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Mobility in the Mind
Young Innovators kick start their careers
In 2015 five EYCA member organisations joined forces for a project aiming to help young people create new career opportunities for themselves and other young Europeans. Entitled Mobility in the Mind, the programme supported 20 Young Innovators to develop their business ideas in five sectors: green initiatives, cultural industries, social enterprises, technology and digital communication, and tourism and hospitality.

Launched in March 2015, Mobility in the Mind is an international learning and youth entrepreneurship project developed and implemented by EYCA and five of its member organisations: Croatian Youth Hostel Association, Centre Information Jeunes Luxembourg, The Polish Youth Projects Association, Asociatia EURO26 Romania and Europski Omladinski Centar Serbia. Each organisation selected 4 young people with a special interest in entrepreneurship to become EYCA Young Innovators and receive professional advice on developing their business ideas.

The project kicked-off with a Symposium in Lisbon bringing together Young Innovators, representatives of European institutions, companies and experts. Once home, the Young Innovators were invited to attend national seminars where they discussed their business ideas with local experts and their peers, developed comprehensive business plans and started working on making their dreams come true.
Click here to meet our Young Innovators and read more about their ideas! In addition to the 20 Young Innovators, other European Youth Cardholders attended the national Mobility in the Mind seminars, bringing the reach of the project to around 150 young people.

The project also enlisted the help and expertise of European companies, business experts and institutions in order to offer Young Innovators a comprehensive overview of the business environment in Europe.

While Mobility in the Mind came to an end in December 2015, its impact on young people's lives continues. One of the best outcomes of Mobility in the Mind is that ENGIE, the major corporate partner of the programme, is now interested to support the business ideas of some of our Young Innovators. We're looking forward to seeing these ideas come to life!
EYCA & ENGIE team up to support youth entrepreneurship
The organisations continue their cooperation in 2016
In 2015, ENGIE, one of the largest energy companies in Europe, joined Mobility in the Mind to lend its support and expertise to the EYCA Young Innovators participating in the project. After a successful cooperation, EYCA and ENGIE have decided to continue working together on the European and national levels in order to support young people's entrepreneurial spirit and provide them with real opportunities to develop their business ideas.  

ENGIE joined EYCA for the Mobility in the Mind project as part of the company's commitment to supporting youth innovation and mobility. In addition to providing expert advice during two Mobility in the Mind events, the company also saw great potential in some of the ideas put forward by the Young Innovators and is planning to support these ideas and help them grow.

In addition, EYCA and ENGIE have agreed to extend their cooperation by connecting ENGIE CSR programmes with EYCA initiatives in order to offer European Youth Cardholders more and better opportunities to develop their business ideas. At the national level, ENGIE affiliates and EYCA member organisations will come together to explore launching joint projects for the benefit of young people and local communities.

"Youth unemployment is putting young people in a very tough position all across Europe and we've made it part of the EYCA mission to support our cardholders and young people in general in this struggle. We believe this is a problem that affects the whole of society and any work in this area should involve all stakeholders - young people, institutions and companies. This is why having ENGIE on board for Mobility in the Mind and being able to extend our cooperation now is a great opportunity and a step forward in terms of the impact our projects have on the lives of young people in Europe." - Manel Sanchez, EYCA Director

"The ENGIE Group is more and more focusing on innovation in a worldwide context of energy transition. This requires from its employees and stakeholders change agility and a capacity to adapt oneself to ever modifying circumstances, economically but also socially and regarding skills. Among the skills that are highlighted throughout the Group’s activities is Mobility. Mobility is first and foremost a mindset that youngsters should develop even before being hired by a company. It implies openness of the mind, a capacity to react in a flexible way and to “walk the talk”. Therefore, it’s very useful to develop co-elaborative projects between organisations like EYCA, the younger generation and ENGIE.” - Jacques Spelkens, Head of CSR Benelux, ENGIE 
Young people get connected with career opportunities
Carnet Jove, Catalonia, Spain
 The Carnet Jove - the European Youth Card in Catalonia, Spain - has a long tradition of running social programmes for its cardholders and all young people.

Connecta't or Get Connected is the programme that brings together all social initiatives associated with the card, including a very successful series of scholarships. Since 2009 the Carnet Jove Scholarships have been giving young people access to internships in some of the best companies in the region and the necessary income to support themselves.

The Carnet Jove in Catalonia is turning 30 this year and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. With nearly 530,000 cardholders, 8,000 discounts and benefits, and a very strong social programme, the Carnet Jove has recently been named the most successful and popular public service for young people.

At the height of the economic crisis, the Carnet Jove team launched a scholarship project aiming to help young people start their careers. 7 years later, the Carnet Jove Scholarships are a huge success, helping cardholders to do internships in some of the most important companies and institutions in the region, television and radio stations, design and art studios and many more. 10 scholarships are awarded each year in fields such as design, writing, photography, radio, fashion, comics, and music.

In addition to the internship, the scholarship provides 5,000 EUR to each winner, to help them become financially independent while gaining work experience.

A new edition of the Carnet Jove Scholarships will be launched in 2016 allowing 10 more young people to kick start their careers. 
Youth information with a focus on employment
Carte Jeunes Européenne, Luxembourg
Another approach to helping young people succeed on the job market comes from Luxembourg and the Centre Information Jeunes, the EYCA member organisation in the country. Their new project - ICE-T (Information Citoyenneté Emploi – Tremplin) aims to provide young people with personalised information and support to secure their first job. 

Supported by the
European Social Fund, ICE-T aims to help young people overcome several barriers standing between them and a successful career. In a very competitive labour market, problems such as skill mismatch with market requirements, lack of a professional network, lack of experience, etc. make it very difficult for young people to start their professional lives. The situation is especially dangerous for young people from an immigrant background for whom unemployment comes with the additional risk of becoming isolated from the rest of society. 

To help young people navigate this complex situation, the Centre Information Jeunes is offering tailored information and personalised support in order to maximise the chances of each young person in the programme to enter the job market. ICE-T includes providing general information on the labour market, intergenerational meetings allowing young people to learn from professionals, workshops, and workplace discovery sessions. 

The European Youth Card plays a key role in informing young people about ICE-T services and helping them take full advantage of this project.  
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