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Celebrating 20 years of serving the Eastern Sierra Fly Fisher

We hope that everyone has a great Holiday Season and a very Happy and Productive New Year!

Take a look through this season's Newsletter for clinics and classes ranging from Fly Tying, Beginning Switch/Spey instruction, Pyramid Clinics, Comprehensive Beginning Fly Fishing, we've got you and yours covered!   Along with early season discounts on some fabulous private waters and a even a great caddis pattern to tie.

 Sign up early for these classes, seating is limited to make sure you get quality instruction.

 The Fly Fishing industry
has jumped leaps and bounds in gear development and material usage in the past few years.  Development in just the last 4 years has become a focus on the ergonomic, lightweight, stronger, and correlate the gear and accessories to the individual fly fisher's usage.

NO LONGER is the old adage, "grab a line" going to cut it.  You, as the consumer, should be visiting the professional staff at your local Fly Shop that should be asking you questions about where, what and how you plan to do most of your fishing.  It's not that they want to horn in on your water (okay, maybe, some of them do) , these professionals want to make sure your experience is the best it can be within your budget and the smallest of effort.

SO LET'S take a look at some of the new fly lines that are hitting the shelf.

FROM RIO Products
The IN-TOUCH lines.  Rio determined that a fly line stretches 30% of it's length during a cast and a set, meaning missed sets, rod energy lost in a cast and all this, is lost between the fish and the rod tip.  Using an ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology, the results are longer casts, more intuitive timing and faster hook sets.   Some of the lines that we like from Rio with this ConnectCore Technology are; 

The IN-TOUCH XTREME INDICATOR, great for drift boat presentations, mends well and is good for big bugs.  With 3 colors on the line, these help determine tip/body/ back taper and hauling section for the caster.

The IN-TOUCH CAMOLUX, a good sub-surface, camouflaged colored, intermediate sinking line (1.5 - 2 Inches per second) that also has the low stretch CONNECTCORE for fast sets and a direct connection to the fly.  This 100' line even has a "Hang-Marker" to help make the decision of when to start a cast.

In addition, RIO, recently put out a new App to help you with your fly line selection.  Just click on the RIO Logo above


In the last decade S/A has been creating quite a stir in the fly line industry.

Blasting through the conventional lines, in 2007, S/A came out with the SharkSkin.  A line that suddenly changed everything; the distance in casting and float-ability in a fly line was unsurpassed.  It had created some drawbacks, like, you needed to finger cuff if stripping for long periods of time.  Then, 3 years ago, S/A introduced the TEXTURED Series.  By adding material to the line, air was trapped and less friction was created on the guides, and once again, casting distance improved and lines stayed high and dry.

In 2014 S/A has introduced a hybrid line, combining the SharkSkin/Textured and Dry Tip, resulting in the SHARKWAVE.  The world's first triple textured line, and one of our favorites.  S/A thinking of the caster, integrated a "Tactile Reference Point" section to the line, where the end of the head is, so you know where the optimum area is at for the haul.

For 2015 S/A has expanded their line of SharkWave lines for Saltwater with clear tips this year and also a freshwater addition, called the Siege, for large streamers and heavy rigs (Can you say carp?)

For those that are enjoying the world of Switch Rods, S/A has put their TEXTURED TECHNOLOGY into the ADAPT, a short head floating Switch Line, designed for the shorter switch rods from 10' to 12'.  Versatile 100' line, use with long leaders as a dry line to skate or swing, or integrate the sinking Spey tips to get down on the bottom.

Come in, take the time to tell us how you fish, let's see if we can help improve on your casting and fishing experience.  And of course, as always... shipping is free.


Don't know what to get for your fisherman for Christmas?

The Private Fishery, O'Banion's Aspen Lake Ranch in Wellington, Nevada is offering a Special Rate!  This is a Pre-Season price for the 2015 fishing season.  Normally $100 per rod, per session, ALR is offering, if purchased during the month of  December 2014; a pass for 2 rods, 1 session, $175.  How cool is that?!

Aspen Lake Ranch, is the Nevada home of the Mount Whitney strain of rainbows.  These high backed, wide sided rainbows are awesome fighters!  Best fishing is March - May and September & October.  We recommend that you look to these months when planning your escape to ALR.

Aspen Lake provides the waders, booties, fins, nets and even a FishCat Float tube!  All you need is your rod, reel, line, flies and a minimum of 3X tippet!  (you can get broken off using 2X!)  A really great offer from O'Banion's and makes an awesome, and easy Christmas gift.  They'll ask for it again, even next Christmas!




Beginner/Intermediate to Pyramid Lake
 Angler's Edge Guide and Author of Fly Fisher's Guide to Nevada, Jan Nemec is hosting a Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing School in the months of December and January.  If you have fished the lake and have not been that successful or are new to fishing stillwater, then this is the class for you!

An excellent 4-5 hour course for introducing the beginner or intermediate angler to fly fishing Pyramid Lake. Lake history, gear, knots, seasonal strategies, fly selection and access are all covered in detail. Water loading, roll to single haul, and the false cast to shoot are demonstrated and practiced. Classes are kept small for more personal instruction not to exceed four students. Class materials, flies, and drinks provided. Loaner rods and waders available. Choose one date:

Sunday December 14th, 8am-1pm
Saturday December 20th, 8am-1pm


Advanced Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake

This very complete 4-5 hour class focuses on learning access and lake topography, advanced dry line tactics, advanced shooting head and sinking line tactics, leader building, fly selection, and lake entomology. The roll cast to single shoot and the double haul are both demonstrated and practiced. Classes are kept small for more personal instruction not to exceed four students. Class materials, flies, and drinks provided. Loaner rods and waders available. Choose one date:

Saturday December 13th, 8am-1pm

Sunday December 21st, 8am-1pm 
Classes are $125, class size is limited for excellent instruction!

4 Rod Days for the Cost of 3

Once again, Angler's Edge is running a before season deal on the special waters of Pleasant Valley Creek outside of Markleeville under the watchful eye of Raymond peak.

This special will run until the end of March, when you purchase 3 rod days for $330.00 get one rod day FREE.

If you enjoy the serenity of a clear mountain stream with excellent fish, this is an awesome deal.  Rod days can be taken as a group or single days.  Rod days must be used during the 2015 season (April 25th - November 15th), Reservations must be made in advance.

If you and your friends are die-hards for PV, might we suggest the 7 for 5 deal, a $220.00 savings!


Go ahead, sing it:


 Upcoming tying classes
are scheduled for
January 17th & 24th,
February 14th & 21st,
March 14th & 21st.


This very popular class has been going on at The Angler's Edge for over 15 years.

This 2 day class, instructed by a professional fly tier, covers beginning to advanced tying techniques and materials.  This class is taught on the build-to-the-next teaching technique.  Each pattern teaches the tier new concepts and material usages.  By the end of the second session, students will be confidently tying advanced flies.

All tools and materials are provided.
Saturdays 8:30 am - 12:30pm

Call the shop to reserve your seat 775-781-7112


Spey/Switch Clinic on the American River with Jeff Putnam


One of FFF's First Certified Spey Instructors.
The Angler's Edge & Jeff Putnam, of
JP Fly Fishing Schools, located in Sacramento will be hosting a beginning clinic into the Switch/Spey casting.

This informative casting class will teach you how to cast without back-casting, by eliminating false casting.  This class will take your roll casting abilities to the next level and decrease the amount of time spent with the fly off the water.  Learn how to roll cast with the single Spey casting method.  We will discuss "D" loops , rod loading, anchor point, and timing to help you become an efficient single handed Spey caster.

This is the most advanced, efficient method of fly casting!  After learning this method of fly casting you'll wonder why you weren't doing it sooner.  Single Spey casting can be used in many fly fishing situations from trout to saltwater

Class size is limited, be sure to book ASAP.
Equipment can be provided at no extra cost.

JANUARY 12th, 2015
Cost: $150.00
Sacramento, CA., American River
Call the Angler's Edge to sign up

Learn to Fly Fish
We don't tease you with a "101" class, just to make you pay more....

The Angler's Edge Fly Fishing class is a comprehensive 6 week course, taught by professional fly fishing guides and teaches the participant how to be a fly fisher.  Of course, it's up to the student to practice what we preached.

Students of the class will learn the proper techniques and mechanics of the fly cast.   Tools to identify the entomology of the Eastern Sierra, matching the hatch, the gear and when and how to use it.  Students will learn how to read the water, a proper drift, the knots to use, fish behavior during the day and seasons.  Students will need valid NV fishing licenses.  Casting is outside, on the water (ice permitting)

Class size is limited, be sure to book ASAP.
Equipment can be provided at no extra cost.

Tuesday Evenings 6pm
JANUARY 20th - February 24th 2015
Cost: $125.00

The Angler's Edge Learning Center
& On-The-Water
Call the Angler's Edge to sign up

Hook Organization

This is a great way to organize your hooks, clean and you can read the writing!

Most of us have a clear segmented box hanging around the old spin gear and if not, they're cheap at most of the retailers.  One of the most popular fly tying hooks are made by Tiemco, carried by Umpqua Feather Merchants and Umpqua has come out with their own line of hooks (love the
Competition hooks by Umpqua).  Umpqua adds a little something to each pack, a magnetized strip glued to cardboard with product name.

Normal crappy box                      Double sided Tape


Bend paper near magnet                   Flip, and tape on back

Trim to fit                                                         Set and press      
individual box sections                                        bottom and back

Look Ma, I'm organized!

A very productive Caddis pattern
The Nitro Caddis, developed by Andrij Horodysky, is a really great Umpqua pattern.

We simplified it for our guiding boxes (fast tie and productive) and it has been a number one seller of our caddis line-up these past few years.

You know, I'm not going to make you start looking for fur or feather from an animal, hit on Highway 395, from a south bound, blue, 1978, Ford Bronco, with a missing front right quarter panel.  When I get sponsored by a company, then I'll be giving specifics :)
The items that are actually named though, will make this fly look it's best, if used.

YouTube video can be seen here

Guide Caddis Pupa

Caddis hook, heavy wire, size 14-18

Black Tungsten beads to match hook (I use 3/32")

Hareline Dubbin Rainbow Scud Dub Light or Dark

6/0 or 8/0 light colored thread

Hareline Dubbin Pearl Core Braid, Tan or olive or purple

(Micro for size 16/18)

Mallard/Wigeon/partridge feathers (side-pocket)


The Angler's Edge is proud to be carrying FLY FUSION Magazine!  This award winning fly fishing magazine combines instructional editorial with a  cutting edge look and is designed to appeal to those anglers who possess a hunger to learn more about the complex nature of the quiet sport.  A great stocking stuffer!