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eNewsletter #466 - 15 September 2020

This weekly eNewsletter is compiled by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers as a service for residents in Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby council areas. The eNewsletter is a new type of Neighbourhood Watch; utilising the available technology to keep people more connected and up-to-date with local crime and safety issues. 

The eNewsletter includes a selection of posts from the
Ku-ring-gai PAC Facebook page (also known as 'eyewatch'), primarily for those not familiar with Facebook. We add anything interesting from a Neighbourhood Watch point-of-view - this could be a local newspaper article, a roadwork warning, crime prevention tip(s), an upcoming Neighbourhood Watch meeting, Q&As from residents, or an item from an other Police command ("Crooks know no boundaries!").

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10 September, from Ku-ring-gai command: PLEASE BE VIGILANT.
We’ve had a number of break and enters and steal from motor vehicles in the lower section of our command over the last week. It appears that doors and windows of some of the properties were closed but not locked, allowing the thieves easy access to the victim’s homes.
When you leave your home please ensure that your windows and doors are not simply closed but locked.
If you have an alarm, remember to activate it.
If your car is parked in the street or your driveway, remember to lock it.
If you’re working in your rear backyard then remember to lock the front door and windows.
The harder you make it for a criminal to steal from you what is yours, the more likely they will go elsewhere and find an easier victim.
09 September, from NSW Road Safety: Between March and July this year there’s been a significant increase in speed related deaths, and deaths where someone wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.
These deaths were preventable and didn’t need to happen. When you get behind the wheel, make the right choice – slow down and buckle up – it could save your life or someone else’s.
09 September from NSW Road Safety: At a high speed, even a few kilometres increases the time needed to respond to a hazard, and raises the impact forces in a crash.
This truly can mean the difference between life and death.

Find out more here.
09 September, from Northern Beaches command: It's something so many like to do, especially on long drives.
Trouble is, all modern cars have air bags and those on the passenger side are right under your feet when they're up on the dash.
In a crash they go from packed away to fully deployed in something like 1/20th of a second.
The forces that do that will also drive your feet and legs back into your face and upper body.
This is made worse by the fact that the sudden stop of the crash is also forcing your body to slide under the seat belt.
Injuries include:
- compound leg fractures (the broken bones are pushed through the skin)
- ruptured bowel
- torn aorta (the very big artery carrying blood from your heart to the rest of your body)
- torn spinal column
- shattered facial bones.
In short - injuries that can maim, paralyse and even kill.

The video on this link is courtesy of Fire & Rescue NSW, view
here [you may need a Facebook login to watch this video - ed].
The pic of the feet on the dash was taken in our car park.
The pic of the shattered pelvis is from the internet (if you're squeamish, don't go there).

08 September, from NSW Health: The following advice was issued today Tuesday 8 September by NSW Health
Anyone who visited the Missing Spoon cafe in Wahroonga on Saturday 5 September between 4.45pm and 5.30pm should monitor for COVID-19 symptoms such as a scratchy throat and runny nose. If you experience these symptoms please get tested and self-isolate until you receive the result. For more details visit
07 September, from Transport for NSW: Pacific Highway upgrades between Turramurra and Wahroonga
The NSW Government has committed over $825 million to pinch point projects which ease congestion, reduce traffic delays and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads.

In October 2020, we will start work to upgrade intersections along the Pacific Highway between Turramurra and Wahroonga. The NSW Government is funding improvements at intersections on the Pacific Highway at Fox Valley Road, Redleaf Avenue and Coonanbarra Road. The Australian Government and NSW Government are jointly funding upgrades at the Pacific Highway and Finlay Road.

Full information and road plans
August 2020 crime stats for those suburbs within the Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command (PAC).
Please feel free to share them with your communities, family, colleagues, friends and neighbours.

15 September, shared with permission from the Berowra Community group. If you are affected, please phone Hornsby police station 9476 9799: Any one have along Yallambee Rd or Acacia Rd area have people rummaging through cars last night? 
I must have forgotten to lock my car and someone has taken the loose change from centre console some deodorant 🤣 and a debit card (blocked and unused when I checked). My own fault I know for forgetting to lock but not a good look for the area...

And in the comments:
  • Mine was in Koloona St. Only one thing missing which is significant that I can see
  • A guy with hoodie pulled up was also in Bambil & Bali Place. Our dog woke us up going crazy at our front door at 2.30am.
  • Yes, us too in Acacia Rd.
  • Yeah I had the same thing, coins from centre console taken and car left in a mess.
12 September, Shared with permission from the Wahroonga Community group:Hi everyone, we had 2 cars of thieves in Forrest Avenue, North Wahroonga last night.
Items and loose change were taken from my husband's car (don’t know why he didn’t lock it!) and a neighbour said their bikes have been stolen. They were chased off by a neighbour at about 3am.
We were looking for a road safety video and were distracted. Take a look at this wonderful one from the NSW State Archives. How things have changed!
Alice in Blunderland: a road safety film (1947) click

“Alice in Blunderland” is an educational road safety film produced by the Road Safety Council of NSW. The film features the accident prone Alice and her boyfriend and aims to demonstrate the foibles of not paying attention to the road when driving. The film was made in Sydney in 1947 and also features some footage of Sydney dating back to 1908.
From the NSW Government: Confused about when to wear a face mask?
We recommend you wear a face mask whenever you can’t physical distance. For example 👇
You can find out more

UPDATE: Thanks all. They now think it was a medical event, based on witnesses. Appreciate your help!

12 September, shared with permission from the Thornleigh, Westleigh and Normanhurst Community group: Hi all, the sister of the man described below has asked me to pass this on.
Unfortunately on SUNDAY, 6th September, 2020, around 3.40pm, this man was found on Pennant Hills Road right out the front of Thornleigh Vet Hospital. He was confused and disorientated and seriously injured. He had no wallet or ID. Unfortunately we were closed so no one was at the hospital. He has two head fractures and is now in hospital in an induced coma. He often walks around the Cherrybrook, Pennant Hills, Pierce's corner areas. He is tall, around 6'2" and nearly 70 years old. To clarify his identity is known, they are after more information about what happened. If anyone saw anything on or around Pennant Hills Road between Cherrybrook and Pennant Hills / Thornleigh, please contact: Hornsby Police on: 02 9476 9799. [photo removed for privacy]. 
11 September, from the Daily Telegraph: Unfortunately this article is behind a paywall.
#COURT:🚨The drug runner who crashed a van filled with 260kg of ice into parked police cars in Sydney's north has been described as “hopeless” and “shambolic” as the court heard it was his driving “that gave him away.”

From Hornsby Shire Council: ILLEGAL DUMPING
Would you like to help us rid Hornsby Shire of illegal dumping? If you see illegal dumping in our community please report it by phoning the Waste Hotline on 9847 4856. In financial year 2019/20 Hornsby Shire Council took regulatory action against 29 illegal dumping offenders. We couldn’t have done that without your help! #wastemattershornsby
11 September, Shared as a warning with permission from the Pymble and West Pymble Community group: Hi Guys,
The front of our house (Yanko Rd) was broken into today (Wednesday) around 2pm-6pm. Some precious items and jewellery were taken. Police have said about 4 or 5 other houses around Pymble have also been broken into today, so please stay aware of any suspicious activity! Please let us know if anyone saw anything.
Stay safe 🙂
10 September, The following advice is from NSW Health issued on Wednesday 9 September:
Anyone who caught the North Shore Line train on Monday 7 September between 9.17am and 9.29am from Milsons Point to St Leonards and between 9.53am and 10.14am from St Leonards to Milsons Point is asked to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. If symptoms appear please get tested and self-isolate until you receive the results. More info at
10 September, Macquarie Centre has been advised by NSW Health that a customer visited the centre on Saturday 5 September between 2-5pm whilst infectious with COVID-19.
The stores the customer visited include; Coco Milk Tea, Myer, Tommy Gun’s, Timezone and Yatai Ozeki. NSW Health have advised that the risk to staff and customers who visited the food court, Myer and Coco Milk Tea during this time is deemed as low. NSW Health is currently working directly with Timezone and Tommy Gun’s.
As NSW Health have classified the customer infectious with COVID-19 and although considered low risk, any customers or staff who visited Coco Milk Tea, Myer, Tommy Gun’s, Timezone and Yatai Ozeki during this time are considered casual contacts of a confirmed case and should monitor for symptoms and get tested if required. For more information on this, please refer to the NSW Health website
Dates for the Diary:

Wednesday 16 September:10.30am to 12pm Ku-ring-gai Council. FREE Asking friends and family R U OK? webinar Booking here.  Info: Samantha Marren 9424 0992 or
Tuesday 22 September: PCYC Driver Education programs 4:30-7:30pm Info
Wednesday 14 October: Gordon Area 3/4 (Turramurra) NHW meeting tbc.
Thursday 08 October: PCYC Driver Education programs 9:30- 2:30pm
Saturday 31 October: PCYC Driver Education programs 11-2pm Info
Sunday 25 October: NHW NSW Inc AGM @ Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club 1-5pm. tbc whether face-to-face or via Zoom.
Thursday 12 November: PCYC Driver Education programs 4:30-7:30pm
Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November: Garage Sale Trail Info
Tuesday 24 November: Gordon/Killara/East Killara/some St Ives Neighbourhood Watch AGM 7-9pm via Zoom. Email for details.
Saturday 28 November: PCYC Driver Education programs 3-6pm
As we approach the Garage Sale Trail (see Diary Dates above)...
Taken from "Our 20 Favourite Crime Prevention Tips for Garage Sales"

ACCEPT ONLY CASH. Keep all money on you, eg use a ‘bum belt/fanny pack’, rather than a cash box. Remove accumulated cash during the day. Beware large notes – they could be used in an attempt to see how much money you have, or counterfeit. Familiarise yourself with the checks for counterfeit notes:
Tip#17: CHARGE YOUR PHONE the night before & have it on you. Ensure emergency numbers are in your phone (see below).  If in doubt – phone! Alternatively, you could use your home/ car’s panic alarm. Consider a personal alarm.  
Tip#18: REASSURE FAMILY by sharing your position during the day, using a mobile phone App such as Glympse. Use the camera phone for recording licence plates. Finish the sale before the light goes.
Tip#19: DO NOT ADVERTISE AS A ‘MOVING SALE’. You probably advertised your address on the Internet, local trees & lampposts, newspapers, etc. Be aware that criminals read this info too. Typical sales tips say “advertise your 3 best items” or “flaunt what you’ve got!” Note – If you do, you are giving an indication of the kind of items you possess. Do not wear expensive jewellery at the sale.
Tip#20: RATHER THAN AT HOME, suggest hosting with a group of others as a community sale at the local school/church/childcare centre. This protects you & your home.

Download your copy from our website here, or email us at
Sydney Airport team: We caught a UFO on tape last night!
Me: *opens attachment*

Thanks to the AFP.

Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance): 000
TTY: 106

NSW Police - Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command (PAC): 9476 9799
Hornsby Police Station, 292 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby 2077

Ku-ring-gai Crime Prevention Officer: 9476 9723

Local Police Facebook page:
@Kuring Gai PAC 
Non-emergency two-way communication

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000
Report crime anonymously
Report suspicious activity asap

Police Assistance Line (PAL): 131 444
For non-urgent minor crime

NSW Police Community Portal
Online reporting of non-emergency minor crime: lost property, intentional damage, graffiti or theft.

Interpreting & Translating Services: 131 450

NSW Police - website for crime prevention advice
Never be afraid or embarrassed to report a crime, concern or fear you have to the Police. The Police are here to help you.

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