Little People Enter the Minor & Major Leagues!

Those Funny Little People have BASEBALL FEVER! Our recent travels have given us a chance to entertain you at several Minor & Major League baseball parks.

Our first stop, in May, was in Connecticut, where we cheered for the Rock Cats.
In Delaware, we entertained the Blue Rocks fans while we sang Take Me out to the Ball Game with the Cub Scouts! We even stood right next to the celebrity Mr. Celery, who comes out every time the Blue Rocks score with a home run!
Then we were able to give our Christmas Elves, Ice and Victor, some work when the River Bandits of Davenport, Iowa celebrated Christmas in June. Bandits fans got to hear the elves sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. We didn't even know Ice & Victor knew that song, but apparently even the elves enjoy baseball during their summer vacation!

Our major league travels brought us back to the Chicago White Sox, where we previously were the Sox Kids mascots in 1979 & 1980. Our police Officer Denise and Fireman Howard had an especially great time honoring their fellow public servants at Police & Firefighter night. Of course Howard just loved getting to see himself larger than life on the Jumbotron! And Officer Denise's favorite part was getting interviewed by Click here to see their interview. Come see us at several more theme games as we return for more fun cheering on the Sox at Cellular Field.

Ahhh, summers with baseball! It is truly still the American passtime!
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     It's time for all kinds of athletics.
 Schools have gathered their teams
 for summer practices and boot
 camps: from band camp to
 soccer and baseball clinics,
 American kids are reving up for
 sporting events. And baseball is in
 full swing (Go Sox and Cubs!).

    We love sports, too! We'd be
 honored to be invited to visit you at
 your sporting events. Little League
 or Pro, basketball to hockey, we
can't get enough of cheering on our teams! As you read above, even our Christmas
Elves are in the sporting mood. We all love roaming the stands to visit with fans, putting
on a half-time show or seventh-inning stretch event, or slipping across the ice rink to
our favorite tunes in between periods.
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