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eNewsletter #451 - 02 June 2020

This weekly eNewsletter is compiled by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers as a service for residents in Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby council areas. The eNewsletter is a new type of Neighbourhood Watch; utilising the available technology to keep people more connected and up-to-date with local crime and safety issues. 

The eNewsletter includes a selection of posts from the
Ku-ring-gai PAC Facebook page (also known as 'eyewatch'), primarily for those not familiar with Facebook. We add anything interesting from a Neighbourhood Watch point-of-view - this could be a local newspaper article, a roadwork warning, crime prevention tip(s), an upcoming Neighbourhood Watch meeting, Q&As from residents, or an item from an other Police command ("Crooks know no boundaries!").

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1 June, from NSW Road Safety - NSW GOV

Double demerits are in force Friday 5 to Monday 8 June inclusive.

Get caught speeding, using a mobile phone illegally, or not wearing a seatbelt or motorcycle helmet this long weekend, and you’ll face double the points.

Watch video here.
1 June, from NSW Government

Learn the changes that affect you from June 1 in NSW.

Residents can:

Travel to regional NSW for a holiday.
Visit the museums, galleries, libraries and zoos that are open.
Go to pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants with up to 50 seated customers.
Attend beauty and nail salons under COVID-safe guidelines.
Attend places of worship and funerals with up to 50.
Attend weddings with up to 20 guests.

Find out more here.

29 May, from Crime Stoppers NSW
Please be aware - another scam, another attempt to take your hard earned money

We have just been notified that a new scam entails victims being contacted by a person claiming to be from ‘Service NSW’ and are told that their tax file number was used for money laundering.

‘Service NSW’ then transfers the victim to ‘Police’ who advised them to change their tax file number.

The victim then receives several calls from ‘Crime Stoppers’ displaying the 1800 333 000 number which appears to have been spoofed.

Do NOT engage with these scammers. This is not protocol. Be aware and be safe.

Please share!
NSW Police Force
Service NSW

29 May, Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command’s - Week in Review:

• A 22 year old male from Merrylands has entered Hornsby Westfield shopping centre after hours on Sat 23 May 2020 between 1am and 5am. He has accessed a number of stores throughout the centre where he caused damage and stole various items from each. When searched by police he was found to be in possession of stolen property and a quantity of Cannabis. He was charged with Malicious damage, Larceny, Trespass and Possess prohibited drug. He has been bail refused.

• On Sun 24 May around 1pm a 15 year old male and an 18 year old female have entered a residential property without permission at Wahroonga. Once inside, the female has assaulted an occupant before both offenders have fled the location. They were located by police shortly after where they were arrested and charged with Agg. break and enter. Both have been given strict bail conditions including a curfew.

• A 28 year old male from Airds was arrested on Thursday 21 May at North Turramurra around 3pm. The male was wanted for breaching his AVO and was further charged by police with Using a carriage service to menace/harass/offend. He has been bail refused.

• A 44 year old female from Normanhurst has entered a liquor store at Thornleigh despite being banned for life from the location. Once inside she has stolen a quantity of wine and left without paying. She was subsequently charged with Shoplifting and Trespass and will appear before court in the coming months.

• On wed 20 May a 32 year old male from Telopea has entered a retail store within Hornsby Westfield shopping centre and stolen a number of items by concealing them in a recyclable shopping bag. The offence was captured on the store CCTV which led to the offender being identified. He was consequently charged with Larceny and will appear at local court later in the year.

29 May, from Kuring Gai Police Area Command

June 2nd is Australia's first Thank a First Responder Day! Create a message of thanks and share it on your social media channels. Hashtag
#TAFRD #ThankaFirstResponder and your message will appear on the wall of thanks (public accounts only) here.
29 May, from NSW Road Safety - NSW GOV
Travel restrictions to regional NSW are lifting on 1 June. So if you’re heading out on a road trip soon remember:
• Always follow road rules and don’t drive above the speed limit
• Get plenty of rest before your drive, plan regular breaks along the way and swap drivers if you’re feeling tired
• Keep your hands off your phone at all times
• Look out for bicycle riders and motorcyclists
• Make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt and children are safely secured in their car seats before you head off
28 May, from Kuring Gai Police Area Command: DIARY FOUND - 1943

Please help us return it to the rightful owner or her family.

Occasionally we come across something very special. A diary with handwritten poems from 1943 has been found and handed in to police on the 20th May 2020. It was found in Woolworths, Pacific Highway Gordon Centre, Gordon.

We understand that it could have been lost between the dates of 1st March and 20th May 2020.

The beautifully written poems reflect a time gone by, 77 years ago, saying goodbye to a friend Rusty and memories of life with the 10 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) at Temora, a country town in NSW.

10 EFTS was set up by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in May 1941. Throughout WWII more than 10,000 personnel were involved at the school with upwards of 2,400 pilots being trained.

We would like nothing more than to return this diary to Margo Cooper, who we believe is the owner and writer of the diary.

If you know Margo or a family member of Margo’s, please contact Hornsby Police Station on 9476 9799 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer Senior constable Colin Mitchell so we can return it to her.

1 June, from Neighbourhood Watch - Pennant Hills

One of our followers came to us with a problem that we think we should share with you as a warning. But we must stress this is all ALLEGED and HEARSAY. We haven't taken any steps to investigate this ourselves.

We have offered a few things that could be done, the most important being to escalate everything again with the police.

Note: Neighbourhood Watch can only point you in the right direction. We educate the community in matters of crime prevention and warn people of the crime in their area, so that residents are aware of as much as possible that may affect them. You are then able to choose to do something about it.

We have attempted to condense the alleged problem for you, in a manner that doesn't hurt anyone in particular. 🤞 Here goes...

People allegedly from the car dealers' service centres on Pennant Hills Rd were allegedly abusing customers' cars on the backstreets of Pennant Hills, around Pennant Hills Park, on Blackbutt Ave, George St, Kurrajong St, Brittania St and Cecil St. They were allegedly speeding, doing burnouts, donuts, general hoon activity. As I was walking around I was seeing all of this.

Apart from allegedly abusing cars allegedly left by customers who had no idea their cars were being used like this, they were allegedly at high risk of coming off the road and hitting or killing another driver or someone walking on the road or footpath.

I started reporting this to the dealerships themselves. Allegedly the behaviour didn't stop, allegedly it became worse, and allegedly I became a target for retaliation. I contacted the police and they provided what help they could - allegedly visiting the dealerships, talking to people there, warning them - but the behaviour allegedly still didn't stop, and it allegedly hasn't since.

I feel I have allegedly been stalked, harassed, followed and threatened continually for over two years now, allegedly by people from the dealerships and their friends.

They have allegedly tried to run me over, followed my car, stopped my car from proceeding at the traffic lights, followed me to the train station. They allegedly would come after me in groups when I went for a walk. They allegedly call me names, laugh at me, threatening me.

Allegedly they found out where I live about 16 months ago, and then allegedly the real harassment allegedly started in front of our home.

I've also had people allegedly follow me to other places I go to regularly. Each time they will allegedly flog a car at high speed and do a burnout, then honk the horn twice.

We put in a security camera. It made no difference. They allegedly come down and park in front of it, wave at it, stop in the street and carry on in front of it.

The police have been very helpful and understanding, but they allegedly can't put a stop to all of this.

The head office of each dealership has also allegedly basically told me to get lost.

Allegedly the newspapers run advertising from the dealerships, which could allegedly be swiftly pulled if they ran any story.

Dates for the Diary:

Tuesday 02 June: National Thank a First Responder Day
Sunday 19 July: **Note - CANCELLED due to Covid19 pandemic ** - new date tbc** NHW NSW Inc Inaugural AGM 1-5pm @ Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club
Wednesday 14 October: Gordon Area 3/4 (Turramurra) NHW meeting tbc.
Tuesday 24 November: Gordon/Killara/East Killara/some St Ives Neighbourhood Watch AGM 7-9pm @ Gordon Library meeting room #2. 

We are pleased to tell you that all the translations of the 20 Tips series are now formatted and uploaded to our website Tips page. (The Chinese font formatting was a problem, but we got there in the end!) Please have a look. You can share them easily with your communities by using this link:

Thank you to our translators and proof readers, Dali, Ning, Jeane, Marat and Daniella. They put in a lot of hours.

Here is an image of the 20 tips to protect your identity.

1 June, Shared with permission from the Wahroonga Community group 30 May:

Hi Everyone, my husband experienced some very strange activity this afternoon.

He was using the public toilets which are located at the back of Wahroonga shops in the car park.
As he was going to the toilet he realised there was a hole in between the cubicles and caught someone watching him go to the toilet through the hole. My husband never herd him go to the toilet him self, or flush the toilet, so we’re thinking this guy was just in the cubicle watching people go to the toilet.
We have reported this to the police but just thought I would make Wahroonga community aware.
Our biggest concern is that kids and school age children would use those toilets.

31 May, from Aussie’s attempt to buy new car lands her at centre of international crime syndicate

Kerry Houston and her partner thought they were getting the deal of a lifetime when they sought to buy a second-hand Nissan Patrol for $13,000 on eBay.

It seemed too good to be true - because it was.

Instead, the couple lost $2,000, Kerry’s identity was stolen, and she was placed at the centre of an international crime syndicate.

Terence, the seller, said he was working for the Australian Army in Tasmania and had been forced to give up the car due to deployment.

The car was for her partner but, as Kerry was working fewer hours, she took on the responsibility of emailing the seller.

“I got this whole big con story that they were working in the military,” the 45 year old told

Read full story here.

We wish to remind you of the NSW Police Force's Next of Kin Register.

The Next of Kin Register is FREE, and enables persons living alone to record their details at the local police station. The register holds information of your nominated Next of Kin, doctors and dentists details and any medical alerts.

This information may assist the ambulance and police in an emergency situation whether it occurs at or away from your home, to contact a relative or other nominated person to inform them of your situation.

You will be provided with a key ring and a sticker that is to be placed on your home phone to alert emergency services that you are registered with the Next of Kin Program.

You can register by calling in at the Gordon or Hornsby Police Stations, where the confidential Next of Kin Registration Form is in the public display cabinet. Or you can use the one attached to this post. Please fill out and return to the police station.

This form gives permission for the NSW Police Force to hold your details in this register and contact any persons on this register in the case of an emergency.

29 May, Shared with permission from the Berowra Community Page group yesterday evening:

Hi guys,

My car was side swiped today on Crowley road and there was no note left. My entire right mirror has been broken off. Witnesses have said it was a small white Suzuki swift If anyone knows anything or sees a car with similar damage on the left side please let me know.

Thanks in advance 😊

28 May, from Free online safety presentations

The eSafety Commissioner is hosting free webinar presentations to help older Australians stay safer online. It’s our way of helping the 4 million older Australians keen to improve their computer skills, but want help addressing online safety concerns.

Join us online to learn about the eSafety essentials. Bookings are limited so don’t miss out!
Read details of webinars

28 May, from NPR.ORG: From Camping To Dining Out: Here's How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities
It has been around two months of quarantine for many of us. The urge to get out and enjoy the summer is real. But what's safe? We asked a panel of infectious disease and public health experts to rate the risk of summer activities, from backyard gatherings to a day at the pool to sharing a vacation house with another household.

One big warning: Your personal risk depends on your age and health, the prevalence of the virus in your area and the precautions you take during any of these activities. Also, many areas continue to restrict the activities described here, so check your local laws.

And there's no such thing as a zero-risk outing right now. As states begin allowing businesses and public areas to reopen, decisions about what's safe will be up to individuals. It can help to think through the risks the way the experts do.

"We can think of transmission risk with a simple phrase: time, space, people, place," explains Dr. William Miller, an epidemiologist at Ohio State University.
Read full article

28 May, from Mt Kuring Gai Neighbourhood Watch

Shared with permission from the Mt Kuring-gai Community group:

Lost Pet Bird: Iris, our pet female eclectus parrot escaped out of the house in Seaview Strreet on Tuesday. Our Labrador opened the door, which it had never done before, and Iris got out. She was inside recovering from a prolapsed uterus operation after being egg bound. It happened so unexpectedly and quickly. She went high to the tree tops in the garden but flew further away. She will come down to be with people. Please let me know if you see her or she has come to you. We miss her so much and worried about her safety. There is a reward for her return.

28 May, from Stay Smart Online

Using free wireless internet can be tempting; it can also put your personal information at risk. Free Wi-Fi is not secure and can expose your browsing activity to cybercriminals.

Use trusted connections when working from home, such as your home internet or mobile internet service from your provider.

For more tips to protect your internet connection visit Australian Cyber Security Centre.

28 May, from Crime Stoppers NSW: 🧩🧩 UNSOLVED CASE 🧩🧩

A $100,000 reward is on offer for information leading to the arrest and conviction of one or more persons over the suspicious death of Mark Melville in Sydney on 21 September, 1990.

Mr Melville was last seen alive at the Hornsby Railway Station in the early hours of Friday morning - it is unknown what happened to him after that time.

Clothing belonging to Mr Melville was found on a bush track at Mt Kuring-gai the day after his disappearance. This raised further suspicions for police who knew the victim could not have got to the walking track on his own, because of injuries he had suffered in a previous accident.

Mr Melville's body has never been found.

Anyone with information that may assist police is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or visit site here. Information is treated in strict confidence.

The public is reminded not to report crime via Crime Stoppers NSW social media pages.

28 May, from NSW Police Force: Detectives have charged a man as part of an investigation into the activities of an alleged criminal syndicate operating across Sydney.

As part of ongoing investigations by the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad into unsolved serious and organised crimes across NSW, detectives uncovered a sophisticated criminal network involved in large-scale drug and firearm supply, which was operating out of Sydney’s south-west.

In April, investigators executed a search warrant at a home at Roselands and seized 1.2kg of heroin – which has an estimated potential street value of $540,000 – as well as drug paraphernalia and other items relevant to the investigation.

Following extensive investigations, a search warrant was executed with the assistance of the Tactical Operations Unit at a home at Earlwood about 9am yesterday (Wednesday 27 May 2020).

A 38-year-old man was arrested at the home and taken to Campsie Police Station.

Shortly after the arrest, detectives executed a further two search warrants at Botany and another property in Earlwood.

During the searches, police seized about $10,000 cash, jewellery, a mobile phone, a CCTV system, various documentation, and other items relevant to the investigation.

Numerous items will undergo analysis and forensic examinations.

The Campsie man was charged with knowingly direct activities of criminal group, conspiracy to commit robbery while armed with dangerous weapon, large commercial drug supply, conspiracy to supply firearm to person unauthorised to possess it, conspiracy to acquire unregistered firearm-pistol, use carriage service to threaten to kill, use carriage service to threaten serious harm, and use carriage service to access child abuse material.

Police will allege in court that the man was directing the activities of a criminal group, which included the supply of illicit drugs and firearms, and conspiracies to commit armed robberies.

Further, it’s alleged that the man was accessing and downloading child abuse material.

He has been refused bail to appear at Parramatta Local Court later today (Thursday 28 May 2020).

Anyone with information in relation to criminal activity in their community is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or visit site here. Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

27 May, from Sydney man charged over murder of Nicole Cartwright, whose body was found dumped in park in 2018 A Sydney woman was allegedly murdered on her birthday by a man she met through an online dating app, NSW Police have revealed.

Nicole Cartwright was found wrapped in a bedsheet and dumped near a children's playground in Buffalo Creek Reserve at Hunters Hill two years ago.

After a series of public appeals, detectives on Wednesday arrested 51-year-old Dennis Pietrobon at Parramatta Police Station and charged him with murder.

"Police will allege Nicole and the 51-year-old man met through the dating applications and social media sites … and police will allege this man was the last person to meet with Nicole," Homicide Commander Danny Doherty said.

Ms Cartwright's badly decomposed body was found by a council worker two days after her 32nd birthday — the day she was allegedly killed.

Read full story here.
From Cop Humour Australia

Tip for young criminals. Don't ride the motorcycle you stole to the police station to report for bail! Especially not if the owner is at the police station providing a statement regarding the incident. Bail refused, bed booked in Hakea Prison, and a date with a Magistrate!!

This update came from the Canning Vale Police on Twitter @CanningValePol


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