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eNewsletter #456 - 07 July 2020

This weekly eNewsletter is compiled by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers as a service for residents in Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby council areas. The eNewsletter is a new type of Neighbourhood Watch; utilising the available technology to keep people more connected and up-to-date with local crime and safety issues. 

The eNewsletter includes a selection of posts from the
Ku-ring-gai PAC Facebook page (also known as 'eyewatch'), primarily for those not familiar with Facebook. We add anything interesting from a Neighbourhood Watch point-of-view - this could be a local newspaper article, a roadwork warning, crime prevention tip(s), an upcoming Neighbourhood Watch meeting, Q&As from residents, or an item from an other Police command ("Crooks know no boundaries!").

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07 July, from Ku-ring-gai command: The NSW Police Force will launch a large-scale operation to enforce the closure of the NSW/Victorian border tonight.
The Public Health (COVID-19 NSW and Victorian Border) Order 2020, under section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010, will be issued later today (Tuesday 7 July 2020). It will direct that from midnight (Wednesday 8 July 2020), no one can enter NSW from Victoria, unless they can fulfill specific exemption criteria.

Full Media Release and video here.
06 July, from NSW Health: Even if you have mild symptoms, get tested for COVID-19
Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat and shortness of breath, as well as other reported symptoms including loss of smell, loss of taste, runny nose, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting and loss of appetite.

Find a COVID 19 clinic near you here.

06 July, from NSW Health: From 12.01am Wednesday 8 July, NSW will temporarily shut its border with Victoria to contain the spread of COVID-19
There will be provisions for residents of border regions, and special conditions in place for freight operations and other critical services. Details on permits and special conditions will be available on our website soon. Once the border is closed, anyone returning from Victoria will be required to go into 14 days of self-isolation. Hefty fines and penalties apply to those who don’t comply with the rules.

More info
05 July, from NSW Health: If you’re heading away these holidays, protect yourself and the community 
If unwell, stay in and get tested for COVID-19.

Find out more

05 July, from Ku-ring-gai command/NSW Police: The war diary of Margo Cooper that was found at Woolworths Gordon has been returned to her daughter in Dubbo
Special thanks to Orana Mid-Western Police District for their assistance. 

Watch video here

Documenting her time in the Women's Auxillary Air Force in World War II, the long-lost diary of Margo Cooper has been safely returned to her daughter. 
04 July, from Speakout NSW: We will listen to you, believe you, and help you

Phone: 1800 65 64 63 NSW Domestic Violence Line (24/7 free, confidential support)

More info

03 July, from 7News Sydney: Air safety authorities have revealed the pilot of a seaplane which crashed on the Hawkesbury River, killing himself and five passengers, was overcome with carbon monoxide.
An interim report says the pilot and two other victims of the crash in 2017 had elevated levels of the deadly gas, but died as a result of the plane's impact.

03 July, from NSW Police: The NSW Police Force will continue to assist in the enforcement of all COVID-19-related ministerial directions through high-visibility policing operations. [edited]

A number of ministerial directions remain in place, covering returned overseas travellers, diagnosed persons, mass gatherings and movement, spitting and coughing, residential aged care facilities and the recent announcement of restrictions for affected persons from interstate COVID hotspots.

The Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) provides police with the power to enforce these orders. It is an offence for a person to fail to comply with an order, and severe penalties apply, which include a maximum penalty of up to $11,000 and/or six months imprisonment for individuals.

Police continue to appeal to the community to report suspected breaches of any ministerial direction.

Anyone who has information regarding individuals or businesses in contravention of a COVID-19-related ministerial direction is urged to contact Crime Stoppers here.

View full Media Release here.

02 July, from Ku-ring-gai command: Want to learn more about the legal process for domestic violence incidents?
We've created a range of information sheets to explain the journey.

Visit the police website here.

02 July, from NSW Road Safety: What road users have the highest number of casualties (injured or killed) in your age group?
Here’s a breakdown of casualties for NSW road users that are over-represented across different age groups from 2014 to 2018.

05 July, Shared with permission from the Galston Families group:

Hello all, my neighbour had his laptop stolen out of his car in Devon place, looks like we have thieves about again :(

They were trying to break into cars in Glen street 2 weeks ago.

They went thru a car out the front of my place in Sylvan street.

They broke into a car and stole a wallet in Forest Place last night as well. The police came to my place yesterday and left a card asking me to call them so they can come back and access our CCTV footage.

05 July, Shared with permission from the East Wahroonga Community group:

Hi all, we are close to Cliff Oval and about 10 mins to 9pm tonight (Saturday) just had an attempted break in of our car parked in the driveway, we didn't realise this is until we reviewed our CCTV. A group of 5 teens riding bikes. We turned our spotlight on and 2 scattered, and 2 couldn't escape and made a lame duck excuse about doing volunteer work for a church in St Ives. Seems they only asked us as all took off afterwards. Be aware, they are seen regularly around Cliff Oval/Carrinton/Grosvenor St area. We have reported it, please lock your cars and valuables out of sight.

05 July, Shared with permission from the East Wahroonga Community group:
Odd...just had three young teenagers knock on the door, 9pm Saturday night, stating that they had a chess club in St Ives and were looking for members?...Anyone else been approached?

And in the comments:

  • We had that too - Rugby club!
  • From personal experience of teenagers showing up at my door, I’m guessing they were checking to see if someone was home. Then gave an innocent story of “looking for chess members” to put you at ease.
  • I had a very similar story about 4yrs ago, it puzzled me and I called the police the next day as I couldn’t shake the odd feeling the visit gave me. The police told me that if I had not have been home I would have been robbed. One of the teenagers was waiting at the mailbox, police said as a “lookout.” The police said if it happens again call the police.
  • I've just posted an incident in the group that happened about 10 mins to 9pm, near cliff oval.
  • Someone else just wrote on another post some teenage boys broke into their car on the driveway. Could it be the same boys?
Dates for the Diary:

Sunday 19 July: **Note - CANCELLED due to Covid19 pandemic ** - new date tbc** NHW NSW Inc Inaugural AGM 1-5pm @ Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club
Wednesday 14 October: Gordon Area 3/4 (Turramurra) NHW meeting tbc.
Sunday 25 October: Potential new date for NHW NSW Inc AGM @ Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club 1-5pm. tbc
Tuesday 24 November: Gordon/Killara/East Killara/some St Ives Neighbourhood Watch AGM 7-9pm @ Gordon Library meeting room #2. 
04 July, from Neighbourhood watch Tarneit Central: “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, PLEASE SPEAK”
Racism, in any form, is not acceptable in Australia. That’s why there are laws to protect you. If you see or experience racial discrimination, harassment or hatred, don’t put up with it; speak up. The information on this page is available in other languages.

Visit the government's help stop racism website here.

03 July, Shared with permission from the Berowra Community group:
Possible roof repair scam happening - a group of guys have been door knocking along Yallambee Rd. They're saying they're responding to reports of broken tiles in the area and asking people if they can inspect their roofs on Monday...
02 July, from Tyler Inch, 27, of Normanhurst has been convicted over a drug-fuelled crime spree which included breaking into a home and stealing a Mercedes Benz for a joy ride in Dural.
See full details from the court case in the online Hornsby Advocate
here. Unfortunately our Neighbourhood Watch volunteers can't see behind the paywall.
02 July, Shared with permission from the Mt Colah/Kuring-gai group (Monday):

Hi everyone. A bloke was trying to open our car parked on Myall Road tonight. Please look after your on road parked car. 

02 July, from Crime Stoppers NSW: NSW MOST WANTED PERSONS

Full Name: Mohamad MAKSOUD
Date Of Birth: 21/09/1978
Gender Male
Build: Medium
Height: 175cm to 180cm
Appearance: Middle Eastern
Wanted For: Knowingly facilitate organised car re-birthing activity, knowingly deal with proceeds of crime, receiving and disposing of stolen property
Mohamad Maksoud is alleged to have participated in a large scale car re-birthing operation between June and August 2010.

Have you seen this person?
Never approach, contact or attempt to apprehend a wanted person. If you sight or are aware of the whereabouts of a wanted person you should telephone:
Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000, Triple Zero (000) or your local police station [Hornsby: 9476 9799]. Alternatively you can report online
01 July, from NSW Police: Five people have been charged following an operation targeting drug supply across Sydney’s North Shore yesterday.
Strike Force Punnet was established by officers from North Shore Police Area Command in April to investigate the ongoing supply of methylamphetamine (ice) in the local area.

Full Media Release

30 June, from Crime Stoppers NSW: Is your valuable information going nowhere?

Every day Crime Stoppers receives online reports from members of the public who have utilised our online system - unfortunately we cannot act any further on some of this information because vital pieces of information are not included. If you choose to report online please consider the following:

  • Provide names of offenders - this includes first and last names if you know them, and please consider the correct spelling when providing this information
  • Provide FULL address, this includes street number, street name AND suburb
  • When giving registration plates on cars, please provide as best description of the vehicle as possible; colour, make, model, type etc
  • Give us a thorough explanation of what is going on, or what you know about
  • If you have images or video footage uploaded, explain to us what you can see is happening in those images.

You can report online here.


Best advice is to scream, run and hide. Try and keep a line of retreat open at all times. If possible, lock yourself in a room. Barricade yourself in a room if you have to. Do NOT confront the intruder. PHONE 000. You might only have a few seconds to get the call in. State "I am at (give address) and there is person(s) on premises; I fear for the welfare of myself and family". Police will respond 'code red'.

Only fight an intruder if you have no other choice. Just think, if you get killed or incapacitated then who is going to protect your partner/kids, let alone support them if you die? Possessions are not worth dying for. Keep a pre-programmed mobile phone by the bed. And a large million candle power torch is recommended, as it has the added bonus of being able to blind an attacker. A flash (just a flash) of light in their eyes will rob them of their night vision, so they are going to be severely hindered if they try to run off in the dark, where as you have the advantage of knowing the layout of your place. When you flash, just-in-case, keep one eye shut.

If someone is prepared to enter a home knowing someone is in residence, it can be taken as a fact they would be prepared to confront anyone who challenges them.

RELATED FACTS: Is the front gate to your property locked? If so, then you must provide a bell, buzzer or method for a person to alert you they are there. Otherwise they have a common law right to go to your front door. Even if that includes jumping the fence or gate.

Available to download from our Neighbourhood Watch in Ku-ring-gai/Hornsby website FAQ page
Thanks to UK Cop Humour: We’ve tried to find a helpful guide on how to wear a face mask and stumbled across this one.
As demonstrated by a doggo: Here is the correct way to wear your face mask, because sometimes us humans need a little help from our four legged best friends.


Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance): 000
TTY: 106

NSW Police - Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command (PAC): 9476 9799
Hornsby Police Station, 292 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby 2077

Ku-ring-gai Crime Prevention Officer: 9476 9723

Local Police Facebook page:
@Kuring Gai PAC 
Non-emergency two-way communication

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000
Report crime anonymously
Report suspicious activity asap

Police Assistance Line (PAL): 131 444
For non-urgent minor crime

NSW Police Community Portal
Online reporting of non-emergency minor crime: lost property, intentional damage, graffiti or theft.

Interpreting & Translating Services: 131 450

NSW Police - website for crime prevention advice
Never be afraid or embarrassed to report a crime, concern or fear you have to the Police. The Police are here to help you.

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