CSD Newsletter December 22, 2011
Welcome to the tenth edition of the Campaign for Stronger Democracy's e-newsletter -- a clearinghouse for news about the democracy reform community. The Campaign is a new coalition that is working to increase collaboration among democracy advocates.

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From the Blog

  • Democracy Job Openings: A few organizations that work in the democracy field have job openings right now. We've compiled a list of some of them on our blog. Check them out and encourage folks you know to apply (or apply for them yourself!)
  • Democracy Exchange on Voting Rights: On December 1, the Campaign hosted one of our Democracy Exchange calls on voting rights. Stream or download the conversation, which features Eric Marshall of the Lawyers' Committee on Civil Rights, Greg Moore of NAACP National Voter Fund, Heather Smith of Rock the Vote, and Tova Wang of Demos.
  • Gardens of Democracy: Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer have written a new book, Guardians of Democracy, which explores the idea that democracies are like gardens, and need constant care. They sat down for an interview with National Conference on Citizenship to expand more on that idea.

Four Things You Must Read

  • How Big Telecom Used Smartphones To Create a New Digital Divide (Colorlines): New Net Neutrality rules approved by the FCC apply only to broadband internet connections and not to wireless, mobile internet. Colorlines reports, however, that increasing numbers of people of color are accessing the internet with their mobile devices, and not in their homes. This creates a new digital divide where mobile internet users face an unregulated mobile web that telecom companies control almost entirely.

  • Advocates: Companies can't support black customers and those pushing restrictive voting laws (Washington Post): Color Of Change has been targeting corporations who support the American Legislative Exchange Council, connecting their support for ALEC to their support for restrictive voting laws. These corporations also target African Americans to buy their products, and Color of Change is saying that the corporations cannot support restricting voting rights one day, then expect communities to buy their products the next.

  • The Political One Percent of One Percent (Sunlight Foundation): The Sunlight Foundation breaks down data on those who donated over $10,000 to political campaigns, amounting to 26,783 individuals who in total donated over $774 million in political spending. The report shows the professions, locations, and employers of this "one percent of one percent."

  • Democracy U (CIRCLE): Democracy U is a new project from CIRCLE highlighting the work that young folks and students are doing across the country in their schools and communities. There is also a blog that highlights some of the projects that students are undertaking.

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