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Dark Horse Experiment presents an exhibition of works from the RMIT MFA Graduates

Dark Horse Choice

RMIT MFA Exhibition

Helen Taylor | Ben Howe | Mary Hackett

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Location: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin Street Melbourne
Exhibition Dates: 7 February 2012 - 25 February 2012
Opening Date: Friday, 10 February 2012, from 6–late
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12–6pm

The RMIT Master of Fine Art Program is one of the most prestigious postgraduate contemporary art programs in Australia. This year Dark Horse Experiment will be showcasing three handpicked graduates as part of the RMIT MFA Exhibition.

Helen Taylor, an exciting new comer to the art industry and recently, to Blender Studios, occupies a distinctive style as a sculptor and is exceptionally skilled in the medium of drawing. Taylor’s work investigates the structural and spatial dynamics of abstract forms and picture planes, through a series of drawings and sculptures. “My drawings explore the evidence of imperfection within highly structured, detailed and repetitive works as a way to reveal the intimate qualities of the hand and the evidence of time, labor and patience… My sculpture pieces refer to the geometric plane and the utilizing of everyday disposable materials that can be developed beyond their original function into a representation of lineal abstraction”.

Ben Howe, primarily a painter, examines the physical and psychological energy of crowds within an urban environment. “The bulk of my work circles issues of representation, structure and consciousness…Experience of riots in Hamburg spiked my interest in the physical and psychosomatic dynamics of crowds and opposing forces, the individual within this context, and the prevailing energy of mass and inertia… this project investigates the way people navigate and actualize constructed space”. 

Mary Hackett works with heavy-duty materials to create carefully considered sculptures. In this series, Hackett is mindful of the mechanics of the hand when constructing her work, using copper and steel to highlight the relationship between an object and its maker.  “Within my work I have been exploring the partnership in play between myself and metal. The conversation that arises from the rhythm of the hammer or the texture created by the torch heating the metal’s surface initiate mirth, curiosity, frustration or despair - an occasionally uncomfortable situation”.

Each artist’s work involves an observation and examination of structural environments, being physical or psychological.Presented in an array of mediums, the combination of these three artists makes for an engaging show.

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Dark Horse Experiment 

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Dark Horse Experiment
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Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12–6pm

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