Get lucky with a kiss from a real leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day.
Those Funny Little People

The Irish Show

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Top of the Mornin' to ya <<First Name>>!  It wouldn't be a proper St. Paddy's Day without meeting real Leprechauns.  Tom and Maggie O'Little have been a Chicagoland tradition since 1979.  Entertaining audiences with their signature mini-musicals and comical antics, they are an unforgettable addition to any event.

"It's not a parade without the Little People!...always a delightful treat...lots of applause and laughter!"

Daniel Lydon
Coordinator, Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade
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What They Do

Attract huge attention
Cause laughter and applause
Dance spirited jigs
Sing favorite pub songs and ballads
Interact with each audience
Pose for great photos
Make your event fun and memorable

Contact Us

P: (630) 325-3320
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Where They Go

Family Events
Community Affairs

More Details

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