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Touring Washington DCAmbassadors Rising
by Hilda Pang Fu, Luminari, President

As I watched the young Ambassadors in our camp, I could not help but note that all of history’s leaders, role models and icons once upon a time were teenagers too!

I suspect those teens blossomed into the heroes we know today because they were open to wonder and unafraid of challenges . . . and that is precisely the kind of character and confidence I’ve witnessed during the Ambassador camp.

Without a doubt, these teens are the champions of our future. Thank you for inspiring us!

Join us for a Video Look Back at our time in Washington DC.

Non-Verbal Communication
Holocaust Survivor Sam Weinreb offers reflections on his experience

A Writer's World  
by Gina Catanzarite, Director, Teen Writer! camps

Fantastic Fiction Field TripCreative juices were flowing in full force the week of July 8! That's when 16 teens from around our region gathered for this year's Teen Writer! camps.

Fantastic Fiction challenged young writers to develop original story ideas, use imagery and other descriptive writing techniques to 'transport' readers to a fictional world, and create unique and realistic characters. Camp included "Fiction Field Trips" around Oakland and the University of Pittsburgh campus for creative inspiration and writing exercises; and back at home base (facilities generously donated by WQED Multimedia), the teens 'workshopped' story scenes and even acted out characters' dialogue!
Teen Writers with The BardOur second Teen Writer! camp this summer focused on different forms of journalistic opinion writing.  Blogs, Reviews, Essays and Commentary: For Teen Writers with Attitude! challenged young writers to write entertainment reviews; and, improve essays with more creative and interpretational writing techniques. Campers agreed that the highlight of this one-day workshop was a blogging activity called The $5 Challenge. For that writing exercise, students were taken to Craig Street in Oakland.  Once there, they were given $5 and challenged to "spend the $5 in 30 minutes in an interesting way."  Some chose to use the money for 'random acts of kindness,' including handing over a bouquet of flowers to a total stranger, treating customers to books and records from a sidewalk sale, and buying cold drinks for deliverymen. Others found it wasn't as easy to spend $5 as they expected it to be!   At the end of the experiment, each student wrote an original blog entry about the experience and what it taught them about human nature.

These creative teens proved that nothing in the world holds as much promise and potential as a blank sheet of paper and a good reason to write!


Dorian created this website of his 2013 Ambassador Camp experience

2013 - Ambassador Camp Souvenir Book

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2013 -Teen Writer Gazette
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Ambassadors at Play
Writing Exercises in Oakland
Blogs, Reviews, Essays and Commentaries
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