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eNewsletter #464 - 01 September 2020

This weekly eNewsletter is compiled by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers as a service for residents in Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby council areas. The eNewsletter is a new type of Neighbourhood Watch; utilising the available technology to keep people more connected and up-to-date with local crime and safety issues. 

The eNewsletter includes a selection of posts from the
Ku-ring-gai PAC Facebook page (also known as 'eyewatch'), primarily for those not familiar with Facebook. We add anything interesting from a Neighbourhood Watch point-of-view - this could be a local newspaper article, a roadwork warning, crime prevention tip(s), an upcoming Neighbourhood Watch meeting, Q&As from residents, or an item from an other Police command ("Crooks know no boundaries!").

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31 August, from St Ives Shopping Village [edited]: Dear Customers,
We wish to advise you that we have been notified by NSW Health this morning that three persons who attended St Ives Shopping Village on the following dates and times have since tested positive for COVID-19:
  • Sunday 23rd August 2020, 8.30am - 9.00am at Dr Michael Epstein, Chiropractor, St Ives Shopping Village
  • Monday 24th August 2020, between 2:30pm – 3:30pm at Australia Post, Kidstuff, Blue Illusion & Harris Farm Markets, St Ives Shopping Village
  • Wednesday 26th August 2020, between 5.30pm – 6.00pm at Woolworths, St Ives Shopping Village
The Northern Sydney Public Health Unit has assessed the risk to customers and staff as a low risk (casual contacts). Casual Contacts are not required to self-isolate in their homes unless they develop symptoms. Please see attached the casual contact information. If you develop ANY symptoms, immediately isolate and get tested for COVID-19.
28 August, from Ku-ring-gai Council: On Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August NSW Health has advised identified COVID-19 locations in the Ku-ring-gai area.
People who have attended the following venues are considered casual contacts and advised to monitor for symptoms and immediately isolate and get tested for COVID-19 should symptoms develop.
  • The Matterhorn, Turramurra - Saturday 22 August 6pm-8pm (NSW Health has identified and contacted close contacts)
  • Parish of Holy Name, Wahroonga - Sunday 23 August 9.30am-10.15am
  • 6:49am train from Woy Woy to Gordon arriving at 7:36am on Tue🔹sday 25 August; station stops Woy Woy, Berowra, Hornsby and Gordon.
  • St Ives Shopping Village - 24 August 2:30pm-3:30pm; Wednesday 26 August 5:30pm to 6pm; and Friday 28 August, 1-2pm.
For more info visit or NSW Health.
28 August, from Ku-ring-gai command: To end this week, we post this warning, that during the strong gusting winds experienced this last week, several wigs were seen flying down local roads.
We strongly advise that if you see any, do NOT approach them, as they are off their heads.

On a more serious note, some ask, what do police do? Do they just drive around, walk around the shops, sit in the station? So, here’s a brief insight into a week at the station. 
This week, like most other weeks, has kept Ku-ring-gai Police fairly busy.
Some of the incidents attended to by our officers include: frauds, assaults, break and enters, domestic violence incidents including breaches of Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs), stealing from retail stores, malicious damage incidents, including graffiti, sadly deceaseds, compliance checks on restaurants, clubs and groups for possible Covid-19 breaches, business inspections, mental health incidents, threats of self-harm, motor vehicle collisions, driving complaints, neighbour disputes, lost property, found property, intoxicated persons, a missing person, patrols of parks and skate parks for antisocial behaviour.
As well as these usual types of jobs we attend, we have officers on Covid-19 duties in hotels and officers down at the NSW/VIC border.
We love our work, in responding to, investigating and preventing crime. We love serving our community in the way we do. When you see our officers on patrol at Hornsby Westfield mall or out on a patrol, give us a wave and a hello. We’d love to say hi. Have great weekend.
28 August, from Matt Kean MP: ⚠️COVID Hornsby Update ⚠️
NSW Health has confirmed a person who tested positive to COVID-19 visited the following Hornsby locations:
  • ❗️Magpies Waitara on the 24th of August between 11.30am-1.15pm
  • ❗️ PRP Diagnostic Imaging, 16-20 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby - 24 August, 10am to 11.15 am
People who attended these locations are considered casual contacts and must monitor for symptoms and if they develop, get tested right away and isolate. Hornsby Hospital and Pennant Hills Community Health Centre testing clinics are open 8am to 6pm every day. The full list of COVID-19 testing clinic locations can be found here
28 August, from Ku-ring-gai command: Wear it Purple Day today 28th August 2020.
This event began in 2010 when two young Sydney students started a campaign to wear purple to school to raise awareness about bullying and harassment and suicide prevention for young LGBTIQ people. Since 2012 the NSW Police force have supported “Wear it Purple Day”. The day gives us here at Hornsby Police the opportunity to send a strong message of support to young people who identify as sexuality and/or gender diverse.

01 September, from Suspicious packages sparks Sydney police station [Gordon] scare
A police station in northern Sydney has been evacuated after a man entered claiming he had received a package containing a suspicious substance. A package containing a suspicious powder has sparked a scare and forced a police station on NSW’s upper north shore to be evacuated. NSW Police have launched an investigation and sent the package for analysis following the incident on Monday night. A man entered the station about 7.30pm claiming he had received a letter containing the powder. It’s been reported the man said the package had been sent from China.

Full article here

NSW Fire and Rescue officers in hazmat suits at Gordon police station after a suspicious powder was delivered there. Picture: TodaySource:Channel 9

01 September, Shared with permission from the Berowra Community group: The park at Barnett’s Road Lookout is severely trashed regularly.
Fires on the weekends, graffiti, smashed glass and cans etc. Could concerned residents please keep a look out and report to police? Thanks.

If a crime is being committed, phone Triple Zero 000.
If you have information that may help the police, phone Crime Stoppers NSW 1800 333 000.
If you are unsure, phone Hornsby police station 9476 9799.
01 September, Shared with permission from the Lindfield Community group: Hi guys
Resident of Roseville here! Just thought I’d give a little reminder to make sure you’ve locked up your vehicles and homes - last night our car was broken into whilst parked in our apartment building carport (near the Roseville RSL). they ransacked for valuables. More concerning was that they stole the car’s logbook.... Apparently there were other break-ins near us last night too. 😔

And in the comments: 
  • My neighbour had items stolen from her car last night. There must be someone targeting the area.
  • IGA at Lindfield was chasing two guys out of the store when I was there yesterday afternoon. So watch your valuables when you are shopping too.
01 September, from Data breach exposes tens of thousands of NSW driver’s licences online
  • Transport for NSW said it is working with Cyber Security NSW to investigate the issue
  • The documents feature scans of licences which reveal information such as names and addresses
  • Experts say the data could be misused for identity theft purposes
Full article here.
31 August: Reddam Early Learning Centre at Lindfield has been closed for cleaning after a staff member tested positive.
The staff member is a household contact of a previously reported case associated with the August CBD cluster, and will be counted in tomorrow’s figures.

More info
31 August: Chatswood Chase covid case [edited].
Our team has been notified that a customer who visited Sushi Rio on Thursday 27 August, between 5:45 - 7:30pm, has returned a positve test for Covid-19. Sushi Rio is assisting NSW Health and we're making contact with each of our retailers as a precautionary measure as we have received no advice which indicates  there was any risk to our customers or retail team members.
31 August: One more Covid.
St Ives Shopping Village on the following dates and times have since tested positive for COVID-19:
Friday 28th August 2020, between 1.00pm - 2.00pm at Coles Supermarket, St Ives Shopping Village
30 August: Neighbourhood Watch NSW Inc
David Watmore (Secretary, NHW NSW) and Bill Hackney (President, NHW NSW) represented Neighbourhood Watch NSW at a meeting on Tuesday with D/A/Supt Paul Simpkins (Acting Commander, Youth & Crime Prevention Support Unit, NSWPF) to discusss the way forward with NHW and the NSWPF partnership.
NHW NSW are the over-reaching body for all the NHW groups registered with them in NSW. Their inaugural AGM is coming up 1-5pm on Sun 25 October 2020 @ the Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club (or via Zoom depending on Covid). Why not come along and learn more? Mix with other like-minded community members and learn more about crime prevention in NSW. Please phone the NHW NSW State Office to register your attendance on 0401384003 or
email Due to Covid social distancing restrictions and maximum numbers allowed in the meeting room, attendance must be arranged prior to the date. Thank you.
More to follow...

29 August, Shared with permission from the Mt Colah/Kuring-gai Families group: The orchid thief strikes again!
Dug up 2 more overnight! I am just gobsmacked that someone would do that. I’ll obviously have to relocate what’s left or they won’t be there in the morning, is my guess!
27 August, Shared with permission from the Thornleigh Westleigh and Normanhurst Community group: My daughters new bike was stolen from our garage last night on Beresford Rd 😖 😩
They dumped the helmet on the street which is what alerted me. Long shot, but if anyone sees it around/dumped somewhere could you please let me know 🤞🏼

27 August, from Northern Beaches command: Memo ride share drivers....
A reminder that when carrying paying passengers you're classified as driving a hire vehicle. This means the Special Range drink driving rules apply to you.
  • If you record a blood alcohol reading in the range from 0.020 to 0.049 your licence will be suspended for three months and you'll leave with a $572 fine.
  • If your reading is 0.050 or higher, the usual penalties will apply for the low, medium or high range reading.
For more, head to the RMS site here.

26 August, We received this unsettling news and warning: Our Pharmacy located in the Fox Valley shops in Wahroonga was broken into last night.
They smashed through several security doors, ripped the alarm system out and stole drugs and masks. Boxes of masks. Obviously the police are dealing with it, however thought it might be good for your neighbourhood watch posts/newsletter. Police mentioned it is rampant in the area at the moment. Thank you
Dates for the Diary:
Wednesday 14 October: Gordon Area 3/4 (Turramurra) NHW meeting tbc.
Sunday 25 October: NHW NSW Inc AGM @ Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club 1-5pm. tbc whether face-to-face or via Zoom.
Tuesday 24 November: Gordon/Killara/East Killara/some St Ives Neighbourhood Watch AGM 7-9pm via Zoom. Email
Gordon NHW for details.
26 August, Shared with permission from the Lindfield Community Group: Is it just us or did anyone else get their windscreen wipers stolen from their car?
We are relatively new to the neighbourhood and park our car on the street in front of our house on Chelmsford Avenue. It has really taken us by surprise that this can happen around here.
Taken from "Our 20 Favourite Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses"

Tip #2. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HANDBAG, PHONE, KEYS, ETC BEHIND THE COUNTER. Thieves will distract you, reach over the counter and take your property.
Tip #17. DO REGULAR STOCK TAKES, EVEN HOURLY, IN ORDER TO NARROW THE TIME FRAME OF A THEFT. This enables CCTV to be checked more effectively.

Download your copy from
our website here, or email us at
If you see an abandoned shopping trolley, please report it. You have several options, depending on whom the trolley belongs to:

Woolworths | Big W | Dan Murphys | Target
Trolley Tracker: 1800 641 497
Trolley Tracker App from
iTunes or Google Play, or online: [Monthly draw for 5 x $1000 prizes]

Coles | Kmart | Target | Bunnings | Officeworks | Bi-Lo | 1st Choice
1800 876 553

Coles App from iTunes or Google Play, or online:

13 25 34

Harris Farm
1800 21 22 33

Or report via the
Snap Send Solve mobile phone App.

Thanks to the ACT government

Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance): 000
TTY: 106

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Ku-ring-gai Crime Prevention Officer: 9476 9723

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Non-emergency two-way communication

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000
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Report suspicious activity asap

Police Assistance Line (PAL): 131 444
For non-urgent minor crime

NSW Police Community Portal
Online reporting of non-emergency minor crime: lost property, intentional damage, graffiti or theft.

Interpreting & Translating Services: 131 450

NSW Police - website for crime prevention advice
Never be afraid or embarrassed to report a crime, concern or fear you have to the Police. The Police are here to help you.

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