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May 9, 2014 -- SECOND Private Tour: Neue Galerie (New York City, NY) - SOLD OUT
May 20, 2014 -- Visual Art and Theater Law Essentials - CLE*/VLA program (NYC) 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
This Bootcamp will cover industry-specific legal and business issues in the areas of visual arts and theater, including intellectual property and contract considerations. The topics covered for visual arts will be estate planning for visual artists, consignment law and contracts with dealers and museums. The topics covered in the theater law portion of the program will be contracts for collaborators and legal aspects of bringing a production to the stage.
Speakers Include:
  • Michelle Bergeron Spell, Esq. Partner, Herrick, Feinstein LLP
  • Frank Lord, Esq. Partner, Herrick, Feinstein LLP
  • Steven Chaikelson, Esq. Associate Professor, Columbia University School of the Arts
  • Robert Schaffer, Esq. Partner, Troutman Sanders LLP

*June 1-6, 2014 -- Provenance Research Training Workshop (Athens, Greece)
The program focuses on provenance research and related issues concerning Nazi-looted art, Judaica, and other cultural property. It provides advanced training to serve the international community of current and future experts engaged in dealing with issues concerning cultural plunder during the Third Reich, the Holocaust and World War II.
*June 13-14, 2014 -- All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference (Geneva, Switzerland)
This conference aims to bring together specialists active in the field of art and cultural heritage law. It is based on the participation of scholars and practitioners to address property concepts, due diligence in the art market and combat illicit traffic of art and cultural heritage.

*June 24,  2014 -- The International Forum on the Restitution of Holocaust Era Cultural Assets in Israel (Tel Aviv, Israel)

*June 27 - 29, 2014 -- 2014 Interdisciplinary Art Crime Conference (Amelia, Italy)
This interdisciplinary event brings together those who have an interest in the responsible stewardship of our collective cultural heritage. Past year’s presenters have discussed a variety of topics ranging from the display and sale of looted objects;  strategies  to combat the illicit trade in cultural property; current law enforcement investigations; and the problem of art fraud and forgery.
NOTE: Events with a * next to the date are appearing in the Newsletter for the first time.

          For a full list of books and articles featured previously, please visit our  Publications page.
  • Lucas Lixinski, Intangible Cultural Heritage in International Law  (2013), ISBN: 978 0 19 967950-8.
  • Elizabeth T. Russell, Arts Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs (2014), ISBN: 978-0-9766480-1-7. Order Here.
  • Tad Crawford, Business and Legal Forms for Fine Arts (3rd. Ed.) (May 2014). Order Here. "The third edition ... includes new forms for hiring and firing employees, agreements to arbitrate, promissory notes, and general releases, plus: commercial lease, sublease, and lease assignment, contract for the sale of an artwork, contract for a commission, delivery-of-art confirmation form, contract for an exhibition loan, model release, and much more."

What's New:
  • Welcome new readers and writers! Our subscription numbers now exceed 900!
  • Center for Art Law hosted three art law mixers this Spring! Thanks to all who joined us and special thanks to Ars Libri in Boston, Hamiltonian and Project4 Galleries in DC and Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City for their hospitality!
  • Gifting War Booty: On May 8, 2014, National Archives in DC will receive a Nazi looted art album as a gift.
  • Irreverent but not irrelevant: Now that Cornelious Gurlitt is dead, let's learn more about German inheritance law.
  • LAST CALL: American Royalties Too Act, otherwise known as the federal Resale Royalty Rights Bill, is gearing up for a push-back from the DC lobbyists. Patricia Cohen reports for The New York Times.  The text of the Bill is now available on line

Internships and Employment Opportunities:
We welcome your announcements regarding employment opportunities for students, young and experienced professionals.
  • LCCHP is looking for a part-time post-graduate Fellow. This is a volunteer, unpaid position. Any interested candidate should submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to by no later than June 15, 2014. More details.
  • The Art Fund Association is looking for Summer and Fall Interns for 2014. The internship is paid and involves working on art fund industry research, working with a leading art law and art funds practice on commercial art transactions and art fund formation and governance, and coordinating a silent art charity auction. Please email for more details.
  • London based Art Recovery International is offering three month, full time Summer Internships. Questions as well as applications (CV and cover letter explaining the nature of your interest in Art Law / Provenance Research / Restitution etc.) should be submitted to

Recent Court Action of Note:
  • Scher v. Stendhal Gallery, 2014 N.Y. App. Div. LEXIS 2082 (First Dept., Mar. 27 2014) -- On appeal, J. Friedman ruled that Paula Scher, an established graphic artist owned the works she consigned to Stendhal Gallery on the basis of the agency law and not the New York Arts and Cultural Affairs law.
  • Latipac, Inc. v. Metropolitan Museum of Art (N.Y.S. Mar. 10, 2014) -- Plaintiff and Defendant own two identical items and Plaintiff seeks to sell it. Museum is understood to be denying the authenticity of the object owned by the Plaintiff (see Museum item: Head of King David, ca. 1145) and Plaintiff is seeking injunction against slander of title and defamation among other actions.
  • Cramer v. Calder Foundation, (S.D.N.Y. Feb. 28, 2014) -- case involving authenticity of a Calder sculpture owned by the Gerald Cramer Estate. Causes of action include product disparagement and antitrust violations. Attorneys for the estate are Michael Lacher and Adam Rader.

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