can be tiresome… and some will leave you straight up KO’ed! If you want to avoid that, then there are a few things to keep in mind. Whether it be changing meeting times, locations, or even pre-meeting prepwork and attitude, you need to stay alert and be prepared for meetings to go long… and to be quite grueling and boring. Engage in the conversation, bring some snacks, and fidget away to your heart’s content to stay awake through those meetings!



Sonic Attacks in Cuba

Reports of “sonic attacks” in Havana, Cuba have remained a mystery since they were first brought up in 2016, but recent MRI brain scans have showed variations in brain structure and functional connectivity in patients of said attacks. It does not resemble the imaging presentation of traumatic brain injury or concussion, but doctors have stated that concussion-like symptoms have risen in patients affected by these incidents.


(Havana oh-no-no.)


Ridin’ Low, Ridin’ Autonomous

Lyft is now offering autonomous driving data to the public, captured by Lyft Level  - the division responsible for research and development of self-driving technologies. Now working on their third generation of self-driving cars, which include new sensor arrays with proprietary cameras that have ultra-HDR capabilities, will Lyft be the first company to push into the realm of fully-autonomous vehicles?



F in the Chat for F1

Sebastion Vettel has had a run of high-profile mistakes in recent races, but Lewis Hamilton has no doubt that Vettel will recover and return stronger than ever. Dropping to fourth in the championship while Hamilton is strutting toward a sixth title, Vettel has gone nearly a full year without winning a race following his victory at the Belgian Grand Prix in August of 2018. The four-time world champion felt he had been robbed of victory at the Canadian Grand Prix earlier this year after being given a time penalty for a controversial incident with Hamilton, stemming from another mistake made on track. 



Prize Pig

The internet’s new favorite thing? A pig from a children’s show, apparently. After dropping an album last Friday, Peppa Pig of Nickelodeon fame has risen to even higher heights when an edited image showed her height according to Google to be 7’1”. Memes about Peppa Pig playing in the NBA and speculation about the size of her parents swirled about in response to the meme. Parents have also reported their children developing British accents after watching Peppa’s TV show, mimicking their favorite animated pig. Oink.



Everything is Changing, Worlds are Colliding

From 5G to longer life expectancy to autocomplete and biohacking, the world is drastically shifting toward grander and scarier new limits. Car-free cities, co-living, a four-day workweek, what’s next? Flying cars (we know self-driving ones are just around the corner)? Times are changing, seasons are coming and passing, and we’re all just trying to suck it all in and not get left behind in the dust of the ever-changing, ever-improving landscape of this little blue marble!


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