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eNewsletter #452 - 09 June 2020

This weekly eNewsletter is compiled by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers as a service for residents in Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby council areas. The eNewsletter is a new type of Neighbourhood Watch; utilising the available technology to keep people more connected and up-to-date with local crime and safety issues. 

The eNewsletter includes a selection of posts from the
Ku-ring-gai PAC Facebook page (also known as 'eyewatch'), primarily for those not familiar with Facebook. We add anything interesting from a Neighbourhood Watch point-of-view - this could be a local newspaper article, a roadwork warning, crime prevention tip(s), an upcoming Neighbourhood Watch meeting, Q&As from residents, or an item from an other Police command ("Crooks know no boundaries!").

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09 June, from Ku-ring-gai command: 🎉🎉🎉EXCITING NEWS🎉🎉🎉

A diary from 1943 with handwritten poems from 1943 has been found and handed in to police on the 20th May 2020. It was found in Woolworths, Pacific Highway Gordon Centre, Gordon. After an extensive search, Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command have located two siblings of the late Margo Cooper. Sadly, Margo Cooper died on 10th March 2011, on the 3 June it would have been her 97th Birthday. Arrangements are underway to have the diary returned to the family of Margo Cooper for them to treasure.

Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command would like to thank the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society and other members of the community for their assistants and sharing this post. More details to follow...

09 June, from Ku-ring-gai command: There has been an increasing number of daytime ⏰break and enters in the Wahroonga and Turramurra area.
These offences have been occurring at various times during the day and the offenders are simply opening unlocked near doors🚪 or removing a flyscreen and jemmied the lock of the rear door and smashing it open. Make yourselves harder targets for thieves, protect your home and reduce your chance of becoming a victim of a break and enter.

📌 Keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious vehicles and persons in the area of your residence. Do not confront possible suspects.
📌Record the licence numbers and description of suspicious vehicles.
📌 Record detailed descriptions of occupants of suspicious vehicles.
📌 Report your concerns and observations immediately to the police. Provide your address and your phone number.
📌 Make “would-be” thieves visible, install motion lights or leave an exterior light on to illuminate entrance ways and rear yards.
📌 Don’t hide keys in secret places. Instead leave a duplicate with a friend or neighbour.

📌 Lock your doors and secure any open windows prior to retiring for the evening.
📌Borrow an engraver, engrave your valuable belongings. This may discourage theft of valuables and will provide an easy way to identify stolen property.
📌 Use a personal identification mark such as your driver’s licence number when engraving your property.
📌 For deterrent purposes, the identification marks should be easily identifiable.
📌Record the contents of your home on paper or using a video camera.
📌 Record the serial numbers of your property.
📌 Remove expensive articles from sight when away from home for extensive periods.
📌Don’t leave articles out, such as axes and tools that could be used to assist in breaking into your residence.
📌 Establish relationships with neighbours and check on each other’s property when away.
📌Lock and secure your property and outside belongings.
📌Invest in an alarm system.
📌If you are away, make sure that your residence looks like it is occupied. Have the the mail collected and the grass cut. Make use timers to have lights coming on and going off at different intervals.
📌Avoid posting on social media sites when you are away from your residence.


09 June, from Ku-ring-gai command: 👉Your mail ✉️ includes items about your identity such as driver’s licence, utility accounts, credit card transactions and bank statements.
People can steal these to assume your identity and then defraud others using your name. This can have devastating consequences for you and your reputation. To prevent becoming a victim to mail theft, please consider the following crime prevention security tips:

✅Consider purchasing a locked mailbox 📪 or convert your current mailbox to a lockable style.
✅Clear the mail daily.
✅Have mail held at the Post Office or collected by a friend when away for extended periods.
✅Dispose of unwanted mail in a way that no one else makes use of it i.e. shredding.
✅Ensure your mailbox is in good condition.
✅Make sure your mailbox is large enough for the mail to be dropped into secure section and do not allow letters to be overflowing.
✅If mail is delivered incorrectly, write ‘delivered to wrong address” on the front of the envelope or if the addressee does not live at your address write “not at this address” and return to Australia Post 📮.

If anyone is aware of mail being stolen and used to obtain fraudulent identity, please contact Crime Stoppers on ☎️1800 333 000. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police media page.

09 June, from Ku-ring-gai command: Week in review...

• Last weekend, three local youths have entered a takeaway store on Rohini St, Turramurra where they have begun to harass staff members. Two of the youths currently were breaching their bail conditions by being in each others company and were subsequently charged. Upon arrest, one of the youths was found in possession of a prohibited drug and was further charged with Possess prohibited drug. Both remain on strict bail conditions including curfews and will present before local court in the next month.

• A 41 year old male from Moorebank was arrested this week after being identified through CCTV footage for attempting to into two unit complex's in Waitara. Police carried out a search warrant at his premises where they located numerous items linking him to the offences. He was charged with Break and enter dwelling with intent and Malicious damage and has been bail refused.

• A 32 year old male from Hornsby was caught shoplifting from Hornsby Westfield this week after he was seen acting suspiciously. A person search located a 26cm hunting knife concealed in his pants which was used to cut the stolen item from its original packaging. He has been charged with Custody of a knife in a public place and Larceny.

• A 24 year old male from Asquith was charged this week for an offence that occurred at a residential premises in Asquith at the end of May. The male who appeared under the influence of alcohol or drugs has trespassed on the premises in the early hours of the morning, where he moved items in the front yard and stole grocery items. He has been charged with Larceny and Trespass and will face local court later in the year.

• A 27 year old male from Wahroonga was stopped in his vehicle at Hornsby during the week at 3pm after coming under notice of police for his erratic manner of driving. A road side breath test on the accused returned a result of 0.114. The male has been charged with Drive with mid range PCA and his licence suspended.

• A 20 year old male from Hornsby was stopped at Westfield Hornsby by police suspected of having just committed a shoplifting offence. A search of his bag located almost a kilo of Cannabis and a person search located a large sum of money. The male was arrested and charged with Supply prohibited drug and Deal with proceeds of crime. He will appear before court in the coming months.

08 June, from Fire & Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon: Another shift, another stricken bushwalker, this time with a twist.

Linc heard an exciting noise whilst going on his afternoon walk and took off to investigate. Unfortunately it resulted in a badly broken leg. Although Linc should be ok it’s still been a rooouuuggghh afternoon with a pawful injury.

Fire and Rescue NSW #preparedforanything #dog #protectingtheirraplaceble

07 June, from Traffic & Highway Patrol command: About 1:10am on Saturday 6th of June, 2020, a 55-year old male from Cobar was detected driving a blue Ford Falcon sedan north on the M1 Motorway, Wahroonga, for exceeding the speed limit (100/80km/h), by the Kuring Gai Highway Patrol.
When stopped he returned a positive roadside drug test (methamphetamine) before being placed under arrest. Checks revealed the driver was the subject of a current Firearms Prohibition Order. A search of the vehicle was conducted and police located 15 grams of what police will allege is methamphetamine in the front passenger footwell, as well as 6 rounds of large calibre ammunition. The driver was conveyed to Hornsby Police Station where he returned a positive secondary test for methamphetamine, and was prohibited from driving for 24 hours. He was issued a Court Attendance Notice for Possess/Supply prohibited drug, possessing the ammunition and breaching his Firearm Prohibition Order. He was issued a penalty notice for the exceed speed offence (Exceed speed limit over 10km/h), and further legal process is likely, pending the lab results for the oral fluid test.

04 June, from NSW Health: The COVID-19 test is quick and easy.
Even if you have mild symptoms such as a fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, change in taste or smell, stuffy nose or shortness of breath, get tested.
You will receive your test results as soon as possible. Usually this is within 24 to 48 hours but please allow up to 72 hours.

Find a COVID 19 clinic near you

04 June, from NSW Road Safety: With the long weekend approaching you might be looking to dust off the car and head out on a road trip.
Remember to take your time, plan regular breaks along the way, and swap drivers if you’re feeling tired. 

Take the Tired Test here.

02 June, from Live Traffic NSW: BAR POINT: All northbound lanes of the M1 Pacific Motorway are still closed due to this earlier truck fire near Jolls Bridge.
Avoid the area. Northbound traffic is very heavy and queued around 7km. If you're already on the motorway and you're in a light vehicle, you'll be diverted onto the Pacific Highway just past the Hawkesbury River Bridge. Heavy vehicles are being parked near the incident site. Emergency services and traffic crews remain on site.

02 June, from David Elliott MP: 

Have you anything to share as a warning to your community? 
As well as our volunteers pulling together this eNewsletter each week, we share information on the Facebook pages for various NHW suburbs. Check out the list at the end of this email. We welcome volunteers on Facebook to help us out with the admin of these NHW suburb pages. Would you like to join the team for your suburb? Please contact us via our
NHW in Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby Facebook page, or email  We'd like to take the opportunity to thank those volunteers who give their time to Neighbourhood Watch. 👏😍
09 June, from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner: While lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted across Australia & students return to school, we remain cautious about the possibility of having to self-isolate again.
eSafety has developed a go-to guide for young people aged 13 to 18 to help them navigate this new 'normal'

Dates for the Diary:

Sunday 19 July: **Note - CANCELLED due to Covid19 pandemic ** - new date tbc** NHW NSW Inc Inaugural AGM 1-5pm @ Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club
Wednesday 14 October: Gordon Area 3/4 (Turramurra) NHW meeting tbc.
Tuesday 24 November: Gordon/Killara/East Killara/some St Ives Neighbourhood Watch AGM 7-9pm @ Gordon Library meeting room #2. 
06 June, Shared from Berowra Community group: Be very careful at the park at Warina oval.
Many smashed bottles with large and small pieces of glass all over the play equipment, tables and ground. Myself and others picked up a lot (spent over 1hr doing it) but there is still glass everywhere - not easy to clean up safely. This is happening too often in the evenings. Is there still an active neighbourhood watch or something? We are happy to be part of the solution because it needs to stop. It's only a matter of time before a child gets seriously cut or injured.
We have just heard about the NeatStreets app for public fault reporting.
They track progress too. NeatStreets - A smart app to get infrastructure faults fixed across AU/NZ. 
More info and download the App

05 June, from the Australian Federal Police (AFP): TRIGGER WARNING: Child exploitation

Please don’t scroll past - we have an important message we would like you to read. We know that reading about child abuse is uncomfortable, the crimes unthinkable and the distress of it happening to your child…too much to bear. The facts remain, Australians are NOT immune to the scourge of online child exploitation. In this country it is becoming more prolific, the victims are getting younger, the types of offending becoming more violent and brazen.

An AFP-led investigation has smashed a domestic online network of alleged child sex offenders, who are accused of abusing and exploiting Australian children and recording the horrific crimes to share with others. Since February, investigators at the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation and the AFP have identified and charged nine men as part of Op Arkstone, and at least 14 children have been removed from harmful situations. In the most recent arrests yesterday, investigators charged two men aged just 21 and 26 – following search warrants in the NSW mid-north coast. It is alleged the men have sexually abused eight young children since 2018. They recorded the abuse and shared the content online with other perpetrators.

The discovery of this network has shaken some of our most seasoned officers. To the parents reading this, we remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting children and urge you to have conversations with your children about how to stay safe in an online world. To offenders, our message is clear - we are coming. We are coming after you.

If you suspect a child is in immediate danger, you should call ‘000’ or your local police. Members of the public who have any information about people involved in child abuse and exploitation are urged to call Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000, or make report online via the Report Abuse button at

04 June, from Traffic & Highway Control command: About 11:05am on Thursday 4th of June, 2020, police from Kuring Gai Highway Patrol were conducting stationary testing duties on Horace Street, St Ives.
At this time a white Audi 4WD was observed approaching the testing site at 30km/h. The driver, a 47-year old female from St Ives, was observed using her left hand to operate her mobile phone above the steering wheel, taking a photograph of the police and their site. The driver was stopped, showed police the photo she had taken, and when asked why she was using her phone stated it was her first time at RBT.... The driver was issued a penalty notice for using her phone when not permitted, $344 and 5 demerit points.
04 June: Man charged over leather jacket scam after 'posing as Italian designer'
One of our followers shared this followup article with us. They say, "FYI this is the same scam which got me a couple of years ago at Lindfield." Sorry to hear, but we are pleased he has this resolution.

Full article from 

04 June, Shared with permission from the Mt Kuring-gai Community group yesterday:

Please be aware my car was broken into last night in High street and goods stolen. 
And from the comments: must have popped the lock.

03 June, Shared with permission from the East Wahroonga Community group:
Had our car rear window smashed yesterday arvo while parked on Endeavour Street, I didn't expect this happening in our lovely area. Too bad our insurance isn't covering it.

03 June, Shared with permission from the East Wahroonga Community group:


As upset as we all are about the events in the USA I was devastated to see our beautiful surrounds graffitied at Cliff Reserve. This is not the way to get your message across. Protest peacefully if you wish but do not graffiti our beautiful bushland. I have reported the graffiti via Snap/Send/Solve to KU council.

02 June, We received this warning today from a follower:

Both my husband and myself have received 'spam' emails - please see attached. We have deleted them - but thought you could possibly share this info - it is a very believable email.


Your invoice for May 2020 is now available. We will charge $118.99 on your credit card within the next two business days for your subscription.

You can review your recent charges on your account (****** at App Store. Your subscription will renew on May 31, 2021.

If you made a purchase by mistake or unauthorized, you are able to cancel your subscription within 48 hours. Go to: Manage and Cancel Subscription


App Store

Fitzy Fitness Workout Tracker (12 month) $ 96.99
Add-on services $ 22.00
Subtotal: $ 118.99
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Charges on your account.

Taken from "Our 20 Favourite Crime Prevention Tips for Homes":
  • Tip #1: Clearly display your home’s street number at the front of your property. It must be visible at night. This assists emergency vehicles as well as visitors.
  • Tip #2: Display warning signs around the perimeter or on your home. e.g. “Trespassers will be prosecuted”, “This property is under electronic surveillance”, Neighbourhood Watch window stickers/plaques, dog warnings, etc.
  • Tip #3: Front fences, trees and bushes should allow visibility from the street and be trimmed to reduce hiding places.
  • Tip #4: Natural ladders are a risk. Don’t provide easy access to upper level balconies and windows, eg wheelie bins, lattice, trees, nearby fences.
  • Tip #8: Lock all garages, sheds and under-house access points. Lock away all tools and ladders to prevent them being used to gain access to our home. Roller, tilt & panel-lift doors can be secured with additional hasp & staple lock sets and/or padlocks. Anchor all sheds, sculptures, outside ornaments & table & chair sets.
  • Tip #9: Consider installing a safe for jewellery & documents. The safe should be fixed to the floor or embedded in foundations. Cash at home should be minimised (and is often not covered by insurance). Ensure insurance is up-to-date.
  • Tip #18: Pre-program your phone(s) with all the emergency numbers below. Report everything. If you see anything suspicious, or witness a crime, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, please tell the Police. Try and get a car rego – use a rock to scratch it on the ground.
  • Tip #20: Consider promoting a dog on site: a dog water dish, dog lead and warning signs. Consider connecting the sensor lighting to a socket unit that can ‘bark’ (or ‘chirrup’) as a warning/deterrent.
Download your copy from our website Tips page here, or email us today

Thanks to Cop Humour Australia

Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance): 000
TTY: 106

NSW Police - Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command (PAC): 9476 9799
Hornsby Police Station, 292 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby 2077

Ku-ring-gai Crime Prevention Officer: 9476 9723

Local Police Facebook page:
@Kuring Gai PAC 
Non-emergency two-way communication

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000
Report crime anonymously
Report suspicious activity asap

Police Assistance Line (PAL): 131 444
For non-urgent minor crime

NSW Police Community Portal
Online reporting of non-emergency minor crime: lost property, intentional damage, graffiti or theft.

Interpreting & Translating Services: 131 450

NSW Police - website for crime prevention advice
Never be afraid or embarrassed to report a crime, concern or fear you have to the Police. The Police are here to help you.

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