Startup Canada #EveryEntrepreneur Tour | Ontario
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#EveryEntrepreneur Tour concludes on high note in Toronto 

Nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners and community leaders marked the finale of the 2015 Startup Canada national #EveryEntrepreneur Tour with a stop in Toronto, Ontario on Dec. 14-15. Between keynote talks from Allan Lau, CEO of Wattpad, Yves Desjardins-Sicilian, President of VIA Rail, and football star-turned-entrepreneur Michael "Pinball" Clemons, entrepreneurs, small business owners and community leaders laid the foundations for a number of entrepreneur-led initiatives and voiced policy-based priorities for the federal government.  Follow #EveryEntrepreneur  on Twitter to see the conversation.

If you couldn't make it, click here to share your ideas and perspectives. Click here to view photos.


To create an environment and culture for entrepreneurial growth, entrepreneurs and leaders identified initiatives they will advance with the support of Startup Canada: 
  1. Newcomer Connections to Entrepreneurship:  A collaborative initiative that connects immigrants to entrepreneur organizations, support, and companies looking for skills upon arrival in Canada. 
  2. The Canadian Success Story: A campaign that surveys Canadians on what it means to be successful, articulating a unique Canadian identity on the global entrepreneurship stage.
  3. Project TO: A campaign to celebrate Toronto entrepreneurs and to encourage Torontonians to buy from local entrepreneurs.
  4. Media 4 Startups: An initiative that connects media who want to tell the stories of entrepreneurs with entrepreneur sources and ecosystem experts.
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Messages to Government

Delegates also highlighted the following calls-to-action to the new federal government:


  1. Build an entrepreneurial government that employs an entrepreneur lens in all policy and program review and development.
  2. View government as an API that empowers entrepreneurs to develop solutions on top of it.

Service to Entrepreneurs

  1. Ensure government support for entrepreneurs is accessible and inclusive to all entrepreneurs and that government programs work together in an integrated way.
  2. Work with entrepreneurs to innovate government programs.
  3. Simplify the tax code. 


  • Expand Export Development Canada support to new entrepreneurs and startups to encourage global activities and connections earlier in business development cycles.
  • Bring back the Self Employment Benefit Program to empower unemployed Canadians to create meaningful employment for themselves and others.
  • Develop a tax credit for entrepreneurs to access private sector training.

Systems and Infrastructure

  1. Develop a social enterprise corporation and allow Canadians to register businesses as a social enterprise.

  2. Develop a public-private partnership with Startup Canada for the advancement of Canadian entrepreneurship.

  3. Unlock new funding mechanisms for entrepreneurs through equity-based crowd funding.