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A glimpse at the UrtheCast Developer Platform.
The Platform

With the many challenges facing our planet — societal, economic, environmental, and more â€” we’re all the more eager to open the UrtheCast Developer Platform, which is now released publicly to provide tools for world change.

Monitor Forests with UrtheCast Imagery

By opening up its API, UrtheCast makes it possible for Global Forest Watch (GFW) to incorporate high-resolution UrtheCast imagery into the GFW monitoring platform, allowing you to study changes in the world's forests.
Earth APIs: Ordering Our Imagery

UrtheCast’s Alex Bain spotlights the capabilities of our new Ordering APIs. If you haven’t signed up for the Platform yet, be sure to get in touch with us.


The Internet of Things + Satellite Imagery 

On Feb.11, UrtheCast's Catherine Burton will be a panelist speaking on ‘Big Data from Space: Gaining Insights and Intelligence on Earth’ at IoT Data Analytics & Visualization 2016, running Feb. 9-11 in Palo Alto.

Co-founder Wade Larson Named CEO

Announced in December 2015, Wade Larson has accepted the role as UrtheCast’s CEO, in addition to his roles as President and COO. Wade developed the original vision for the company, and has over 20 years of space-sector experience.
Developers: <1 week to go

DevPost’s Sparkathon is making it rain data, and you can submit until Jan. 20. Powered by IBM Bluemix, and sponsored by UrtheCast, the hackathon offers $30,000 in prizes up for grabs. 


A waterskier weaves behind a speedboat in Lindos, Greece.
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