We would like to inform you that D Sharp will be shutting down.
D Sharp - Mobile Diabetes Management

Dear D Sharp User,

We would like to inform you that D Sharp will be shutting down. Please see the instructions below for retrieving your data before the app is completely closed on **Monday, January 19, 2015.**

We have had an amazing journey building this app and developing this business, but the time has come for us to move onto the next chapter in our lives.

Some of you may remember that we developed it when we were expecting our second child to help manage diabetes during pregnancy. Now with two young children and regular day jobs, we haven't been able to keep up the service the way we had hoped. We tried to keep it as a free app as long as possible, but the costs to maintain it prohibit us from continuing to do this.

**To retrieve your data:**

1. Login into your D Sharp account.
2. Select Analysis from the menu on the bottom of the screen.
3. Select Detailed Report.
4. Choose All Available Data (or Last 30 or 90 Days).
5. Choose View or Email.
6. Check your email to confirm that you have received the report.

We hope you have been happy with your D Sharp experience and we wish you all the best in your diabetes care. We know there are many advancements and new products since we first imagined D Sharp in late 2010 and we are confident there is something out there to help you stay healthy and active.

All the very best,
Luke Galea and Jennifer McAfee, Co-Founders
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