Thrive Napa Valley encourages leadership through awareness, education, and outreach. We empower our community to connect and engage through inspired action to promote environmental sustainability, social equity and compassion. To learn more about these types of happenings in the Napa Valley and beyond, click on the links below.
THRIVING: a state of being characterized by balance, belonging, and harmonious relationships with other people and with Nature
COMPASSION: a sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it
Definition from Merriam-Webster Incorporated
Napa Valley Green Drinks!
We are suspending Napa Valley Green Drinks for a period of time . . . 
Check back soon - we'll be updating the website with more details!
Napa Valley CanDo brings together people from all over the Napa Valley who want to help our communities thrive through volunteerism and community action. Check out their CanDo Spotlight where events & volunteer opportunities from other groups around the valley are listed. Read the latest issue of the CanDo Connection
Gratitude is a powerful force. It has been proven not only to calm and focus the mind but also to improve physical health and well being. When you're focused on what you're thankful for, it's difficult to feel negative or unhappy. Cultivating gratitude is one of the best ways to live a happy, fulfilled life.
 1. Appreciate the little things
 2. Savor moments spent alone
 3. Give words of thanks to others
 4. Recognize your strengths
 5. Treasure your relationships
 6. Cherish your inspiration
 7. Value what you already have
 8. Overlook what you lack
 9. Choose thankful over wishful
10. Welcome whatever comes
Research has shown that grateful people tend to be less envious, more relaxed, more humble, more emotionally resilient and less materialistic. They have increased energy, greater self-esteem, increased productivity, and are able to build stronger relationships. What's more, when children see a thankful parent, they are more likely to become thankful children.
From the 4-book series, designed by Dani DiPirro for Watkins Publishing. Positively Present: Inspiration, Advice & Tips for Making the Most of Life.
The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy responsibility, and after all, our most pleasing. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope- Wendell Berry
NapaHomeGardenShow TV2016
Three Fun Filled Days Bursting With Ideas And Inspiration
April 29, 30 & May 1, 2016
Napa Valley Exposition - Silverado Trail at Third Street (Napa)
One of the largest Home & Garden Shows in Northern California. You'll find hundreds of local, national and international exhibitors and the newest in organic gardening, energy-saving home improvements, and many new innovations.
Friday, April 29th: noon-6pm / Saturday, April 30th: 10am-6pm / Sunday, May 1st: 10am-5pm
MAY 21st at 9am-11am
Newell Open Space in American Canyon

Volunteers of all ages are needed to help us care for newly planted oak trees. Help us fight off the weeds and monitor growth. We will provide tools and gloves. 18&under must have a guardian sign their waiver. 12&under must be accompanied by a chaperone.

Visit for more information or contact or 707-252-4189 ext. 111
End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. Whoa. The Global Goals are important, world-changing objectives that will require cooperation among governments, international organizations and world leaders. It seems impossible that the average person can make an impact. Should you just give up?

No! Change starts with you. Seriously. Every human on earth is part of the solution. Fortunately, there are some super easy things we can adopt into our routines, if we all do it, will make a big difference. 

Do you want to get involved? You can start by telling everyone about the 17 Goals To Transform The World. See the list of actions that you can take in your everyday life to contribute to a sustainable future. Goals 5-8 are listed here. Click on the numbered icons below for more information. Additional Goals will be included in the next Thrive Napa Valley Newsletter.

5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
6. Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.
7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
8. Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.
Children must spend more time outdoors - for their good health and the health of our planet. - Robin C. Moore
"The average American washes their jeans after wearing them just twice," says Michael Kobori, vice president of sustainability for Levi Strauss & Co. "If we all wash them after 10 wearings instead, we can see as much water as the city of San Jose uses in an entire year."

Are you ready to come clean? When it comes to denim, washing less is a good thing. It can extend the life (and improve the look) of your favorite jeans. More importantly, it saves water.

Take the LifeCycle Assessment Quiz to find out how much water you're really using and pledge to wash less. Then come clean and encourage others to do the same.
Inside the walls of the LEED Gold-certified Levi Strauss & Co. headquarters in San Francisco, there are more than 25,000 pairs of jeans in the form of recycled-denim insulation.
NUMBERS & STATISTICS from The Old Farmer's Almanac

>  500  the number of miles a dandelion seed can travel.
 32 MILLION  number of households that grow vegetables.
>  90%  misinterpret "Sell By" dates and throw out good food.
The ABC's of Living Green
Each month we will spotlight letters of the alphabet with suggestions for living a sustainable lifestyle:

J - Join in for Justice

K - Keep Your Kitchen Cookin', Keep it Green!

Purchase this beautiful 24" x 36" poster and start living the green life. Sassy and fun images and words by Donna Tarbania, Karen Kerney (illustrations and design), Dik Cool and many friends. SCW © 2010
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