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Tomorrow, Saturday, April 2nd is the start of the 6 week Advanced Casting course, instructed by FFF instructor Bob Macias.  The class starts at 10 am, here in The Angler's Edge Classroom.  There are a few openings in the class and if you want to improve your cast, need a really good tune up for your cast, then this is the class for you.  You will be learning all the casts for the FFF certification program.  Practicing those casts on your own time and then being evaluated the following week when you return. Call the shop today to reserve your spot, we can take a Credit Card to hold your space.  782-4734

A New Addition

We're happy to announce that the shop is now carrying Sage Rods, Reels, packs and apparel.

Sage's newest addition to their rod family is the VXP.  The VXP is designed with more high modulus materials resulting in a lighter rod with a more slender shaft design and has a unique feel that is consistent in varying fishing conditions. It has a distinctive new taper design and is responsive and has an easy-to-cast performance.

Sage's Fanny & Chest packs rival any others out on the market.  The newest addition is the Typhoon series, a lightweight & waterproof pack.  These packs help alleviate the need to carry a separate 'bag' for your cell phone and camera.  Come by and try out the Z-Axis or Sage's New VXP rod.  We're quite impressed with the VXP.


Last year, The Angler's Edge partnered with Pat Fried of GREAT BASIN SPORTS.  You might have seen the kayaks hanging out in the shop's casting yard.
This Spring, if you're feeling adventurous or even better, if you have company visiting and want to have them do something for the day, (while you plan what to do with the leftovers in the fridge), send them down the East Carson River.  Great Basin is permitted by USFS to float from Markleeville down to Ruhenstroth dam.  All the gear is provided along with rafting guides. Rafting down the Carson
Just this past year, East of Carson City, a new drift was opened on the Carson.  The designers of this area built it so flows would last farther into the Summer time.  So, if the East Carson drift isn't available because of flows, the newest area may be driftable.
Great Basin also rents kayaks.  You can either pick up kayaks and all the goodies here at the shop or Great Basin is set up during the summer months at Tahoe at Sand Harbor/ East Shore.  You can paddle this gorgeous harbor with its amazing boulder fields, sandy beaches, hidden coves and panoramic views. A very popular 2 - 3 hour family friendly tour at YOUR own leisure. Paddle or just float and enjoy the scenery.  Great Basin has a minimum of a 6 people with a reservation for Sand Harbor. 
Also on Lake Tahoe, Great Basin tours at Thunderbird Lodge. A truly unique experience. Paddle for 3 - 4 hours among the pristine shoreline, observe nesting osprey and other wildlife. Enjoy underwater views that exceed 50 feet! Discover sandy private beaches (some clothing optional) and hidden coves as you make your way to the historic Thunderbird Lodge. (Snacks and water provided)
After a hot day down here in the Valley, how about the most spectacular time to be on Lake Tahoe?  Sunset. Brilliant colors, glassy water, watch the stars appear. A casual paddle and a great way to end your day with a 2 hour sunset tour. (None of the kayaks are named the "Minnow")
Here's Great Basin's rates for the Rafting and Kayaking Tours available:

East Fork Carson River (1 day) (Class II+ / 21 Mi.)

This Class II + whitewater run cascades through spectacular scenery, pristine wilderness and stark ecological and geological transformations. .Melting snow raise the water levels creating a 21 mile stretch with Class II+ rapids, holes, wave trains and numerous tight meanders. The trip is highlighted by a relaxing stop at the hot springs . Approximately 8 hours. Lunch and shuttle options available. Tour 100.00/person

East Fork Carson River (Overnight Adventure class II+/ 21Mi.)

Our guides take all the work and hassle out of a trip to the back country. You can enjoy a relaxing couple of days rafting, fishing, hiking, soaking in hot springs, sleeping under the stars. Catering and shuttle options available. Tour 325.00 per person

Kayaking the CarsonCarson Valley  Wildlife and Birding Tour (class II Float/ 6Mi.)

This tour peaks the end of February during the calving season when the eagles fly in to enjoy the nutrient rich afterbirth. Tour participants will have an excellent opportunity to observe Bald and Golden Eagles, Falcons, Owls, Shore Birds, and pass by a Blue Heron Rookery. We start in Genoa and take out at Cradlebaugh Bridge.  Approximately 4 -5 hours. Shuttle options available. Tour 75.00/person

Carson River Eagle Valley Tour - Carson City (Class II Float/ 3.3 Mi.)

This is an excellent section for birding, picnics and instruction. Lined with Cottonwood Groves, you will have the opportunity to witness wild horses grazing, bald eagles perched in trees, turtles sunning on the rocks and a variety of hawks, owls and numerous other raptor and shore birds. This run starts at Carson River Park and the ends at Morgan Mill road. Shuttle options available.Tour 75.00/person

Carson River Canyon Run (Class III / 9.6 MI.) Carson City-Dayton

Beautiful canyon gives feeling of wilderness and seclusion. The fun begins one mile downstream with its first Class III rapid Train Wreck with numerous holes and large waves. This section offers a trip back into the history of the Comstock Era offering great views of historic roads and bridges, remnants of mills and travels adjacent to the original V&T railroad Grade. There are several large Class II rapids with numerous tight maneuvering techniques required. Shuttle options available. 75.00/person

Sand Harbor / East Shore 9 am & 1 pm / 2-3 Hours / $55
Sand Harbor / Thunderbird Lodge 10am to 2 pm / 3 to 4 hours / $75
Sunset Tours at Sand Harbor  6pm to 8pm / 2 hours / $50

Kayak Rentals:   Single Sit On Top $40.00/Day.  Double Sit On Top $55.00/Day.  Additional days are 1/2 price 

Give Pat Fried a call at 775-450-3446 or 775-267-5338 or call the Shop to rent a kayak.  Call to book your Spring rafting trip down the Carson or when you have company in town that wants to do something different!.

TIPPET RINGSClimax Tippet Rings

We've noticed that after a presentation from a local guide at a fly club, we get this rush on tippet rings.
The shop has always carried them and as guides ourselves, we use them.  They are the handiest dang things!
What's a tippet ring?

Developed in England decades ago, fly fishermen would go to the jeweler to have these made.  Miniscule rings made out of stainless, so small they float if needed.  Grabbing a brand new leader, tying a tippet ring with an improved clinch knot for a connection, you then add your tippet to the other side of the ring with the same type of knot is easy and extends the life of your leader. By not using it up on knots to add tippet.  In addition, you can do some pretty fancy nymph rigging, with tying in two pieces of tippet, one short  4 inches that comes off 90 degrees and one hanging off the bottom about 12" - 18" below.  The other plus on tippet rings with nymph rigs (See January 2011 issue of The News on the Edge), we put our split shot above the ring, which prevents the shot from slipping down.  On one clip of Tippet Rings, you get 10 rings.  That should last you a season or two, extending your leader; priceless.

California Opener

Mountains filled with snowAs this newsletter is being sent out, we have 29 days left before California opens on April 30th.  By then, we've probably seen the rivers rage, flood and scrub.  The reservoirs are chock full of water right now.  We'll be trudging up to Pyramid, Indian Creek and hitting any stillwater we can wet a line in.  A note on Indian Creek:  With these recent storms, Alpine County has closed the back road a few times, still, people go around the signs and get bogged down and tear up the road off of Diamond Valley.  The local Sheriffs are getting a bit weary of rescuing people and Alpine county will be paying a lot to get the road back into condition.  Be smart.  If the road is closed, don't go up there.  We don't want a few Wahoo's going up there and having the County close the only access to the Lake during the Winter because the Wahoo's think they "Deserve" to go up there.
Good luck to all this season!

A river helper with a young fisherman at the Kid's Fishing Derby


Each year The Angler's Edge is happy to be a resource for The Kids Fishing Derby.  We have the volunteer forms here at the shop, and if you've not gone over and volunteered there, you should, it's an absolute riot!  There's all kinds of things that you can do: Stream helper, tackle loaner table, registration, BBQ, Food, raffle, ticket sales and so much more!  The Derby serves about 2,000+ kids and this year the derby is scheduled for June 4th & 5th.  There are so many things you can do!  So if you're interested in helping, come by and get a volunteer form.  There's a few meetings you need to attend, but this project is well worth it, and hey, you get a free fishing hat for volunteering!!


We received this link via an industry friend on our Facebook page, and if you aren't on FB and this hasn't come to you via an email, take a moment to watch it.

"This is as much about the insurmountable distance between the camera and the subject as it is about the indefinable draw of fly fishing. Made for my thesis for the MFA program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University." Henry Harrison

Don & I watched it and it was awe-inspiring.

If you haven't seen this video, please take look:


One of the easiest nymphs to tie, with very little material and deadly on a late Spring and Summer stillwater.  When fishing this, keep in mind the movement that the damsel nymphs make, they wiggle sideways and move about a 1/4" each time.

Tiemco 5263 hook or any 3X long, heavy straight nymph hook,size 8 - 12
Thread to match marabou color
Brassie wire in copper or silver
Marabou in olive, tan or rust
Mono eyes Small or medium

The Angler's Edge tying video is on line here: 
Damsel Nymph - You tube link
Create thread base to back of hook,. Tie in brassie sized wire in silver or copper.  Take one marabou feather and snip out the top 1" of center quill.  Stroke the feather from bottom to tips, tie in just the top 1/8" - 1/4" of feather tips.  This creates the gills.  When you tie this down, tie on top of each wrap.  Pick the calamus (portion of where it was plucked from the bird),hold above the hook and stroke any loose barbules up and away from the tied in tips.  When this is done, twist the marabou, until it makes a rope.  Wrap this rope around the hook, working forward, tie down behind eyes (don't snip it off), Counter palmer wire forward, tie off behind eyes.  Bring thread to hook eye.  Make one wrap of the marabou rope in front eyes. Tie off at hook eye and whip finish.

Have you seen us on FaceBook?

Previous Newsletters have had the FB logo on them.  On Facebook, The Angler's Edge posts fishing reports throughout the day, river conditions and our instructional classes in Fly Tying, Fly Fishing and Fly Casting.  We have Discussion groups available for Nevada, Pyramid, Mono & Alpine County waters.  It's a great place to post your own reports (that's if you want people to know how well you did)  Hook up with others that want to carpool up to Pyramid, or maybe you  just want a fishing buddy down on the East Walker.  Check us out, "Like" us and you'll be the second to know what's going on (someone has to be first!)

PYRAMID LAKEBig Male Cutt in the net

The spawn has started.  Fishermen are getting them on Copper Johns, Brassies, Snow cones, Purple Hazes, Tiger  and JW midges.  And a thank you to Jim G. and others for being one of the 'development testers' of the Angler's Edge newest weapon, (so far has been named Pyramid Drop Midge) developed a this past January, which I am tying up as fast as possible.  The nets are closed until May 15th as of now.  If you receive this Newsletter, as soon as we hear from The Pyramid Lake Piaute Tribe Council on the decision on opening the Nets area early, we'll shoot out a quick email to you.


  • The 2011 Catch & Release Shirts & stickers are in!
  • April 2nd Advanced Casting Class
  • Last Fly Tying Class on April 12 & 26th $75.00
  • April 15th last day for Pleasant Valley Fly Fishing Preserve's 4 for 3 Deal $285.00
  • Beginning Fly Fishing Class, 6 week course Tuesday evenings starts April 19th $125.00
  • April 16th the John Ryzanych's rescheduled class on tying Realistic stones 9 am $20.00
  • April 30th California Opens
  • May 18th, Thursday, Main Street Gardnerville's Thirsty Third Thursday Wine Walk, 1st of the Season
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