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Here at the Foundry, we forge plushies of every variety, from squids to behemoths to people, out of the highest quality wool felt.

They are hand-sewn with sturdy buttonhole thread and then stuffed with plastic beans or polyfill, depending on our whimsy.

Each of our plushies, animal, vegetable, or mineral, comes with a birth certificate telling who made it and when.

If you'd like several of one kind, or perhaps something specific to your desires, please contact us, we do so love custom orders [especially the weird ones!].

theplushiefoundry dot com

Well would you look at this?

the plushie foundry's actually sending out it's newsletter, and it looks like a real one! isn't that just awesome? well, we think it is, so we're just gonna jump right into the actual news-y bits of it, ok?

News-ish things from August + September

well, this past august was a quiet one, mostly.
we applied for a craft show that we didn't manage to get into (which is fine.)
we tried out a cargoh store, but it didn't work out (which is also fine.)
and we came up with a few ideas.

Listing things from August + September

we've listed a lot of things, we've renewed a lot of things, but here, we're going to talk about a super awesome project that a customer has been doing with some plushies ::
she's spelling her son's name in plush.

you heard that right. her son, who is ~18mo, is getting 7 plushies with which he can spell his name.
we here at the foundry find this to be so freeking cool that we're thinking of offering it as a regular thing.
here's a lovely in-progress/nearly-finished shot of the customer's project::

Jameson, in plush.

isn't that just adorable?
we sure think so.

and really, that's all for now!
à bientôt!

heyheyhey! we're sending this since you asked us to, but if you've changed your mind, just hit the little 'unsubscribe' thing on this email. no hard feelings, we promise! ~the foundry

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