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June 1-6, 2014 -- Provenance Research Training Workshop (Athens, Greece)
The program focuses on provenance research and related issues concerning Nazi-looted art, Judaica, and other cultural property. It provides advanced training to serve the international community of current and future experts engaged in dealing with issues concerning cultural plunder during the Third Reich, the Holocaust and World War II.

*June 4-6, 2014 -- Art Crime and Cultural Heritage: Fakes, Forgeries, and Looted and Stolen Art (NYC, NY)
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) currently ranks art crime as the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world. This forum brings together experts from major museums and auction houses, NYU School of Law, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and President’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee, as well as independent scholars and authors, art crime victims, art crime attorneys, forensic scientists, and other major players working to address art crime worldwide.

Topics include art theft and gallery scams, misappropriated use of work, looting and cultural repatriation, fakes and forgeries, art market drivers, insurance fraud, scientific and forensic approaches, provenance research, issues facing auction houses and purchasers, and current case studies.

Select Participants:
  • Anthony Amore, Director of Security, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; coauthor, Stealing Rembrandts
  • Milton Esterow, former Editor and Publisher, ARTnews; author and art crime expert
  • Jack Flam, President and CEO, Dedalus Foundation; coauthor, Robert Motherwell Paintings and Collages: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1941-1991
  • Robert Goldman, Robert E. Goldman LLC
  • Patty Gerstenblith, Research Professor and Director, Center for Art, Museum and Cultural Heritage Law, DePaul University, Chicago, IL; Chair, President's Cultural Property Advisory Committee, U.S. Department of State
  • Salomon Grimberg, author, Frida Kahlo Catalogue Raisonné
  • Jane Levine, Worldwide Director of Compliance, Sotheby's
  • Bonnie Magness-Gardiner, Manager, FBI Art Theft Program
  • James Martin, Orion Analytical, LLC
  • Judith L. Pearson, President and Director, ARIS Title Insurance Corporation
  • Steven Pincus, Managing Partner, DeWitt Stern Group
  • Marianne Rosenberg, Attorney and granddaughter of Paul Rosenberg, who was one of the world’s leading dealers in modern art prior to World War II; working to recover family art looted by the Nazis
  • Geza von Habsburg, internationally renowned author and authority on antiquities and Fabergé; former Associate Professor, Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture and NYU
  • Yuri Yanchyshyn, Furniture Conservator and Head of Studio, Period Furniture Conservation LLC
June 13-14, 2014 -- All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference (Geneva, Switzerland)
This conference aims to bring together specialists active in the field of art and cultural heritage law. It is based on the participation of scholars and practitioners to address property concepts, due diligence in the art market and combat illicit traffic of art and cultural heritage.

June 24,  2014 -- The International Forum on the Restitution of Holocaust Era Cultural Assets in Israel (Tel Aviv, Israel)

June 27 - 29, 2014 -- 2014 Interdisciplinary Art Crime Conference (Amelia, Italy)
This interdisciplinary event brings together those who have an interest in the responsible stewardship of our collective cultural heritage. Past year’s presenters have discussed a variety of topics ranging from the display and sale of looted objects;  strategies  to combat the illicit trade in cultural property; current law enforcement investigations; and the problem of art fraud and forgery.
NOTE: Events with a * next to the date are appearing in the Newsletter for the first time.

          For a full list of books and articles featured previously, please visit our  Publications page.
  • Lucas Lixinski, Intangible Cultural Heritage in International Law  (2013), ISBN: 978 0 19 967950-8.
  • Elizabeth T. Russell, Arts Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs (2014), ISBN: 978-0-9766480-1-7. Order Here.

What's New:
  • Center for Art Law applauds its writers who are graduating this spring -- Ariel Greenberg (Cardozo), Lesley Sotolongo (Cardozo), Nora Choueiri (Fordham), and Joshua Greenfield (Albany)!
  • Eakins gift or Eakins loan? The time will tell.
  • Musee Picasso (Paris) has been closed for renovation for almost five years -- with reopening delayed again until after the high tourist season, the French government let go the Museum director of 20+ years. Reportedly, in her defense Anne Baldassari, wrote a 44-page letter about her tenure... As the summer is heating up, so is the debate about the politics over who get's to lead once-reopened museum.
  • Lucian Freud (d. 2011) had 14 children. Only one stood to inherit from him until Paul Freud challenged his father's will in the UK High Court.
  • Brooklyn Museum's exhibit Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties "offers a focused look at painting, sculpture, graphics, and photography from a decade defined by social protest and American race relations. In observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this exhibition considers how sixty-six of the decade’s artists, including African Americans and some of their white, Latino, Asian American, Native American, and Caribbean contemporaries, used wide-ranging aesthetic approaches to address the struggle for racial justice." Exhibit closes July 6, 2014..

Internships and Employment Opportunities:
We welcome your announcements regarding employment opportunities for students, young and experienced professionals.
  • LCCHP is looking for a part-time post-graduate Fellow. This is a volunteer, unpaid position. Any interested candidate should submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to by no later than June 15, 2014. More details.
  • The Art Fund Association is looking for Summer and Fall Interns for 2014. The internship is paid and involves working on art fund industry research, working with a leading art law and art funds practice on commercial art transactions and art fund formation and governance, and coordinating a silent art charity auction. Please email for more details.
  •  If you are in New York City in July and August and need a summer internship, please send your CV to Center for Art Law is looking for interns in the second half of the summer.

Recent Court Action of Note:
If you would like your case included in this roster, please send a copy of a complaint or a decision to itsartlawATgmailDOTcom.
  • Kolodny v. Meyer, Dorfman and Dorfman Projects LLP, 14 Civ. 3354 (S.D.N.Y. May 8, 2014) -- the case brought by Grossman LLP involves sale of multiple Jasper Johns artworks believed to be stolen by the defendant James Meyer, John's studio assistant. Plaintiff purchased some of the stolen art from Defendants having received assurances that the works could be lawfully sold by Defendants.
  • Thome v. Calder Foundation, 14 Civ. 3446 (S.D.N.Y. May. 13, 2014) -- Calder Foundation continues making headlines, this time it is being sued for antitrust violations, including conspiracy of monopolization and restraint of trade, having denied authentication and inventory numbers for the stage set created before Calder's death.

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