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“Science is a wonderful thing, especially if one doesn’t have to earn one’s living at it.” Albert Einstein

What's better than a quote from the "E=mc2 scientist"  to introduce our month issue:
Citizen Science : team working makes sense. Again.

Also called amateur science, crowdsourced science, volunteer monitoring, civic science or networked science... Citizen Science describes a scientific collaboration that meets professional and nonprofessional scientists. How? Where? Who? All you want to know is in this article!

"Community Science" rather than "Citizen Science". Why ?

Meet Allen Fish: Director of the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory in California. He explained us how his program works: from collecting "good data" to the recruitment of volunteers... What does running a Citizen Science project concretely means? Discover it here!

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Discover the Early Adopter program to adopt our new repository solution. 
Pauline Crépel, expert in repository features, will be giving a webinar with answers to all the questions you may have.
Hope you enjoyed the selection of this month! To get involved in our Community Newsletter, feel free to give me your opinion and contact me, I will be happy to share your content with the whole community!
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